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  • Dan Weiner
    Being a cheesehead myself (from Milwaukee, now in Houston), I have some familiarity with Wisconsin politics. Wisconsin has a strong
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2002
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      Being a "cheesehead" myself (from Milwaukee, now in Houston), I have some familiarity with Wisconsin politics. Wisconsin has a strong leftist/liberal/progressive political history, and the Socialist Party had its biggest electoral successes there. Interesting enough, when the socialists ran things in Wisconsin, the government there was overtaxing but had surprisingly good infrastructure services and very little corruption. The state was never very rich, but had a fairly steady and well rounded economy.

      The point is, Wisconsin is open to new and different political ideas, and libertarian ideas may just catch on there. I would have us keep an eye on the Dairy State and see how it goes.

      It's also as cold as New England in the winter. Brrrrrr!

      Dan Weiner

      Gun Control: The theory that Matthew Shepard hanging from a fence post in Wyoming is morally superior to Matthew Shepard explaining to the local sheriff how his attackers got those fatal bullet wounds.
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      I live in Wisconsin and am working on Ed Thompson's campaign. We're hoping
      for a little better than 10% :) The current governor (R) has done a poor job
      since taking over and the likely challenger (D) has pissed a lot of people
      off while working as AG. We think that between the issues, and name
      recognition (Ed is Tommy Thompson's brother, our former Gov before Bush send
      him to HHS) we have a legitimate shot. Of course I am a little biased...

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      From: Jason P Sorens <jason.sorens@...>
      Subject: Re: remember Wisconsin

      Having a Libertarian governor would be really shocking and would make me
      think twice about Wisconsin despite its size and the fact that such a
      result would probably be a fluke. But realistically, Ed Thompson's
      chances of actually winning the race are very very small. He might well
      win 10% though.

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