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Reminder: Concord Porcupines Lunch on Saturday (Jan 10th)

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  • Seth Cohn
    Saturday is the next Concord Porc meeting. This month s topic: Bills, Bill, Bills. What s going on at the State House? It began again this week, and we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2009
      Saturday is the next Concord Porc meeting.

      This month's topic:
      Bills, Bill, Bills. What's going on at the State House? "It" began
      again this week, and we need to get involved!

      RSVPs please (if possible. just for a rough head count to reserve a
      table... we usually run 10-15 +-)

      As usual, an informal gathering of Porcupines (and whomever else
      wishes to attend) will take place at the Red Apple Buffet on Loudon Rd
      in Concord.

      Time: Noon-ish til sometime around 1:30pm (or later) usually
      Date: Nov 8th

      For those who needs more reasons to get out of bed and drive to Concord:
      LPNH Executive Board Meeting at 10:30 A.M., All are welcome to attend.
      @Liberty Books, 75 Allison St. Concord NH 03301
      (Should finish in time to go to lunch)
      CNHT @ 9 AM, CNHT office upstairs in the second room at 8 North Main
      Street, Concord

      Red Apple Buffet
      (corner of Loudon and Rt 132)
      161 Loudon Road
      Concord, NH 03301
      Telephone: 603-226-8866

      Directions for those not familiar with Concord: take Exit 2 off of 393,
      go south on 132 about 3 blocks, it's on the left corner just before you reach
      Loudon Road.
      (You can also take Exit 14 off of 93, onto Loudon Rd and go east.)
      Guests and visitors are always welcome! We've been pulling people
      from all over the state, usually upwards of 15+, and a good time is
      had by all.

      Starts a little bit after noon. We gather together, eat food, and
      discuss whatever comes up. This is NOT a formal 'agenda' based Porc group,
      but we try and have a 'topic of discussion' to focus on, for those who
      have views on it... of course, we rarely stick to that topic...

      Those who don't want to discuss can just eat quietly and listen to the
      rest of us ranting. The conversations are always fun, regardless of the topic.

      The buffet provides a wide range of good food choices at a very
      reasonable price. While it's mostly a Chinese style buffet, it's got
      many other things for those who don't like Chinese such as Pizza,
      Pasta, Beef, Chicken, and lots of other goodies. Cost is ~$10
      including drink and reasonable tip.
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