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Re: [nhrvc] My take on the event today

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  • Tim Condon
    I m not sure that the person yelling you socialist pigs was totally irrational. If he were approached and asked to stop what he was doing because it was
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2009
      I'm not sure that the person yelling "you socialist pigs" was totally
      irrational. If he were approached and asked to stop what he was doing
      because it was harming the cause of freedom and anti-socialism, I would hope
      that he would have complied. After all, people who support socialized
      medicine---and the regime of state-sponsored misery and death that
      results---ARE "socialist pigs." We just don't want to hurt our cause by
      engaging in counterproductive behavior that points it out in a harmful
      manner. ---Tim Condon


      On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 4:39 AM, Pamela Manney <pammanney@...> wrote:

      > Dennis, there are fanatics in every group that actually revel in the
      > negative discourse.
      > It's their nature and they just look for the issues that they believe would
      > allow them to act in such a way.
      > Pam Manney
      > --- On *Tue, 8/11/09, Dennis Acton <dennisacton@...>* wrote:
      > From: Dennis Acton <dennisacton@...>
      > Subject: [nhrvc] My take on the event today
      > To: nhrvc@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009, 10:21 PM
      > Wow, what a day this was. It was quite an honor to be one of the few
      > to get into an event that has made so much national news. I have to say
      > that there were more conservatives and libertarians in the crowd than most
      > people will give credit for, we just kept a low profile out of respect for
      > the office and in some ways maybe as damage control for the
      > counter-productive shoutdowns that have taken place in other locations. Any
      > one of us easily could have pulled a code-pink style meltdown or heckled
      > Obama and marred the event like they have done to us so many times but we
      > are above that.
      > As far as a stacked crowd...of course the crowd is going to be mostly
      > Democrats when a liberal president comes to a liberal area. Bush did the
      > same thing. I know that Obama did randomly pick on people to answer
      > questions though, other than maybe the first question from the state rep. I
      > think this strategy comes from feedback they received from the flagging of
      > messages. Obama has developed a set of convenient answers and dodges
      > for many of the tough questions he is asked. If he can't handle the
      > question he will call it part of the misinformation being spread and dismiss
      > it. Since there is no rebuttal, he can say just about anything he wants
      > regardless of what is actually being proposed in the legislation.
      > After the event there was some disturbing scenes outside, the worst being
      > some guy shouting "you socialist pigs" at the crowd as they exited. He
      > said it to me and I told him I was a Republican and he said "oh, then you
      > are an obama lover then huh?" I couldn't resist answering with several of
      > my favorite expletives. This is way over the top and not something I want
      > to be a part of. We need to try to control this type of behavior because it
      > makes us all look ignorant. It's time for people to calm down a bit,
      > whether it is being more civil while protesting in the street or stopping
      > the over-the-top emotional outbursts and shouting over speakers at
      > meetings. These actions are hurting our cause.
      > Dennis

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