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Letter from GOA

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  • Tim Condon
    Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the Firearms Freedom Act bill that is now pending in the NH state legislature. Skip Murphy below is from the GraniteGrok.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2011
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      Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the Firearms Freedom Act bill that is now
      pending in the NH state legislature. Skip Murphy below is from the
      GraniteGrok.com blog and GrokTALK! Internet radio show that airs every
      Saturday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. (streaming live online, you can find out
      about it by going to the GraniteGrok web site).

      And Rep. Hoell is a Freestater. ---Tim Condon

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      From: Skip Murphy <Skip@...>
      Date: Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 10:44 PM
      Subject: Re: Letter from GOA
      To: JR Hoell <jr@...>, Tim - GraniteGrok <tim@...>

      NO! I did not!

      Am CC'ing Tim, as he does the scheduling on the show - given that the new 4
      line unit has come in AND hopefully we can get the first of the next three
      lines in, we could have both you AND Dan on for a segment or two.


      - Skip

      On 1/28/2011 10:40 PM, JR Hoell wrote:


      Did you see the following from GOA?


      The Push For REAL Concealed Carry Reform

      -- New Hampshire Constitutional Carry bill is a GOA top priority for 2011

      Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert

      8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151

      Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408


      January 20, 2011

      In the wake of the 2010 elections, and following great pro-gun strides made
      in states across the nation last year, GOA is solidly on offense as various
      state legislatures convene.

      Pay no attention to what the mainstream media might tell you about the
      difficulty in passing pro-gun laws right now. Media outlets do not decide
      elections and they certainly do not decide policy.

      The simple fact of the matter is that in many states, the votes are there,
      the political will is there, and most importantly, YOU are there. With your
      constant activism, it becomes extremely painful for a politician to refuse
      to do the right thing.

      And in New Hampshire this year, we have several phenomenal opportunities.

      You will recall that on Monday we sent you a quick notification of GOA's
      support for HB 125, the NH Firearms Freedom Act. This statement of support
      was provided at the request of Rep. J.R. Hoell (R-Merrimack 13), who is a
      cosponsor of the legislation authored by Rep. Daniel Itse (R-Rockingham 09),
      to provide to his fellow legislators. On Tuesday, sponsors and others
      testified before a House subcommittee. No one spoke in opposition to the

      Please see http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/legislation/2011/HB0125.html

      if you want to read the text of the Firearms Freedom Act. GOA will certainly
      keep you informed on its progress, but now we turn our attention to yet
      another great pro-gun bill.

      Constitutional Carry

      While there is no official bill number at this time, GOA has reviewed Rep.
      Hoell's proposed language to bring genuine right-to-carry reform to the
      Granite State. Modeled after legislation that was originally enacted in
      Alaska (and last year in Arizona), the concept is known as Constitutional
      Carry (sometimes called Alaska-style carry).

      Essentially, with the passage of this bill, law-abiding New Hampshire
      citizens will no longer have to beg government permission to exercise a
      right; no longer be faced with bureaucratic hoops to jump through; and, no
      longer be registered with the State -- which always carries a risk of future
      confiscation. There simply will not be any permit required to carry either
      openly or concealed.

      But wait, some might say. What about reciprocity? Without a permit, other
      states won't recognize my right to carry.

      That's the real beauty of Hoell's legislation. The bill makes obtaining a
      permit OPTIONAL. If you desire to get one for reciprocity or other purposes,
      by all means do so. But you won't HAVE to.

      This is a concept whose time has definitely come. All New Hampshire gun
      owners are urged to get behind the bill and help send it to Gov.

      Lynch's desk!

      GOA is working to enact Constitutional Carry in more than a half-dozen
      states this year. But it is worth mentioning that the Hoell bill is among
      the strongest we have ever seen. In addition to making permits totally
      optional, the bill:

      * States that the ability to carry -- whether with a permit or not -- is
      solely determined by being lawfully able to own a firearm at all. If you can
      buy, you can carry. And you can get a permit if you so choose.

      * Sets a very high burden of proof before you can be denied a permit -- the
      state must PROVE that you are prohibited from purchasing.

      * Includes real "teeth" -- any official who interferes with your carry
      right, or fails to give you your permit if you are not a prohibited person,
      becomes a Class A misdemeanant and, more importantly, is deemed unsuitable
      for public office. "Toe the line or get fired," in other words.

      Action: Please contact your State Representative(s) right away.

      Politely insist that they publically support Rep. Hoell's Constitutional
      Carry bill.

      You will typically have more than one representative. To identify them, go
      to http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/wml.aspx and select your
      town. You can then click on the representatives' names to obtain e-mail



      JR Hoell

      State Representative Bow/Dunbarton, (Merrimack 13)

      Reduce NH State spending:

      Lower the Tax Burden:

      Create School Choice:

      *the time is NOW!!!*


      315-9002 cell

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