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Re: [FSP] FSP News - November 2010

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  • GaryT
    I *hope* to move there late next year. I have to accumulate enough funds to purchase some kind of income producing property; I am hoping a coffee shop and/or
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      I *hope* to move there late next year.

      I have to accumulate enough funds to purchase some kind of income producing property; I am hoping a coffee shop and/or some kind of multi-occupant rental.

      If the precious metals keep going up, and the real estate prices keep going down, then I will be in the perfect position to do so.
      Then with any luck, I will also run for public office, and then we can show the world what a real libertarian state would be like.

      Gary T

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      Subject: [FSP] FSP News - November 2010

      FSP News - November 2010 NH Election Victories
      At least 13 FSP participants were elected to the NH State House of
      Representatives on November 2nd. This is a tremendous milestone for the
      Project and its members. Some 20 FSP early movers won Primary Election
      races and most came out winners in the General Election in a year that
      favored candidates who stand for lower government spending.

      The above winners will be joined by over 100 more newly elected or
      re-elected pro-liberty State Reps who were endorsed by the New Hampshire
      Liberty Alliance <http://www.nhliberty.org/2010/endorsements> , a
      non-partisan, all-volunteer organization dedicated to "Preserving
      and enhancing New Hampshire's tradition of liberty." Nearly one
      third of the 400-member House is openly on the liberty side of public
      policy and should edge the state closer to achieving "Liberty in Our
      National Opt Out Day
      National Opt Out Day <http://wewontfly.com/opt-out-day/> is a campaign
      to restore an element of privacy to air travel.

      From their site:
      The goal of National Opt Out Day is (1) to educate the traveling public
      about airport porno-scanners and the new "enhanced" TSA groping;
      (2) force positive change on the TSA; and (3) show the airlines our
      consumer power so that they will lobby the government on our behalf to
      get the porno-scanners removed. The government has failed us. We're
      taking our message of individual privacy and respect for health to the
      airlines and the public.

      Moving info
      Do you want to know more about New Hampshire, why it is such a good
      place or what's really going on there? If you answered yes to any of
      those questions then there are two blogs about NH that you may want to
      check out.

      NHMove.Info <http://www.nhmove.info/> is a very impressive blog. Not
      only does it have some solid original content but it is a fantastic
      aggregator of NH based information.

      WhyNewHampshire.org <http://whynewhampshire.org/> lists reasons why NH
      is wicked cool. Is a reason missing? Feel free to submit it by following
      the simple procedures on the blog website.
      <http://www.freestateproject.org/store#buck> People often ask me, "How
      can I make my Thanksgiving a Free State Project Thanksgiving?" Well, the
      answer's pretty straight-forward. Start with a nice big turkey. Imagine
      it there, all brown and glistening in the center of the table. Now take
      out your custom Buck FSP knife <http://freestateproject.org/store#buck>
      , (which we're almost out of, by the way, in case you don't have one
      yet) gently remove it from the velvet embrace of it's beautiful wooden
      box, complete with a laser-engraved FSP logo on it and plunge it deep
      into that warm, succulent flesh. If you accidentally day-dream for a
      minute and pretend you're carving up the tax-code while you're cutting -
      don't worry, little pieces of mangled turkey taste just as good big,
      wide slices. Before eating the turkey, though, a toast wo uld be
      appropriate. Raise your glasses high, kept cold, of course, with your
      PorcFest Koozie <http://freestateproject.org/store/porcfest05.php> , (a
      real bargain at one dollar) and toast your favorite fighter for freedom,
      your favorite season in New Hampshire (all available on the Four Seasons
      of Freedom magnet <http://freestateproject.org/store#magnets> ) and the
      unquenchable thirst for freedom held by all the liberty-minded in this
      great country, and around the world. You should probably take off your
      jacket before digging in, so you don't get gravy and mashed potatoes all
      over your FSP pin <http://freestateproject.org/store#pin> , but don't
      worry about your FSP t-shirt, they'll wash many times and stay just as
      true to the cause of Liberty in Our Lifetime. After gorging yourself on
      the fruits of the free-market, perhaps a little remembrance of the early
      settlers and how they were saved by acknowledgment of private propert y
      rights as Henry Hazlitt reminded us
      > . To finish off the event, put an FSP Bookmark
      <http://freestateproject.org/store#bookmark> in your "Economics in One
      Lesson" and go outside with one of our Gadsden discs and work off all
      those extra calories, so you can continue to be a nimble fighter for the
      cause of freedom.

