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  • Jane
    Thanks Tim...even when the results show up in Google the article is not available often. But this one came through, just wondering about the one he was
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 28, 2006
      Thanks Tim...even when the results show up in Google the article is
      not available often.
      But this one came through, just wondering about the one he was
      responding to.

      On Jul 28, 2006, at 12:23 AM, tim condon wrote:

      > On 7/27/06, Jane <jane@...> wrote:
      >> Yikes Tim, where is the Foster's article in this bunch of links?
      > Oops. Here it is:
      > Thursday, July 27, 2006
      > Councilor Scott counters criticism by DeDe, Joyal
      > By David Scott
      > Ward 3 City Councilor
      > Related Articles and Media
      > Article: Scott's claim of corruption a sore spot with Dover councilors
      > In the somewhat biased front-page story in Foster's Daily Democrat on
      > July 22, Jeremiah Rood reports that both Councilor Doug DeDe and City
      > Manager Mike Joyal are upset that I am exercising my right of free
      > speech under the First Amendment.
      > I was not aware that when one accepts the position of city councilor
      > in Dover, you are expected to give up your constitutional rights.
      > Criticism of hidden, perplexing and otherwise unexplainable municipal
      > government financial transactions is apparently not an acceptable
      > activity by a city councilor according to Councilor Dede and Mr.
      > Joyal. Both seem to get very upset when a councilor, or any citizen,
      > brings to light the formerly hidden contracts and employment deals
      > that are resulting in enormous tax increases to Dover taxpayers.
      > Has Councilor DeDe become a self-appointed commissar who feels he has
      > the right and authority to approve or disapprove where a councilor may
      > choose to speak. I was not aware that when one writes a casual letter
      > to his college classmates it must pass through a Dover censorship
      > screening and that only compliments to the Dover municipal government
      > are acceptable comments.
      > Apparently, Councilor DeDe doesn't want anyone to write to friends
      > about the hardships of Dover taxpayers caused by Dover's high-spending
      > government. Shall we all close our eyes and say there is no problem.
      > I am glad to confirm the part of the Foster's story that I had been
      > slated to give a speech at a Free State Project rally. The subject of
      > my speech was the benefits New Hampshire citizens have enjoyed. I am
      > happy to repeat here the contents of that speech, which I will give to
      > any group that invites me, regardless of its political philosophy.
      > New Hampshire was recently reported by the Federal Reserve Bank to
      > have the best investment climate in the nation. As a result, New
      > Hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. We have no
      > general state sales tax, nor a state income tax, and we have the
      > lowest total tax burden in the nation, second only to Alaska. We are
      > number six as far as per capita income is concerned, and New Hampshire
      > is the healthiest state in the nation. We also have the lowest poverty
      > rate and one of the lowest rates of violent crime.
      > As we look around we see New Hampshire surrounded by states that are
      > economic basket cases. Maine has the highest total tax burden in the
      > nation. Vermont is also a very high tax state. And to our south, the
      > population of Massachusetts is declining as people are selling their
      > property and moving out.
      > Dover is a wonderful city in the great state of New Hampshire, and my
      > wife and I are delighted to have sought political refuge here. I
      > decided to run for a seat on the Dover City Council last year because
      > I believe my business experience in the private sector would be
      > helpful in trying to maintain our New Hampshire advantages and curb
      > the trend toward unreasonable and unnecessary Dover spending — so
      > harmful to all homeowners.
      > Comments from Dover taxpayers are welcome and will remain
      > confidential.
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      consent or by conquest."
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