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Facebook for the First 1000

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  • matt.robinson1
    A few of you may have heard, but I am using facebook to do what I can to help attain the First 1000 pledge. If any of you would like to help, I think it is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2006
      A few of you may have heard, but I am using facebook to do what I can
      to help attain the First 1000 pledge. If any of you would like to
      help, I think it is a great way to do what you can. It is so easy to
      do, and you can do as much or as little as you want, whenever you
      want. You can go to my facebook group called "Free State Project
      Facebook Team" ( http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2212837394 ) or
      read below:

      If you don't know anything about facebook, it is a social networking
      website (www.facebook.com) that was originally aimed toward college
      students but is now open to anyone. It is still mainly populated by
      college students, but they may be the best candidates for the First
      1000 pledge anyways since they might not be tied down and more willing
      to go on an adventure. What makes facebook a productive place to
      recruit is that most people on facebook put their political stance on
      their personal profile, and one of the choices is "libertarian". And
      we all know that libertarians make great candidates for the FSP. You
      can find thousands times more libertarians on facebook then you could
      in the same amount of time at a politically homeless booth. You can
      also create and join groups on facebook and their are many issue
      oriented groups(legalization of drugs, 100% Free Market, etc) with
      thousands of members that would also be great candidates for the FSP.

      I have created FSP facebook group. You can search for libertarians
      or look in an issue oriented group and then send them an invitation to
      them to join the FSP group. You can invite 50-70 people every ten
      minutes if you work fast. 100 invitations can be sent at a time all
      with special message along with the invitation. Over 300 invitations
      per hour, to self declared libertarians, with a special invitation to
      join the FSP and F1K seems like one of the best ways of recruitment to me.

      If you would like to help with this, please let me know. You can do
      as little or as much as you want, anytime you want.

      If you still have some questions here are a few more details:
      Facebook is setup in networks. You can find names and pictures of
      just about everyone on facebook, but in order to see details about
      someone, like their political stance, you must be in their network.
      Networks exist by area, by high school, and by college. There are
      also some networks for companies. Since we need people in many
      networks, that means that the ideal is to have lots of volunteers
      doing a little work instead of a few doing a lot of work. Now if you
      do want to do a lot of work then there is plenty to do because once
      you are done with your networks you can work on people from the many
      issue oriented groups and also recruit people from other networks to
      work on their networks. In order to invite people that are not your
      friend to a group, you must be an administrator. If you contact me, I
      can make you an administrator of the group.

      There is actually another FSP facebook group called "Free State
      Project" at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204983906 . It is
      a regular group and has lots of people. People discuss all types of
      things about the FSP there. I created a different group inorder to be
      completely focused on inviting more people. I am not allowing people
      to discuss other things and redirecting those comments to the other
      group. In order for my plan to be successful, I must give
      administrator privileges to many people so one reason I created a new
      group is so that the regular group would not be jeopardized by having
      too many admins. The goal is to have every libertarian on facebook
      invited to join the free state project.

      Please contact me if you have questions or are interested in helping.

      -Matt Robinson
      (F1K participant-moving in January! Yeah!)
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