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Fw: [FSP-Doers] Fwd: Behind The Mike Interview 6/7/08

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  • Chris Lawless
    www.ronpaulhq.com ... From: Varrin Swearingen <varrin@sugargroup.net> Subject: [FSP-Doers] Fwd: Behind The Mike Interview 6/7/08 To: FSP Doers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2008

      --- On Thu, 6/5/08, Varrin Swearingen <varrin@...> wrote:

      From: Varrin Swearingen <varrin@...>
      Subject: [FSP-Doers] Fwd: Behind The Mike Interview 6/7/08
      To: "FSP Doers" <FSP-Doers@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 4:01 PM


      Here's an upcoming radio interview. Feel free to cross post to wherever...


      ---------- Forwarded Message ----------

      Subject: Behind The Mike Interview 6/7/08
      Date: Thursday 05 June 2008
      From: "Behind The Mike" <Studio@behindthemik e.info>
      To: varrin@sugargroup. net

      Hi Varrin,

      My name is Joel Michalec, owner of the WBTM Radio Network and host of the
      show, Behind The Mike. I am glad to welcome you to the program. Our show
      has here and again been praising the FSP for more than two years and we are
      very happy to finally have a representative on to tell our listeners about

      As Sharen told you, the show starts at 10:30 PM EST and somewhere between
      10:45 and 10:50 PM EST, we will phone you into the show. The show airs LIVE
      on three different net venues:

      http://www.BlogTalk Radio.com/ BehindTheMike

      http://www.WBTM. info

      http://www.WR1R. com

      Any help with promoting the show on the FSP website and thru your people
      would be appreciated and mutually beneficial for your group and us.

      There are two co-hosts besides myself, Vida and LadyB. So between you and
      us we should have a full panel of four and the interview can be anywhere
      between 15 and 30 minutes and perhaps longer depending on the flow of the
      interview and such. I will be adding you to my Skype, it will be under the



      WBTM Radio Network

      ***I will need to know your position and any pertinent info that you want
      announced when I do your introduction. I will do the introduction, then add
      your Skype into the conference.

      I hope to hear from you soon as we get ready for this Saturday's show.

      Thank You,

      Joel Michalec, Owner/On-Air Personality

      WBTM Radio Network

      http://www.WBTM. info <http://www.behindth emike.info/>

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