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Re: [FSP] Let's not meet in Nevada

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  • Jason P Sorens
    ... Check out the General Discussion forum, thread: Two Membership Votes. ________________________________________________________________________ Jason P
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 29, 2002
      On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Mary Lou Seymour wrote:

      > > The only trouble is, now
      > > there have been some objections raised to reducing the number of
      > > states to 6 or 7 (in the web forum). So we may have to leave all
      > > states under a certain population threshold (say, 1.3 million) in
      > > consideration.
      > For those of us who don't regularly visit the forum, what were the objections?
      > (Or at least what thread were they in, so i don't hafta plow thru the whole
      > thing)

      Check out the "General Discussion" forum, thread: "Two Membership Votes."


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