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Reminder: Concord Porcupines Lunch this Saturday (Sept 11th)

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  • Seth Cohn
    Reminder: it s time for Concord Porcs! We re now meeting at the Draft, on Main Street, across from the Capitol Center for the Arts, starting at 12:30pm till
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2010
      Reminder: it's time for Concord Porcs!

      We're now meeting at the Draft, on Main Street,
      across from the Capitol Center for the Arts, starting at 12:30pm till 2pm-ish

      Many of us are working our butts off for the primary on Tuesday,
      before and/or after the meeting, so turnout will likely be light, but
      hey, I need to eat lunch anyway, so that's where I'll be. I won't be
      staying till 2pm, but certainly folks can...

      Anyone who wants to help with Tubing or Sign placing is quite welcome,
      either for me, or others (ie good place to get fresh volunteers, or
      feed your volunteers, etc... wink wink nudge)

      Please join us for lively discussions, as we usually attract a good
      group of folks

      Time: 12:30pm-ish til sometime around 2:00pm (or later) usually
      Place: The Draft Bar and Grill
      67 South Main Street
      Concord, NH
      Website and Menu: http://www.draftsportsbar.com/menu.php

      Directions for those not familiar with Concord:
      Take Exit 12 off of 93, onto Manchester/Main Street, going north.
      Drive 1/2 mile north, Draft is on the right...

      Guests and visitors are always welcome!
      We pull people from all over the state, usually between 12-40 people,
      and a good time is had by all.

      Starts a little bit after noon. We gather together, eat food, drink
      beverages of various kinds, and discuss whatever comes up.
      This is NOT a formal 'agenda' based Porc group.
      Those who don't want to discuss can just eat quietly and listen to the
      rest of us ranting. The conversations are always fun, regardless of the topic.

      For those who need more reasons to get out of bed and drive to Concord,
      lots of other things happening in Concord and the surrounding area this morning:

      Libertarian Party of New Hampshire Executive Board Meeting
      All are welcome to attend.
      Starting at 10:30am at
      Liberty Books
      75 Allison St
      Concord, NH

      NOT THIS MONTH: Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers @ 9 AM,

      (a big thank you to Andy and Laurie Sanborn for providing the meeting
      space at the Draft!!!)
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