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Re: [NHPorcupines-announce] NH State Guard / Constitutional Militia,

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  • freemktmama
    At the time the Texas Constitutional Militia was formed, I had the same questions about whether a Constitutional Militia would, by definition, be a
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 9, 2007
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      At the time the "Texas Constitutional Militia" was formed, I had the
      same questions about whether a "Constitutional Militia" would, by
      definition, be a government-initiated-sponsored organization.

      Since, of course, the State of Texas was not very inclined toward
      organizing a true citizen militia, there was what I considered some
      fancy footwork undertaken to go around this.

      I'm not a Constitutional scholar and I didn't undertake a deep
      research of the matter.

      I certainly think that when it comes to efforts such as this, which
      are serious and can do both great harm and great good, it is easy for
      the effort to sink and its members to get into real trouble.

      Even though I was on the periphery of the movement, I saw the danger
      signs and, in my view, it was fortunate that the Texas militia
      movement faded away before any tragedy (although there may be
      underground groups still in existence for all I know).

      I'm very pleased to see the thoughtful responses here.

      Best regards to all.

      Marie Angell
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