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What does everyone do for a living?

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  • Tim Condon
    Would all you people in New Hampshire do me a favor? Email me and tell me what you do for a living. I m am about to start a movement for our people to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2010
      Would all you people in New Hampshire do me a favor? Email me and tell me
      what you do for a living. I'm am about to start a "movement" for "our
      people" to support financially, help, patronize, and do business with "our
      people." There are tons of people all over the Free State that do things
      like real estate, construction, painting, computers, software, art,
      teaching, mechanics, etc. But we don't all know who they are, so we can't
      automatically take our business to them. I aim to change that.

      So lemme know! What do you do for a living, and how may I and other people
      get in touch with you and steer business your way? And if you know other
      conservatives, Tea Partiers, libertarians, Real Republican activists, and
      everyone else who's "on our side," let me know about them and their
      businesses too. I aim to form up a free, ubiquitous "network" that will help
      everyone and that everyone can benefit from by having a system all of us can
      steer people "our way."

      Timothy Condon, Esq.
      12 Liberty Lane, Grafton, NH 03240
      Office: 307 S. Fielding Ave., Suite #2
      Tampa, Florida 33606-4126
      813-251-2626 Fax 813-200-3395
      Email: tim@...

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