      <http://freestateproject.org/> The Free State Project is an effort to
      recruit 20,000 liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire. We are
      looking for neighborly, productive, tolerant folks from all walks of
      life, of all ages, creeds, and colors who agree to the political
      philosophy expressed in our Statement of Intent, that government exists
      at most to protect people's rights, and should neither provide for
      people nor punish them for activities that interfere with no one else.
      freestateproject.org <http://freestateproject.org/>
      In New Hampshire Free State Blogs
      <http://freestateblogs.net/> What's happening in New Hampshire with
      the Free State Project? Free State Blogs <http://freestateblogs.net/>
      attempts to answer that question.
      The RidleyReport
      Videographer Dave Ridley from NHFree.com
      <http://www.newhampshireunderground.com/wiki/tiki-index.php> is one of
      our Porcs on the scene in New Hampshire. See some of what's happening in
      the Free State on the RidleyReport <http://youtube.com/RidleyReport> .
      Check the NH Calendars
      The NH Underground Calendar
      <http://forum.nhunderground.com/index.php?action=calendar> lists
      liberty-oriented New Hampshire events. The NH Liberty Calendar
      <http://www.nhlibertycalendar.org/> also tracks NH events. Check the
      calendars before a visit or a move - you are welcome to attend NH
      FSP News Thanks & Statistics
      FSP News circulation: 14,685. Back issues
      <http://freestateproject.org/news/fspnews/> are available. Got FSP
      news? Please submit <mailto:newsletter@...> content by
      the 12th of the month. Thank you to all advertisers and contributors.

      FSP Participants - here are some quick links:

      * If you've moved to NH or otherwise changed your info, please update
      your contact info <http://freestateproject.org/user> or send a message
      to Moved@... <mailto:Moved@...> to
      let us know.

      * Find NH job info on the website
      <http://freestateproject.org/nhinfo/Jobs> - post your resume & check
      the FSP forum <http://forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=30.0>
      for a job!

      * Check out NH housing and other community & logistical information
      at NH Info <http://freestateproject.org/nhinfo/>

      Are you ready to join the FSP, move to New Hampshire and work with us
      towards Liberty in Our Lifetime? Join here!

      <http://www.porcupinerun.com/> Participants: 10,497
      Participants in NH: 869
      as of 11/15/10

      The Free State Project (FSP) is an effort to recruit 20,000 pro-liberty
      activists to move to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest
      practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum
      role of government is the protection of life, liberty and property. The
      work of creating and sustaining such a society in New Hampshire is the
      job of residents, including project participants, not the Free State
      Project itself.

      The FSP does not endorse any specific changes to government or
      strategies to achieve them. The FSP does not take positions on issues,
      candidates, legislation, places to move within New Hampshire, tactics or
      methods of action. The one stipulation the FSP does make is that people
      who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome.

      Reporting by the FSP on participant activity or NH events on the
      website, in the newsletter, or in any other place does not represent
      support or endorsement and may not portray the diversity of opinions and
      activities that exists among participants.

      To unsubscribe from this list visit this link
      To update your preferences visit this link
      FSP Website: http://www.freestateproject.org Liberty in our Lifetime

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    • denis_m_goddard
      ... In that case, I look forward to seeing you soon, neighbor! :D
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        --- In freestateproject@yahoogroups.com, "GaryT" <garyonthenet@...> wrote:
        > If the precious metals keep going up, and the real estate prices keep going down, then I will be in the perfect position to do so.

        In that case, I look forward to seeing you soon, neighbor! :D
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