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    Please put the wife and me down for the breakfast, Irena... };- ... Subject: Have Breakfast with Jim Babka Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 13:28:12 -0500 From:
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      Please put the wife and me down for the breakfast, Irena... };->

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      Subject: Have Breakfast with Jim Babka
      Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 13:28:12 -0500
      From: Downsizer Dispatch

      D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h


      Sunday's Downsize DC Conference Call radio show is going to be a
      repeat of last week's episode. We'll get to that in a moment.

      But first, we want to talk about Breakfast with the Babka's -- in New
      Hampshire, February 24th.

      Jim Babka will be giving a speech, at the Free State Project's
      Liberty Forum. The speech is titled, "How New Hampshire can Change
      the Federal Government Forever." We'll give you a hint: Jim's speech
      has something to do with the Read the Bills Act.

      The Liberty Forum will be great fun. Other speakers include John
      Stossel from the ABC Show 20/20, Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy
      Project, and Congressman Ron Paul. There will be some great panel
      discussions as well with panelists like Ian Bernard of Free Talk Live
      and Alan Schaeffer of the Alliance for the Separation of School &

      The New Hampshire Liberty Forum runs from Thursday February 22 to
      Sunday February 25, 2007 in Concord, New Hampshire. As of right now,
      Jim Babka speaks on Saturday, February 24.

      DC Downsizers can receive a 5% discount on their registration by
      using the code DOWNDC when they register.

      You can learn all about the event here.

      And if you use that DOWNDC code, OR you inform the event organizer,
      Irena Goddard, by email, that you're "coming to the Free State
      Project Liberty Forum to hear and meet Jim Babka," then you're
      invited to a private breakfast with Jim and Sue Babka on Saturday
      morning, February 24.

      Jim and Sue want to join you, in a place to be announced, for a
      low-carb breakfast (a place to be announced that serves good omelets)
      because Jim's not only working to Downsize DC, but he's also trying
      to "downsize" his waistline. Jim's proud to report, progress is being
      made in both places. But you can have pancakes, waffles, muffins,
      whatever . . . Jim and Sue just want to meet with you in a special

      Irena Goddard's email address is igoddard at freestateproject dot org
      And, by the way, she'll be happy to answer any questions you have
      about the event.

      Registration packages for the event start as low as $60. And friends,
      it's important that we have DC Downsizers there. Not only will you
      benefit from coming, but so to will Downsize DC. The more DC
      Downsizers we have in attendance, the more "buzz" we create for
      DownsizeDC.org. The more DC Downsizers we have coming, the more
      everyone in groups of various type will hear about us and take an
      interest in things like our Read the Bills Act.

      It might be that you're quite interested in attending, but can't due
      to scheduling conflicts or you don't feel you can afford the time.
      Someone else is just like you. They too are interested, but they lack
      the funds. Maybe they're a younger, even college age DC Downsizer. If
      you're interested in offering a scholarship or sponsoring someone
      else's trip, then please let us know at comments at DownsizeDC dot
      org. We'll match you up with someone who is interested in attending.

      Once again, to learn more or register go to

      Don't forget to use the code DOWNDC for a 5% discount.

      And if you're already registered, then please let Liberty Forum
      organizer Irena Goddard know that, you're "coming to the Free State
      Project Liberty Forum to see Jim Babka," because if you register with
      the code or send that exact email, Jim and Sue Babka want to join you
      for an exclusive breakfast.

      Downsize DC Conference Call (radio show)

      Due to Super Bowl Sunday, Jim Babka's one hour radio show tomorrow
      (Sunday, 4 PM Eastern) is a repeat of last week's program. Here's how
      we promoted it last week . . .

      The US Department of Agriculture is attempting to deliver the Mark of
      the Beast -- literally, they want to compel farmers to mark animals
      with tags. And apparently, they're not content to stop there.

      Big Government loves lists. It wants data about everything to put in
      these lists. The belief is that government can always improve (Good
      Government) if it has more information. But we know that equal
      protection and liberty are both victims of such invasive schemes.

      And this case is no different. The National Animal Identification
      System (NAIS) is a corporate, one-world government scheme. That
      statement doesn't come from a knee-jerk, conspiratorial place. It is
      in the conglomerates' interest because NAIS serves as a method to
      open foreign channels of distribution and because NAIS places a much
      larger proportional burden on their smaller competitors -- especially
      the family farm. It is part of a larger scheme driven by the Codex
      Alimentarius system of the World Trade Organization.

      NAIS directly threatens the diversity of our food supply and will, in
      the end, give even greater power to large corporations to set the
      agenda on food in our country. As we've awakened, as a people, to a
      new level of health consciousness -- counting carbs, eating more
      natural foods, and watching our transfats -- the mass production food
      industry has struggled to adapt. It seems they'd rather not change.
      Our very right to seek out the foods and supplements we want is under
      attack. The National Animal Identification Act is part of that
      assault on our liberty.

      On Sunday, my guest on the Downsize DC Conference Call is Celeste
      Bishop. Celeste was thrust from the tranquil farming life into a
      crusade opposing partnerships between Big Government and large
      agri-business that started when she got a 2005 USDA Agriculture
      Survey and noticed some odd information.

      Now, Celeste is currently educating and mobilizing outraged citizens
      across the country concerned with the dangers of intrusive government
      farming regulations currently being implemented affecting our
      privacy, property, and our health. Celeste worked as a contractor for
      Homeland Security and FEMA, working locally specializing in emergency
      planning and operations, including the infamous day of 9-11. This
      gives her some unique insight in how government works.

      She is currently the Washington State Coordinator for Liberty Ark and
      works also closely with NoNAIS.org.

      To listen to show (which is sponsored by the Marijuana Policy
      Project, Gun Owners of America, and your DownsizeDC.org) on the
      Worldwide Web, click here. <http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm>

      The show also broadcasts on: KLID 1340-AM, Poplar Bluff, Missouri;
      WBCR 1470-AM Maryville, Tennessee; and WKLP 1390-AM Keyser, West

      Again, the time for the show is 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central, 2 PM
      Mountain, and 1 PM Pacific).

      And if you want to take action and send a message opposing NAIS,
      click here. <http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=46>

      Enjoy the show,

      Perry Willis
      Communications Director
      Downsize DC Foundation
      & DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

      This message can also be found on our blog


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