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FSP News - December 2010

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  • PhilB
    FSP News - December 2010 Liberty Forum 2011 LIBERTY FORUM FEBRUARY 24-27, 2011 CROWNE PLAZA in NASHUA, NH http://nhlibertyforum.com
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      FSP News - December 2010 Liberty Forum
      New Hampshire's best liberty event is back!
      A great weekend of fantastic speakers, great training, special panels,
      our first concert, and you'll get to meet the whole crop of newly
      elected liberty representatives! Get your tickets now!

      If you can make it early, Thursday is full of bonus activities, like
      firearms safety training, a tour of the NH state house, and a legal
      self-help class. And we'll be hosting our evening welcome reception at
      the hotel.

      Friday starts with the opening ceremonies and we'll be closing the night
      with a special concert by the one and only Jordan Page! Hear great
      speakers in between and consider our special scholarship fundraiser

      Our Saturday night keynote speaker will be bestselling author Naomi
      Wolf. Her book The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young
      Patriot won the 2008 Silver Freedom Fighter Award. Her followup, Give Me
      Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries made waves as well. She
      has been touring the world speaking about the defense of liberty in
      America and internationally. She says the FSP is a fascinating project
      and is looking forward to her appearance.

      Other featured speakers include:

      * Governor Gary Johnson * Joe Kennedy, the real liberty US Senate
      candidate from Massachusetts * Rep. Jenn Coffey, sponsor of NH's
      "knife freedom bill" * Juan Carlos Hidalgo from CATO * Twila
      Brase, president of Citizens' Council on Health Freedom * J. Neil
      Schulman, Prometheus award-winning author
      ...and many more! New speakers are being confirmed every week.

      Liberty is alive in New Hampshire, come to the Liberty Forum and be a
      part of it.


      Check the registration page for other goodies like the Liberty Forum
      polo shirt, FSP Silver rounds (we only have a few left and you can only
      get them at Liberty Forum), and more.
      Early bird pricing of only $199 is good through December 31st.

      Happy Porcupine Newsletter
      Hey Porcupines!

      The FSP has allowed us to offer you the chance to get on board with a
      new feature for PorcFest... the Happy Porcupine newsletter! Stay up to
      date with all our goings on before the fun and get pumped up for the
      festival all year long. There will be featured Porcupines, vendors,
      groups, etc that you can learn about before you arrive. The goal is to
      help make connections before the event and make this community even more

      To sign up, send an email to porcfestnews@...
      <mailto:porcfestnews@...> with the subject: SIGNUP.

      To view the November Newsletter:

      If you want to unsubscribe at anytime that option will be made available
      on every newsletter.

      Thanks always for your support!

      The Porcfest Organizers Team
      Boston Tea Party
      A group of porcupines made the trek from the Free State of NH to Boston
      on 12/12 to participate in the Boston Tea Party sponsored by Mass LPA
      <http://www.masslpa.org/> . We saw some great speakers like Gary
      Johnson, Gary Franchi and Adam Kokesh including our own Jenn Coffey. We
      handed out 100s of flyers to tell people about the Free State Project.
      The FSP also had a booth and an ad in the event booklet.

      Thanks to our Friends at MassLPA who put on a great event.

      Are there events near you? The FSP is always looking for places to place
      ads or have booths or just to have people hand out flyers at events.
      This is a great way to spread the word about the Free State Project. If
      you know of an event and have volunteer... get in touch with us:
      events@... <mailto:events@...> .
      Amazon for fund-raising
      If you shop Amazon.com through this link
      nosim> , you will help the FSP earn money that would be a big help for
      our outreach efforts. It doesn't cost you anything, and it's a big help.
      New Item! Thanks to EK we now have window clings. The round FSP logo on
      a static cling sticker. It's reverse-printed for application on the
      inside of your window (or I guess outside if you want to see it on the
      inside). Great for automobiles, front doors, windows, or anywhere you
      want to spread the freedom of the Free State Project. As there are no
      glue or adhesives on these, they are easily moved and won't leave a
      New FSP Logo Cling Decal
      And, as it is that time of year, another enfreedomed holiday verse:
      Molon KalikiLabe 1,2,3, 4

