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[FSP] Re: Expenses

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  • eddie_g_bradford
    I would like to take this time to personally thank Elizabeth for everything she s done for the FSP. She s really been so involved and has spent an enormous
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2002
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      I would like to take this time to personally thank Elizabeth for everything she's done for the FSP. She's really been so involved and has spent an enormous amount of time and money on this project and Elizabeth I want you to know that I really appreciate this and I think you are an inspiration to us all. Also I too would probably be defensive if, I had spent so much time and money on a project and used up my vacation time and spent weekends away from my family working for freedom and spending what little extra money I had, and then having to defend the few expenses I report to everyone. I would think it was a little insulting if someone said "you spent $40 on a Super 8 when there was a Motel 6 down the road for $35".
      At the same time Elizabeth I don't think this is what Gary was trying to do. I thought his questions were valid and should be answered. I wrote this because I wanted you to know that you really are appreciated here and that Gary's comments, I don't think, were intended as an attack. Also I think that if someone was to make a comment that there there was a hotel for $5 cheaper down the road then their question should be respected and answered even though it may be kind of petty or annoying (again I am not implying that this was the type of question Gary asked). Public service is rarely appreciated and usually criticised and I'm sure you will get a lot more criticisms that thank-you's in the FSP just because that is the way these things usually work. I just want you to remember that although it will not be mentioned enough we thank you and appreciate your work and I hope you will remember that.

      --- In freestateproject@y..., "Elizabeth McKinstry" <emckinst@h...> wrote:
      > Hi Anne:
      > This is not the first time Gary has sniped about the organization of the
      > project. The two major contributions Gary has made have been:
      > 1) Complaining about the way the group is organized (needless bureaucracy,
      > or something like that, is what he said)
      > 2) Complaining about expenses.
      > I may be a little defensive because as I said I have given a huge amount of
      > time and money to this project, and I have yet to see what Gary has
      > contributed other than destructive sniping. I have enough to do without
      > feeling like I have to defend the few dollars for which I've asked for
      > reimbursement. I make under $20K a year, and work full time plus
      > volunteering over 15 hours a week for my local humane society. I' have no
      > patience with sidewalk supervisors.
      > We have always said the books would be open, so there was no need for
      > accusations of the sort Gary made (prefaced, of course, with the statement
      > that he wasn't making them).
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      > wrote:
      > > I have sucked up MUCH more in expenses than I've submitted, and if
      > > you're independently wealthy, Gary, then feel free to do something
      > > other than criticize.
      > > Any time you'd like to be helpful Gary, feel free.
      > Elizabeth, you sound really angry at Gary. I really didn't see any
      > criticism in his post. (Maybe there is something going on behind the
      > scenes that I haven't seen.) I thought Gary's questions were good
      > ones, and I thought he was simply saying how *he* would prefer things
      > to be.
      > I would suppose that we all have certain preferences, but then there
      > comes a time to compromise to reach the goal, right?
      > ~Anne
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