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Re: [FSP] Re: buy a township somewhere

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  • Mary Lou Seymour
    I would think that once the FSP has chosen a state, the next step will be to decide on strategy for colonizing it. Certainly the benefits of all 20,000
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 23, 2002
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      I would think that once the FSP has chosen a state, the next step will be
      to decide on strategy for "colonizing" it. Certainly the benefits of all
      20,000 grouping in one town...or county...or legislative district would be
      one possible strategy. As each state operates differently, it really isn't
      possible to determine the best strategy (the goal is to affect state
      legislation) until the state is chosen. New England states traditionally
      have strong "city/town" governments, weak counties, Southern states
      strong county govt, weak town govts. western states, I'm not sure. There
      are just so many different options... (and some of these "choices" may
      play a part in choosing the state)

      > If as many government functions as possible could be privatized and
      > all ordinances enacted with short sunset clauses, it would be a start.
      > I think it would be more practical to start out on a smaller scale
      > and then create an environment that will attract more libertarians to
      > your community.
      > --Mark
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      > From: Mary Lou Seymour
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      > I knew I'd read an excellent article somewhat on this subject last
      > year ... here tis (Rob Moody has the wonderful Strike the Root web
      > site, and contributes regularly to No Treason and Lew Rockwell... I'm
      > sure he (and No Treason) would be happy to have us link to this)
      > http://www.no-treason.com/Moody/1.html
      > Rob Moody
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      > ----------
      > The Problem With Incorporation As Secession
      > Government is beating into submission, imprisoning, and killing....
      > The authority of man-made law is entirely due to weapons of the
      > constables who enforce obedience to its provisions. ~ Ludwig von
      > Mises
      > Back in June, my friend Jeremy Sapienza (who runs anti-state.com)
      > published a thought-provoking response to my column about anarchy
      > coming to Lithia Springs. In his column, Jeremy points out that
      > residents of a city can in effect "secede" from a larger, more
      > oppressive city or county government by incorporating and creating
      > their own city government. While I agree that the idea has some
      > merit, especially if you are trying to escape the clutches of a
      > larger city, I would also caution you to be careful what you ask for,
      > because you just might get it.
      > What happens when you create a new city government? First of all, your
      > county taxes will probably not decrease. If the county has been
      > feeding off your money for years, it is going to be very reluctant to
      > give up that revenue stream.
      > Second, although you may have lower city taxes and more freedom in
      > the short run, in the long run, you’ll probably end up with the same
      > problem you had before. If you create a Frankenstein, eventually
      > he’s going to come to life. If the South had successfully seceded
      > from the Union, and there were no further secessions in the South, I
      > suspect that a Confederate government today would not look very
      > different from our federal government. Government tends to attract
      > professional looters, puritanical controllers and crusading
      > do-gooders. These "public servants" sit around all day dreaming up
      > new ways to spend your money, take away your liberty and justify
      > their existence. New laws, regulations and programs are seen as
      > evidence of "doing a good job" and "getting things done."
      > Consequently, government grows as relentlessly as a kudzu vine. I
      > know of no government that has ever consistently gotten smaller. That
      > is why secession must be a continual process until every family or
      > individual has seceded from everything else, and the largest
      > governmental entity is the individual. We will never have true freedom
      > until that happens.
      > Additionally, if you create a Frankenstein, what kind of power will he
      > have? Although the City of Lithia Springs had relatively few assets
      > and no police department, its charter (approved unanimously by both
      > houses of the Georgia legislature, by the way) gave it carte blanche:
      > "to provide for ordinances and codes; to provide for boards,
      > commissions, and authorities; to provide for rules and regulations;
      > to provide for taxation and fees; to provide for franchises, service
      > charges, and assessments; to provide for bonded and other
      > indebtedness; to provide for eminent domain; to provide for
      > penalties." And did anyone ever think that this monster would die
      > someday? "The city shall have perpetual existence," as in forever. No
      > sunset clauses here.
      > When the states created the federal government, they delegated a
      > limited number of powers to it that were enumerated in the
      > Constitution. Compare that to the powers granted to the City of
      > Lithia Springs by the state of Georgia: "This city shall have all
      > powers possible for a city to have under the present or future
      > Constitution and laws of this state as fully and completely as though
      > they were specifically enumerated in this charter. This city shall
      > have all the powers of self-government not otherwise prohibited by
      > this charter or by general law. The powers of this city shall be
      > construed liberally in favor of the city. The specific mention or
      > failure to mention particular powers shall not be construed as
      > limiting in any way the powers of this city. Said powers shall
      > include, but are not limited to, the following: air and water
      > pollution…animal regulations…appropriations and
      > expenditures…building regulations…business regulation and
      > taxation…condemnation…contracts…emergencies…fire
      > regulations…garbage fees…general health, safety and
      > welfare…gifts…health and sanitation…jail sentences…motor
      > vehicles…municipal agencies…municipal debts…municipal property
      > ownership…municipal utilities…nuisances [including city
      > governments?]…penalties…planning and zoning…police and fire
      > protection…removal of public hazards…public improvements…public
      > peace…public transportation…public utilities and
      > services…regulation of roadside
      > areas…retirement…roadways…sewer fees…solid waste
      > disposal…special areas of public regulation (including the power to
      > regulate or prohibit junk dealers and pawn shops; the manufacture,
      > sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors, including bulk sales
      > and sales by the drink; the use and sale of firearms; and the power
      > to license, tax, regulate, or prohibit professional fortunetelling,
      > palmistry, adult bookstores, and massage parlors)…special
      > assessments…ad valorem taxes…other taxes…taxicabs…urban
      > redevelopment…and other powers (including the right to exercise and
      > enjoy all other powers, functions, rights, privileges, and immunities
      > necessary or desirable to promote or protect the safety, health,
      > peace, security, good order, comfort, convenience, or general welfare
      > of the city and its inhabitants)." (emphasis added) Good grief! No
      > wonder the residents of Lithia Springs wanted to drive a stake
      > through the heart of this monster.
      > Finally, there is the moral aspect of creating a new city government.
      > Sure, you may benefit from a practical standpoint. But if it’s wrong
      > to use force against peaceful people, the number of people you point
      > guns at or the number of guns you use doesn’t change the immorality
      > of the act.
      > Yes, you can fight fire with fire, but in the end, you’ll probably
      > still get burned.
      > August 10, 2001
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