      Molon KalikiLabe is the thing to say
      On a bright pro-freedom hol-i-day
      That's the dauntless greeting that we send to you
      From the land where heroes stay
      Here we know that freedom will be in our sight
      Tyrants shake in fear as Porcs will bring the fight
      Molon KalikiLabe is New Hampshire's way
      To say "Come and bring it" to you.

      1 Roughly translates to "come and bring your freedom-mindedness to New
      2 Not to be confused with the Spartan's defiant reply to an invading
      army's demand they give up their weapons.
      3 Nor the excellent novel by Boston T. Party.
      4 We do, however, have nice Molon Labe Ribbon Pins available here
      <http:www.freestateproject.org/store#molonlabepin> .

      <http://freestateproject.org/> The Free State Project is an effort to
      recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are
      looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of
      life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political
      philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists
      at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for
      people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.
      freestateproject.org <http://freestateproject.org/> In New Hampshire
      Free State Blogs
      <http://freestateblogs.net/> What's happening in New Hampshire with
      the Free State Project? Free State Blogs <http://freestateblogs.net/>
      attempts to answer that question.
      The RidleyReport
      Videographer Dave Ridley from NHFree.com
      <http://www.newhampshireunderground.com/wiki/tiki-index.php> is one of
      our Porcs on the scene in New Hampshire. See some of what's happening in
      the Free State on the RidleyReport <http://youtube.com/RidleyReport> .
      Check the NH Calendars
      The NH Underground Calendar
      <http://forum.nhunderground.com/index.php?action=calendar> lists
      liberty-oriented New Hampshire events. The NH Liberty Calendar
      <http://www.nhlibertycalendar.org/> also tracks NH events. Check the
      calendars before a visit or a move - you are welcome to attend NH
      FSP News Thanks & Statistics
      FSP News circulation: 14,693. Back issues
      <http://freestateproject.org/news/fspnews/> are available. Got FSP
      news? Please submit <mailto:newsletter@...> content by
      the 12th of the month. Thank you to all advertisers and contributors.

      FSP Participants - here are some quick links:

      * If you've moved to NH or otherwise changed your info, please update
      your contact info <http://freestateproject.org/user> or send a message
      to Moved@... <mailto:Moved@...> to
      let us know.

      * Find NH job info on the website
      <http://freestateproject.org/nhinfo/Jobs> - post your resume & check
      the FSP forum <http://forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=30.0>
      for a job!

      * Check out NH housing and other community & logistical information
      at NH Info <http://freestateproject.org/nhinfo/>

      Are you ready to join the FSP, move to New Hampshire and work with us
      towards Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join here!

      <http://www.porcupinerun.com/> Participants: 10,552
      Participants in NH: 875
      as of 12/15/10

      The Free State Project (FSP) is an effort to recruit 20,000 pro-liberty
      activists to move to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest
      practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum
      role of government is the protection of life, liberty and property. The
      work of creating and sustaining such a society in New Hampshire is the
      job of residents, including project participants, not the Free State
      Project itself.

      The FSP does not endorse any specific changes to government or
      strategies to achieve them. The FSP does not take positions on issues,
      candidates, legislation, places to move within New Hampshire, tactics or
      methods of action. The one stipulation the FSP does make is that people
      who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

      Reporting by the FSP on participant activity or NH events on the
      website, in the newsletter, or in any other place does not represent
      support or endorsement and may not portray the diversity of opinions and
      activities that exists among participants.

      To unsubscribe from this list visit this link
      To update your preferences visit this link
      FSP Website: http://www.freestateproject.org Liberty in our Lifetime

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