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Re: [FSP] Fw: "Free State" lunacy

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  • Tim Condon
    Tut tut, Tully. Is your mandate then to raise 100 fees and taxes over the past four years so you can grow your precious state government? Is your mandate
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 11, 2011
      Tut tut, Tully. Is your "mandate" then to raise 100 fees and taxes over the
      past four years so you can grow your precious state government? Is your
      "mandate" to raising spending over the past four years by 25% when inflation
      was far, far below that number? So you can explode the size of your precious
      state government? Or is your "mandate" to spend New Hampshire into a
      historically unprecedented $900 million state budget deficit, and leave it
      up to the Republicans to clean up your mess like pig statists do everywhere
      and always?

      Do tell us that you think the historic Republican majority elected last year
      is supposed to act like the Democrat fools who spent our state into
      bankruptcy and expanded the size, reach, expense, and power of state
      government in New Hampshire farther and faster than it's ever been expanded
      before in our history.

      I welcome 2012. We'll see if the voters in NH turn back to the Democrats who
      have done such grave damage over the past four years to our state. Or if
      they enthusiastically endorse the responsible Republicans for their very
      good work in bringing the state back from the fiscal precipice that the
      Democrats have drive us to.

      ---Tim Condon, Freestater!

      On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Tully <benchpress59@...> wrote:

      > Chris, that letter represents the majority view of Granite Staters right
      > now...including people like me who have essentially soured on, and given up
      > on, the FSP as a positive force in NH society. We have attracted, and
      > elected, petit tyrants and lunatics who are (appropiately) going to have
      > their asses handed to them in November 2012....
      > The GOP's mismanagement and misundsstanding of their "mandate" is the
      > single most serious political miscalculation I have seen in my lifetime.
      > T.
      > --- On Fri, 4/8/11, Chris Lawless <dreepa@...> wrote:
      > From: Chris Lawless <dreepa@...>
      > Subject: Re: [FSP] Fw: "Free State" lunacy
      > To: freestateproject@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, April 8, 2011, 10:11 AM
      > so said that they people don't bother to learn the facts and just spout out
      > lunacy.
      > ****************************************
      > I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And
      > let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no
      > virtue!
      > --- On Fri, 4/8/11, Joel Winters <homer1787@...> wrote:
      > From: Joel Winters <homer1787@...>
      > Subject: [FSP] Fw: "Free State" lunacy
      > To: freestateproject@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, April 8, 2011, 4:12 AM
      > Here's a different view about what's happening in New Hampshire, forwarded
      > from one of my Democratic email lists...
      > New Hampshire Union Leader, April 6, 2011
      > WE ARE writing because we have noticed an extreme and alarming change to
      > our state government. We used to think that New Hampshire government, a
      > pretty local enterprise given the small size of our state, was a true
      > government of and by the people. But strange things are happening in our
      > State House, sometimes so quickly that nobody has time to react.
      > We are now a state that doesn�t think that children should have to go to
      > school. We don�t think that air should be clean; we don�t think that the
      > public needs to be notified of important legislation. We think that giving
      > smokers 10 cents off a pack of cigarettes is more important than giving
      > medication to people with mental illness.
      > We think that �defective� people should be sterilized; we think that
      > college students are too stupid to be allowed to vote; we think that any
      > criminal from anywhere should be able to come to our state to buy a gun.
      > We don�t honor retirement promises made to long-time fire fighters and
      > police officers; we make decisions to kill people in capital punishment by
      > voice vote, with no discussion. We elected state representatives who yell at
      > constituents to shut up, whose leaders will not slow down their business
      > because people want to give input, who do their dirty work at night, behind
      > closed doors. We are a state whose leaders are so out of touch with reality
      > that they think working mothers can �swap� babysitting to cover their 40-50
      > hour work weeks, that women with postpartum depression can cure themselves
      > when their babies become �more animated.�
      > The leaders scare us with budget problems, but make nonsensical, random
      > cuts to multiple sources of income. We have the highest median income in the
      > country, but we don�t think our firefighters, police, teachers, road crews,
      > sanitation workers -- you know, anybody who is crucial to our existence--
      > deserves the right to negotiate for a living wage.
      > And, we are a state that is sitting back and letting all of this happen.
      > Maybe we are exhausted from the economy, from news of wars, but a serious
      > price is being paid for complacency.
      > It feels like a takeover; maybe it is. The Libertarians and Free Staters
      > have specifically targeted us as an easy place to overrun, a place whose
      > government could be easily dismantled. Hmmm.
      > In 2003, Republican Gov. Craig Benson welcomed them to New Hampshire (the
      > only governor in the country to meet with them), but now decent Republicans
      > are being bullied by their ranks. There is rumor of a militia forming in
      > Concord (google NH Free State Militia). We�re not sure if it is to protect
      > them from us or us from them, but they are clearly doing what they want,
      > when they want.
      > The current recession is a great excuse for extreme behavior, but of course
      > the ones paying the price are the poor, the sick, the middle-and-low wage
      > earners and our valuable public employees. We have a new leader of the
      > House, Republican Bill O�Brien, who has made himself the unofficial king of
      > New Hampshire. He comes from a very wealthy town as small as many high
      > schools, but he is the new ruler of New Hampshire, giving other towns little
      > chance to stick up for themselves.
      > New Hampshire has always been on the lists of the greatest places to live
      > in the country. Would we make the top 45 today? Do we really need or want a
      > makeover?
      > We think that we are better than what we have become in the past four
      > months. New Hampshire is frugal, but compassionate. We have dealt with money
      > problems before, but in a humane manner. We know that no great country or
      > state exists without a strong middle class, care for its weakest citizens
      > and a transparent government of, by and for the people.
      > So, people, get involved. Check out the New Hampshire Legislature�s website
      > on a daily basis. Call or email senators and legislators and Gov. John
      > Lynch. Tell senators to start over on this irrational budget with all its
      > harmful amendments. Join the many rallies being organized in Concord. Make
      > this a �take-back� not a takeover of our wonderful state!
      > Mike Wilber is a self-employed builder and Anne Wilber is a speech
      > pathologist. They live in Marlborough.
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