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[FSP] Re: politics of the psc 341 professor

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  • BGreen
    a small correction and a small comment... ... BG: it is actually Progressive Democrats of America not Project for a Democratic America
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 5, 2006
      a small correction and a small comment...

      --- In freestateproject@yahoogroups.com, Mike Lorrey <mlorrey@...> wrote:
      > TO is alleged to be closely aligned with Project for a Democratic
      > America (pdamerica.org), but tends to be focused on trying to entice
      > the Naderites back into the Dem Party fold, so it straddles the divide
      > between the moonbat left wing of the democrats, and the Naderites. That
      > is the analysis of the marxist site Counterpunch.org:
      > http://www.counterpunch.org/levitch0514.html

      BG: it is actually "Progressive Democrats of America" not "Project for
      a Democratic America"


      some people believe it was specifically set-up to bring the Greens
      back in the fold as both Medea Benjamin (who ran for Congress as a
      Green and who founded Code Pink) and David Cobb (Green Party
      presidential candidate '04) were on the original board.

      > Their contributing writers include David Bacon, Dean Baker, Tom
      > Engelhardt, William Fisher, Scott Galindez, Dahr Jamail, Jason Leopold,
      > Ray McGovern, William Rivers Pitt, J. Sri Raman, Cindy Sheehan, Norman
      > Solomon, David Swanson and James Zogby
      BG: Ray McGovern was the retired CIA analyst who was a contributing
      editor to the book "Neo-Conned" and was the person who forcefully
      challenged Donald Rumsfeld in a Q&A session about his allegedly
      knowing where WMD were to be found in Iraq that was brilliant.


      BillG (not Gates)
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