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Belforti Interviews Mayor Steve Marchand for U.S.Senate this Friday, Ralph Nader Praises Mike Gravel (D) & Ron Paul (R)

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  • Dan Belforti
    See http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com/ for details... Dan Belforti Political Talk Show Host - http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com/ Left, Right & Correct with Dan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2007
      See http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com/ for details...

      Dan Belforti
      Political Talk Show Host - http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com/
      "Left, Right & Correct with Dan Belforti & Friends"

      Listen in to http://LeftRightAndCorrect.com with Dan Belforti & Friends on your computer using Windows Media Player every Friday from noon to 1pm by clicking on, http://mail.wscafm.org/Live%20Baby.html Scroll to the bottom of this web page and then click on the interview I recorded with Patriots All Access host Mike Lynch of Sportscenter 5 and another with 2008 Presidential candidate Mike Gravel. Senator Gravel easily won Thursday night's PBS Democratic Presidential debate. Bravo to Mike Gravel for promising to end the War on Drugs, and for being honest with the American people.

      Tune in this Friday, July 6th, to celebrate your Friday lunch hour by joining me and Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand on 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio. Returning guest Marchand became Mayor shortly after his appearance in studio with Dan and is again seeking the "Belforti Bump" in order to win the office of U.S. Senate next November.

      Steve Marchand and Dan will discuss the upcoming election and Patriots 2007 season. As my Uncle Anthony taught us, Football is not a matter of life and death, it is far more important. Is Dan correct in predicting that the soon to be undefeated 2007 Patriots will go down as THE best team in NFL history? See http://football.belforti.org for more 2007 NFL predictions by the Belforti Brothers.

      Just in case Democrats think supporting a mainstream (ie: sellout) Democratic politician like they did Gore in 2000 or Kerry in 2004 is a good idea for 2008, Ralph Nader may be on the ballot if Mike Gravel isn't their candidate.

      From Newsmax.com: In what could be a looming nightmare for Democrats, Ralph Nader said he is seriously considering running for president again in 2008 - calling front-runner Hillary Clinton a "political coward."

      "The two parties are still converging," he declared in an interview with Roger Simon of politico.com. "I really think there needs to be more competition from outside the two parties . . .

      "What third parties can do is bring young people in, set standards on how to run a presidential election and keep the progressive agenda in front of the people. And maybe tweak a candidate here and there in the major parties."

      Nader offered praise for two very dark horses in the 2008 race, Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Mike Gravel, but he strongly criticized Hillary.

      "She is a political coward," he said. "She goes around pandering to powerful interest groups on the one hand and flattering general audiences on the other. "She doesn't even have the minimal political fortitude of her husband."

      LeftRightAndCorrect.com radio talk show host Dan Belforti was one of the first independent journalists to declare Mike Gravel (D) to be the best Presidential candidate and recommends Republican candidate Ron Paul for Vice President (or vice versa) to form the dream ticket for freedom loving Americans.

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