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Let It Burn. (America, that is.)

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  • Tim Condon
    The crisis in our country is accelerating in both severity and in public recognition. California Governor Schwartzenegger has now submitted a budget to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2010
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      The crisis in our country is accelerating in both severity and in public
      recognition. California Governor Schwartzenegger has now submitted a budget
      to the California legislature that largely *ends* state welfare. He compares
      California to fiscally collapsing Greece, Ireland, and Spain (and California
      has an economy as large or larger than any of the three). But the Democrats
      control both houses of the state legislature, and so.... "Absolutely
      unacceptable!" thunders the president of the California state senate,
      Darrell Steinberg. So the dance of death will

      In the meantime, Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.com highlights an
      article named "Let It
      at American Thinker <http://www.americanthinker.com/>, Written by an
      individual under the pen-name "Demosthenes," the article openly states that
      "America is lost," and that "social, political, and economic strife of a
      sort unimaginable" is now on the horizon. "These sorts of sentiments are
      becoming rather more widespread and openly stated" says an email sent to
      Prof. Reynolds.

      Tony Blankley weights in at Real Clear
      saying "we are in crisis---and we cannot wait until 2013 to stop the madness
      and start the rollback." Calling Obama's 10-year budget plan "the most
      irresponsible federal document ever released," Blankley writes that "Our job
      is to describe as vividly and credibly as we can just how bad 'bad' will be
      if we don't drop almost everything and start cutting entitlements and
      everything else" this coming January. If such radical steps aren't taken, we
      are quite literally facing "the "financial ruin of the nation," he says.

      How bad can "bad" be? How "unimaginable" can "social, political, and
      economic strife" become if the power-mad socialists around Obama are not
      stopped from destroying America? How about the breakdown of the national
      power grid? How about large-scale interruption of food distribution? How
      about the collapse of the health care system? In the case of any one of
      those, we can expect, at the minimum, hundreds of thousands of people dying
      from strife, disease, and malnutrition....and the numbers might easily go

      Impossible, you say.

      Perhaps. But if you hold the values that America was founded
      upon---"liberty, individual achievement, limited government, and the
      equality of opportunity" according to "Demosthenes"---you may want to start
      considering moving to New Hampshire. It will be one of the few bastions of
      sanity in the widening gyre of America, where the center will not
      hold, and anarchy
      is loosed upon the land <http://www.online-literature.com/donne/780/>. Why
      will New Hampshire be an outpost of sanity in a nation driven off a cliff by
      an unleashed political class? Because we hold to the old ways. We still
      believe in individualism, capitalism, freedom, and a federal government
      restricted by a Constitution that says what it means and means what it says.
      If you hold those values, come join us. The Free State

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