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Re: [MerrimackValleyPorcupines] Reminder: Concord Porcupines Lunch on Saturday (Sept 13th)

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  • David Mincin
    I like the idea of supporting another Porc. BTW we will be taking a lunch break at Milo s just off the corner of Route 9, and Route 125 in Barrington, 1-2pm
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 12, 2008
      I like the idea of supporting another Porc. BTW we will be taking a lunch
      at Milo's just off the corner of Route 9, and Route 125 in Barrington, 1-2pm
      back to working to get a couple freedom candidates elected. Jim, and me!

      If anyone is interested in stopping by, give me a call...603 767 8935. We
      will be
      on the road, but I'm sure we could hook up.

      On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 8:22 PM, Chris Lawless <dreepa@...> wrote:

      > Also if anyone wants to help on a campaign Dave Mincin is doing a lit
      > drop in Barrington afterwards.
      > Also... The Concord Porcs might want to switch to 'The Draft' on Main
      > Street in Concord to support another liberty lover. I can put you in touch
      > with the owner if you would like.
      > Chris
      > www.ronpaulhq.com
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      > Subject: [MerrimackValleyPorcupines] Reminder: Concord Porcupines Lunch on
      > Saturday (Sept 13th)
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      > Date: Friday, September 12, 2008, 5:08 PM
      > Saturday is the next Concord Porc meeting. Apologies for the late
      > reminder.
      > This month's topic:
      > Primary results, and planning for the general. Special guest: Jason
      > and Mary Sorens.
      > As usual, an informal gathering of Porcupines (and whomever else
      > wishes to attend)
      > will take place at the Red Apple Buffet on Loudon Rd in Concord.
      > Time: Noon-ish til sometime around 1:30pm (or later) usually
      > Date: Sept 13th
      > Place:
      > Red Apple Buffet
      > (corner of Loudon and Rt 132)
      > 161 Loudon Road
      > Concord, NH 03301
      > Telephone: 603-226-8866
      > Directions for those not familiar with Concord: take Exit 2 off of 393,
      > go south on 132 about 3 blocks, it's on the left corner just before you
      > reach
      > Loudon Road.
      > (You can also take Exit 9 off of 93, onto Loudon Rd and go east.)
      > Guests and visitors are always welcome! We've been pulling people
      > from all over the state, usually upwards of 15+, and a good time is
      > had by all.
      > Starts a little bit after noon. We gather together, eat food, and
      > discuss whatever comes up. This is NOT a formal 'agenda' based Porc group,
      > but we try and have a 'topic of discussion' to focus on, for those who
      > have views on it... of course, we rarely stick to that topic...
      > Those who don't want to discuss can just eat quietly and listen to the
      > rest of us ranting. The conversations are always fun, regardless of the
      > topic.
      > The buffet provides a wide range of good food choices at a very
      > reasonable price. While it's mostly a Chinese style buffet, it's got
      > many other things for those who don't like Chinese such as Pizza,
      > Pasta, Beef, Chicken, and lots of other goodies. Cost is ~$10
      > including drink and reasonable tip.

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