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RE: McGondel Party (redundancy-sorry)

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  • John McGondel
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    Message 1 of 2 , May 18, 2007
      >From: "John McGondel" <jteacher1@...>
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      >Subject: McGondel Party
      >Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 19:30:43 -0400
      >Just a reminder that Eileen and I shall be hosting our first of the year
      >outside rock and roll bbq party. Mensans, Porcs, and NHLibertarians people
      >are invited. Everyone must bring an item of food, either prepared or ready
      >to prepare. Open mic and open amps. Quite a few musicians will be onboard,
      >and the cross-pollinization of musical tastes and varieties is always
      >entertaining and interesting. No open arguing, or loud over-talking of
      >people. No kids or pets. Other than that, as long as you are cool, we'll
      >all have the same good time. Saturday, May 26, mid-afternoon on. Feel free
      >to bring an instrument or your voice- anyone who wants to play or sing will
      >be able to. We also have instruments here, as well as amps and a P.A.
      >system. These things last until nobody is left here, which is usually the
      >next day or so. Good people, interesting conversations, good old rock and
      >roll music with some blues sets. Bring a chair or a blanket. Sleeping bags
      >and tents welcome. We know its a weird weekend to throw a party, since many
      >people have plans to go away that weekend, but we do this on purpose for
      >those of us who do not go away for the weekend. 17 Emerson Drive, Derry,
      >NH. 603.275.4920, or 603.216.5475. If you respond by email to
      >jteacher1@..., I can put you on an update list. Feel free to bring
      >a guest or two, just make sure each one brings a food item.
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