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2006 PorcFest Crier #3

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  • tim condon
    Everyone, what follows immediately below is the latest edition of the 2006 PorcFest Crier in plain text. I m attaching a copy of the pdf version, for those
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2006
      Everyone, what follows immediately below is the latest edition of the 2006
      PorcFest Crier in "plain text." I'm attaching a copy of the pdf version, for
      those who want to enjoy all the formatting and colors. ---Tim Condon

      The Free State Project's
      3rd Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival
      Runs the Week of...
      Fri., 6/23/06 through Sat., 7/1/06 at
      Rogers Campground & Motel, in Lancaster, NH
      2006 PORCFEST CRIER #3 - 4/30/06
      NOTE: Get information on Rogers Campground and Motel, including prices and
      reservations for motel rooms, campsites, RV spaces, cabin rentals, trailer
      spaces, etc. at http://www.rogerscampground.com/. Information about the 3rd
      Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival (and Night on the Barricades!) can be
      found at http://www.freestateproject.org/news/festival/. The 2006 PorcFest
      Schedule can be accessed at http://freestateproject.org/festival/schedule.
      PorcFest Speakers
      On Friday afternoon, June 23rd, at 5:00 p.m. the "official PorcFest
      program" begins with a "President's Welcome" presented by Free State Project
      President Varrin Swearingen (who moved his family from Fresno, California in
      2004 to reside in the Free State, in the town of Keene).
      So I asked Varrin, "What will you be speaking on this year?" He
      responded, "I don't have a title yet, nor have I decided for certain, but
      I'm considering a brief talk on the topic of the FSP 'working'. Can it work?
      Will it work? What do we know now that we didn't before?" In fact, we all
      know that the Free State Project IS working, even as we speak...and Varrin
      will no doubt tell us how, and why.
      Then on Saturday morning, June 24th, at 9:00 a.m., the guy who started
      it all with an article in the online magazine, "The Libertarian Enterprise,"
      in 2001, Dr. Jason Sorens, will give a "Founder's Welcome." Other speakers
      will speak thereafter on the "State of the State," in areas such as
      education, Second Amendment Rights, state taxes, regulations, etc.
      Saturday afternoon will feature an "Activist Boot Camp" which will teach
      us all about successful political activism in the Free State. Subjects
      included will be state-level politics, local-level politics, civil
      disobedience, public protests, and the feeding, care, and use of lawsuits
      (stay tuned for speaker announcements).
      But back to Jason. In the meantime I thought...what is Jason going to
      talk about? I wanted something to tease the Porcupines masses with, so I
      sent him an email with a request for information. His typical, tactical,
      taciturn and laconic response came back as follows...
      "The Cannae Tactic."
      Try as I might, I couldn't tease much more information about of him:
      "You could make the subtopic 'How to Sell Self-Government in New
      Hampshire'," Jason finally said. Well, that doesn't help much. So we'll have
      to wait, but it doubtless be intensely interesting. Why? Because (for those
      Porcupines who are not students of classical battles in ancient history)
      Jason is probably talking about the Battle of Cannae, which was fought
      between the Romans and the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War on August
      2, 216 B.C. near the town of Cannae in southeast Italy. In that battle the
      Carthaginian army, commanded by Hannibal, in one day destroyed eight Roman
      legions that outnumbered the Carthaginians by more than two-to-one. Hannibal
      utilized the perfect and classical example of the "double envelopment
      But what the heck is Jason going to tell us? Damned if I know. But make
      your plans now to make it to the 2006 PorcFest, and we'll all find out on
      that Saturday morning.
      Want to Find Your Home In the Free State?
      Well get ready. There's something super-cool being cooked up for Sunday
      at the PorcFest, on June 25, 2006. We've all heard about (and probably
      attended!) "Job fairs" where employers present their jobs, tell you how
      great it is to work for them, and try to entice you into choosing employment
      with them.
      But how many of us have ever attended a "town fair" where people present
      their towns, show us what great places they are to live, and try to entice
      us to move there when we "make the move" to the Free State? No one, you all
      say? Exactamento! It's never been done before! But it will now, at the 2006
      PorcFest. Representatives of towns all over New Hampshire are being lined up
      to "showcase" their communities, and urge us to move to them and become
      their neighbors! (After all, there is evidence that Free Staters tend to be
      more highly educated, make more money, be more civically active, volunteer
      for more civic jobs, and be better neighbors than you'd otherwise have the
      right to expect. No wonder people want to convince us to move to their
      This event should be great fun, and will allow us all to learn about
      different parts of the Free State, as well as meet people from all around
      the state. There's will be "presentation tables" that we'll all be able to
      browse, while talking with people from those communities. Be sure to plan on
      being there!

