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Organizing the electoral political forces of the Free State

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  • Tim Condon
    Greetings, Freestaters. I have a little proposal for you who are interested in helping the movement in New Hampshire, even if you haven t (yet) had to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8 5:27 AM
      Greetings, Freestaters. I have a little proposal for you who are interested
      in "helping the movement" in New Hampshire, even if you haven't (yet) had to
      the ability or opportunity to make the move. The Republican Liberty Caucus
      of New Hampshire (RLCNH), of which I am the vice chairman, is about to
      embark upon a long-term organizing project in the state. This project will
      last for years, and is based upon "The Three Open Secrets of Electoral
      Politics <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTL1IIYBZCw>." If you watch the
      video, you will see what we intend to do for New Hampshire. This will
      benefit everyone because conservatives and libertarian-conservatives
      predominate among NH state voters. As such, they deserve to have State
      Representatives and State Senators able to reflect, defend, and advance the
      values of liberty and freedom.

      Won't the forces of statism do the same thing? Of course: They've already
      been doing it for years. Only our side has been left out. This is because of
      the nature of electoral politics in America. It is no different in the Free
      State of New Hampshire. Polls over the years have repeatedly shown that
      anti-statist voters in America outnumber both liberals (statists) and
      "moderates" (who are either politically unschooled, or camouflaged
      statists). That imbalance in our favor is more pronounced today than ever,
      because of the lunge for power being made by statists (supported by their
      lapdogs in the legacy media) under the leadership of Obama and the political
      thugs he has gathered around him <http://www.rense.com/general88/czars.htm> in
      Washington, DC.

      There is little that can be done about the political dynamic in DC, but as
      you all know there is plenty that can be done in the Free State of New
      Hampshire. That's why the RLCNH is embarking on this project. And get this:
      *You don't have to live inside New Hampshire to play an important part in
      the project*. The key aim is simply to collect information. The collecting
      of that information can take place from Oregon, Texas, Minnesota, New York,
      Florida, or North Carolina just as easily as it can from inside New
      Hampshire. All it takes is a telephone with free long distance calling (and
      almost all cell phones have exactly that these days, not to mention everyone

      Here's the bottom line: I need libertarian and libertarian-conservative
      activists to join with me from all over the country in making this
      organizing project a reality. If you intend to move to the Free State in the
      future, this is a way to get involved now, and to help move the state toward
      more liberty and freedom *before* you "make the move." If you don't think
      good things can be and are happening in New Hampshire, you haven't been
      paying attention. Pay attention
      Those laws listed were proposed and enacted by majorities of New Hampshire
      Republicans, both Freestaters indigenous freedom-fighters in the state
      legislature. This
      was given
      by Andrew Manuse, a New Hampshire state representative who was inspired to
      come to the state several years ago by the Free State State Project.

      We all know that the maximum role of civil government is the protection of
      life, liberty, and property, not the care and feeding of various powerful
      special interests, including especially the privileged political
      This is a chance to make a difference in the state of your future residence,
      for your future freedom. I'm going to be setting up a separate email list to
      coordinate the effort. If you will help me, you'll be on the list. The
      effort will unfold over years. If you're with us, and with the Free State of
      New Hampshire, contact me personally. My thanks to you, and to all

      Timothy Condon, Esq.
      12 Liberty Lane, Grafton, NH 03240
      Cell 813-453-2379
      Office: 307 S. Fielding Ave., Suite #2
      Tampa, Florida 33606-4126
      813-251-2626 Fax 813-200-3395
      Email: tim@...

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