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Liberty Forum NH Works Tour: Thursday

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  • Dan McGuire
    Hi all, I hope that many of you will be attending the Liberty Forum at the Crowne Plaza, Nashua next weekend. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2010
      Hi all,

      I hope that many of you will be attending the Liberty
      Forum<http://www.freestateproject.org/libertyforum> at
      the Crowne Plaza, Nashua next weekend. It is not to late to sign up. The
      highlight will be Judge Andrew Napolitano's keynote address. Click the
      above link for all the details.

      There's still room on Thursday's NH Works tour. See details below, next
      RSVP ASAP. :-)


      Dear Liberty Forum Attendee:

      Looking for something a little different to do on Thursday? Already seen
      the State House? Then join us for a sampling of fun and unique New
      Hampshire businesses on the *New Hampshire Works Tour. * You will see:

      *Stonyfield Farms Yogurt <http://www.stonyfieldfarm.com/>*
      *[image: sfy.jpg] Stonyfield is the largest maker of organic yogurt in the
      country. We'll stop at their visitor center to learn about their history,
      organic farming practices and of course, try some free samples. YUM!
      *New Hampshire Furniture Masters <http://www.furnituremasters.org/>*
      *[image: tl.jpg] [image: dl.jpg] This is a rare opportunity to peek behind
      the scenes of not one, but two master craftsmen's workshops. We will visit
      the studios of David Lamb<http://www.furnituremasters.org/artists.cfm?ID=11>
      and Tom McLaughlin <http://www.furnituremasters.org/artists.cfm?ID=29>.
      Mr. Lamb will be confirmed next week as the Artist Laureate of New
      Hampshire. The artists themselves will show us work-in-progress, their
      tools, materials and methods, and examples of finished pieces. If you've
      seen fine furniture in museums and wondered how they were made, this is your
      chance. Absolutely the highlight of the tour.
      *Budweiser <http://www.budweisertours.com/toursMER.htm>*
      *[image: bud.jpg] Would you like to pet a Clydesdale? Well, you may not be
      able to pet one on this tour, but you will see them up close. Merrimack, NH is
      home to world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales and brewery. The tour includes
      beer tasting for those 21 or over.
      *Miracle Acres Farm <http://www.miracleacresfarm.net/>*
      *[image: maple.jpg]
      Time permitting, we will visit maple producer Miracle Acres Farm in Milford.
      New Hampshire is home to dozens of sugar houses making maple syrup and
      candies. If the weather cooperates we will see syrup being made. In any
      case owner and former Executive Councillor Dave Wheeler, will give us a tour of
      his operation and of course, some samples.


      The tour leaves from the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 9:30am, and includes
      transportation, lunch and all activities for only $20 per person. Space is
      limited. For questions or to reserve your spot, please call or email Dan
      McGuire at 603-782-4918 or danmcguire@....

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