      Porcupine Spines: Points of Interest:

      ★ What the heck are Chairman Jason and President Varrin going to talk
      about at the PorcFest? I sure don't know. But maybe one of you readers out
      there can get them to come clean when I can't: Ask'em. Email Jason at
      jsorens@..., and ask! Email Varrin at
      vswearingen@..., and ask! They sure won't tell me. :�C)
      ★ Need Second Amendment activists! (Where are you Bill, Tony, Sam, Gerry
      and Evelyn?) Every year everyone has a chance to go shooting at a local
      sandpit or shooting range at the PorcFests. So far this year no one has
      stepped up to coordinate the 2nd Amendment activities. Yikes! Get in touch
      with Kate Rick, the PorcFest Czarina, and let her know you'll help!
      ★ EEK! IT WAS AN ORGY! Well, not really. Last year a polyamory
      was held, and it was actually a nice get-together with a bunch of nice guys
      and gals (I've heard that the lady who put it on last year got married, but
      that's not confirmed). Who's putting on the Polyamory group get-together
      this year? Contact the PorcFest Czarina, above, to get your meeting listed
      on the PorcFest schedule.
      ★ Last year the 2nd Annual Circle of Liberty was held around a campfire
      on Saturday night, and everyone there had a chance to be called upon and
      "state their piece" about what liberty and the Free State mean to them. Jeff
      Jordan held forth at length for all of us about individual liberty, and the
      costs it sometimes entails. (Here's hoping Jeff will be there this year.)
      There are two bonfires on the official PocFest schedule. Which one will be
      the Circle of Liberty this year?
      Official FSP "We'll Be There!"
      List Goes Live Online
      The official 2006 FSP PorcFest "We'll Be There!" list has gone live at
      http://freestateproject.org/festival/wbt2006, along with the FSP's online
      "Register for the Festival!" page at
      The registration page is a valuable planning tool for the FSP, and an
      opportunity to give feedback and suggestions to the FSP leadership. It will
      also help make the PorcFest an even bigger success this year than last year.
      Go to the registration link shown above, and "fill in the blanks" (and be
      aware that if you want, you can sign up anonymously on the official list,
      unlike the PorcFest Crier list).
      In the meantime, if you have multiple family members and friends
      attending the PorcFest with you, and they're not all listed on the official
      list, send me an email at tim@... and list ALL your attendees for
      the PorcFest Crier list so I can add'em in below. Last year, the 2nd Annual
      Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival We'll Be There! List reached
      just over 300 people on it. The PorcFest itself had between 500 and 600
      people attend over the week it was held, making it the largest assemblage of
      liberty-lovers in the world in 2005. We can do even better this year! (And
      every year into the future.) So email me and let me know the names of all
      your party members for the You'll Be There List, below.
      The 2006 PorcFest Crier
      "We'll Be There!" List
      for the 3rd Annual FSP Porcupine Freedom Festival
      1. Jane Aitken, Bedford, NH
      2. Glen Aldrich, Braddock Ave., NJ
      3. Robert Alexander, Toronto, Canada
      4. Sally Amerzcua, San Diego, CA
      5. Richard Arthur Angell, Missoula, MO
      6. Jon Bender, Suncook, NH
      7. V. Alex Brennen, South Boston, MA
      8. Kerry Brown, St. Petersburg, FL
      9. Will Buchanan, Boston, MA
      10. James Burnisky, Gorham, NH
      11. Teresa Burnisky, Gorham, NH
      12. Steve Cobb, Moscow, Russian Fed.
      13. Billy Coffey, Concord, NH
      14. Jenn Coffey, Concord, NH
      15. Jesse Coffey, Concord, NH
      16. Tim Condon, Tampa, FL
      17. Cathleen Converse, Derry, NH
      18. Donald Converse, Derry, NH
      19. Kevin Craig, Nash, TX
      20. Lloyd Danforth, Keene, NH
      21. Alex Denisch, Parkville, MD
      22. Phil Denisch, Parkville, MD
      23. Kat Dillon, Keene, NH
      24. Josiah Draper
      25. Mike Edelstein, San Francisco, CA
      26. Chandler Gabel, Bedford, NH
      27. Denis Goddard, Concord, NH
      28. Ward Griffiths, Kearny, NJ
      29. Kelly Halldorson, Dover, NH
      30. Brian Hewson, Valhalla, NY
      31. Bob Hull, Grafton, NH
      32. Cindy Jacques, Canterbury, NH
      33. Cynthia Jalbert, Munsonville, NH
      34. Angie Jones, Rockford, IL
      35. Rick Jones, Rockford, IL
      36. Russell Kanning, Keene, NH
      37. Patrick Kaspary, Commack, NY
      38. Bradley Keyes, Epsom, NH
      39. Margot Keyes, Epsom, NH
      40. Dawn Lincoln, Winchester, NH
      41. Faith Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      42. Joy Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      43. Marylisa Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      44. Patrick Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      45. Timothy Logsdon, Somersworth, NH
      46. Jon Maltz, Woburn, MA
      47. Steven Martinson, Nampa, ID
      48. Pat McCotter, Concord, NH
      49. Gloria McCotter, Concord, NH
      50. Carol McGuire, Manchester, NH
      51. Dan McGuire, Manchester, NH
      52. John J. Meade, III, Pottstown, PA
      53. Nick Michelewicz, Munsonville, NH
      54. Beverly Nappen, Bow, NH
      55. Ethan Nappen, Bow, NH
      56. Evan Nappen, Bow, NH
      57. Lou Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      58. Tom Parker, Winter Springs, FL
      59. Amanda Phillips, Cambridge, MA
      60. Sandy Pierre, Nashua, NH
      61. Lynn Pina, Olney, MD
      62. Dean Pomper, Wildersville, TN
      63. Calvin Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      64. Karen Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      65. Kevin Roll, Pembroke, NH
      66. Joe Roux, Canterbury, NH
      67. Mike Ruff, Auburn, AL
      68. Thomas Ruks, Queens, NY
      69. Mark Sahba, Milwaukee, WI
      70. John Shaw, Newmarket, Canada
      71. Carl Soderstrom, Buffalo, MN
      72. Jason Sorens, Tonowanda, NY
      73. Mary Sorens, Tonowanda, NY
      74. Morey Straus, San Francisco, CA
      75. James Sulinski, ME
      76. Brian Sullivan, Ithaca, NY
      77. Edie Swearingen, Keene, NH
      78. Edison Swearingen, Keene, NH
      79. Erin Swearingen, Keene, NH
      80. Varrin Swearingen, Keene, NH
      81. Nancy Terry, St. Petersburg, FL
      82. Stephen Villee, Berlin, NH
      83. Fred Vollrath, Tampa, FL
      84. Philip Williams, Logan, UT
      85. Brian Wright, New Boston, NH
      86. Bob Zimmer, Ballston Lake, NY

