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Repeat after me: The RLCNH Is Going Activist!

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  • Tim Condon
    (Ahem. This is INVITE #2: Some helpful activist pointed out that YOU CAN T GO TO A MEETING ON MAY 28, 2008 WHEN THE YEAR IS 2009. Well duh. So...) INVITATION
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2009
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      (Ahem. This is INVITE #2: Some helpful activist pointed out that YOU CAN'T
      GO TO A MEETING ON "MAY 28, 2008" WHEN THE YEAR IS 2009. Well duh. So...)


      The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (RLCNH) will be holding an
      Organizational Meeting right after work on Friday, May 28, 2009 starting at
      6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Reagan Network offices in Concord,
      NH at 134 Main Street (right next to the Barley House restaurant, just
      across from the gold-domed state Capitol building).

      The RLCNH organizational meeting will include both current and past members
      of the New Hampshire General Court, RLCNH immediate past chairman Dan
      McGuire, RLCNH founder Tim Condon; Jim
      founder of New Hampshire's Republican Liberty PAC, and possibly heroic
      Republicans like NH Reagan Network <http://www.nhreagannetwork.com/> founder
      Fran Wendleboe, NH Reagan Network director Sam Pimm, the founder of the NH
      House Republican Alliance <http://www.nhhra.org/>, Paul Mirski, and one or
      more of the current leaders of the House Republican Alliance in Concord.
      Other guests may also include current candidates for various state and
      federal political offices.

      What is the Republican Liberty Caucus? It is "the Conscience of the
      Republican Party." Read all about the national organization

      At the RLCNH organizational meeting in Concord on May 28th, members will
      elect new officers, and a presentation will be given on the activist aims
      and agenda of the revitalized New Hampshire organization. You will want to
      join with us! Be there to find out all about it!

      (Got any questions? For further information contact current chairman Dan
      McGuire at danmcguire@..., or past chairman Tim Condon at

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