      Last week I said, "Who will be #50?" Now it's "Who will be #100?" The
      list is exploding, thanks much to the new FSP page at
      http://freestateproject.org/festival/bethere2006.php. However, the online
      list shows over 100 people will Be There, but only asks "how many people
      will be attending in your party?" That is, everyone in your group isn't
      listed. To get everyone in your freedom-loving gang listed, send me all the
      names at tim@... so they can be included in the 2006 PorcFest
      Crier We'll Be There! list above.

      NEXT WEEK...
      More about the "theme" of the 2006 PorcFest, political activism in the
      Free State. When. How. Where. Why. What. And maybe an interview or story
      about some of the people who have "made the move" and are "making a
      difference" in New Hampshire. Like where they ended up, what they're doing,
      and what it's like to come into the Free State, and live in liberty.
      A request, if you will: Remember that the Porcupine Freedom Festival is
      not meant to be a money-maker for the Free State Project. It's open to the
      general public and to all lovers of liberty. No entrance fees are charged
      for the PorcFest itself, or for any of the events, or for any of the
      speeches, or for the camaraderie, friendship, and information available to
      all. It is designed as a way to show people that they actually have a chance
      to live in liberty in their lifetime...and to show America and the world the
      benefits of living in liberty So...please forward this email to all your
      liberty-loving friends, so they know about the PorcFest and what's coming up
      in June, for all of us.

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