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  • Jane
    March 4, 2006: This item will be posted to CNHT s FSP Blog. Dear Friends, If there is indeed a tax revolt going on in NH in the towns where we all live,
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      March 4, 2006: This item will be posted to CNHT's FSP Blog.

      Dear Friends,

      If there is indeed a tax revolt going on in NH in the towns where we
      all live, nothing has proved it more than the activities of these
      past few weeks! Town government is where you are taxed the most and
      about which you should have a great interest.

      This is Town Meeting and Deliberative Session season where millions
      of dollars will change hands; specifically from yours to the towns
      and schools.

      This year, CNHT's help outreach has grown exponentially. Documenting
      voter fraud, fighting compelled speech, and working to keep intact
      your 'right to know' under 91-A, are not the only things upon which
      we concentrate.

      CNHT does not own or run individual taxpayer groups in the towns, but
      we help them form and guide them with our past successes. We also
      help these local taxpayer orgs establish web presences. We recommend
      this be done early, not four weeks before Town Meeting!

      Consider these stories:

      In Bow, a citizens coalition has been formed in response to the out
      of control spending there, and will be posting information regarding
      the upcoming May vote on their new website:

      In Merrimack, taxpayers with young families have had just about
      enough as spending has increased 61.3% in the last 5 years under the
      current 'regime' and they aren't going to take it anymore! They are
      poised to guide voters on the problem issues, and are endorsing
      several candidates for local offices.

      In the Monadnock region, a taxpayer group that had been operating for
      the last four years found themselves the victims of an attempt to be
      co-opted by a quasi-group who are promoting more spending, not less.
      Although CNHT is not mentioned in the AP story (they hate to give us
      publicity!) our chairman was in the Secretary of State's office on
      Thursday noon helping the original group register their name. He
      meanwhile put in a quick call to our 'technology' department and
      before those Monadnock folks had a chance to drive back to Keene from
      Concord, their new website was up and running and is currently
      awaiting input and information. They had sent out a yellow flyer upon
      which were challenged by the new group who is trying to claim the
      name, but had not told them beforehand.
      [See the story below.]

      In Plainfield NH, an elderly couple (82) who had little internet
      knowledge decided to take on some issues in their town. CNHT showed
      them how to set up a site where they could, with a little training,
      post up-to-the-minute info for minimal cost. See their first round of
      successes in the story below!

      We are currently conducting a our annual fundraising mailing and the
      free 'Taxing Times' newspaper will be placed in locations all around
      the state, if one is not mailed directly to you. We hope you will
      consider supporting CNHT's activities and weekly radio show or at
      least come to our meetings and get to know us when you land in NH! We
      work with any/all groups who want less taxes, less government and
      more liberty including Porcupines, NHLA, RLC-NH, RTKBA Groups, NH
      Libertarians, (to name a few) and have the support of many of the
      State Reps and Senators. We do not generally endorse candidates
      although we will help them with ideas if they wish to run for local

      We can't wait until you land in New Hampshire!

      - CNHT

      From Plainfield Taxpayers Coalition:
      "Thought you'd like to celebrate our quasi-win. We defeated the
      budget; and we
      defeated coming at it again tonight. It will be revisited on 3/25/06
      -- a
      SATURDAY DAYTIME MEETING (Fridays having been voted down by a good
      And, we won handily on separating the operating expenses, including
      teachers salaries, from teacher salary increases. We will
      henceforth have two
      warrant articles.

      The 4.9 million budget lost by TWO votes. Who says "my vote doesn't

      The Board understands now that we are NOT in favor of teacher salary
      at the level they are proposing. We will submit a motion to cap
      salaries where
      they are for at least a year on March 25.

      And the Saturday meeting was won handily, though the actual warrant
      addressing Saturday meetings vs. Friday nite meetings will not be
      voted on
      until town meeting., before the 3/25 meeting.

      So, we lifted our glass of champagne, which ended with the empty
      bottle, and
      feel both celebratory and vindicated. Thanks for everything you did
      to make
      this night possible. The people of Plainfield thank you, though they
      even know it was you who made this website possible, with only a very
      possible exceptions.

      All the best!

      Carolyn and Jack"

      Article About Monadnock:
      Groups' name fight is taxing
      Both lay claim to represent taxpayers
      March 02, 2006 8:00AM

      It's not a name that flows trippingly off the tongue. Yet, two groups
      are in a tug-of-war over calling themselves the Monadnock Taxpayers

      One of the groups in the Monadnock Regional School District has been
      using the taxpayers' name for about four years. The other recently
      registered itself with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office.
      Greg Johnson of Swanzey, part of the new group, said he and others
      decided to band together after the original group refused to accept
      them as members.
      "After repeated unsuccessful attempts by over 30 people to join the
      unregistered and apparently secret society masquerading itself as the
      representatives of the Monadnock taxpayers, our group formed and
      registered," Johnson wrote in a letter this week.
      With only two weeks to go until the school district's voters head to
      elections, the new group is calling on members of the other group to
      stop using the name. Johnson referred to fliers the original group
      has mailed to district voters in the past, offering recommendations
      about how they should vote.

      "We're not trying to pick a fight here," but "we would certainly look
      to any legal remedies available to us," Johnson said.
      Daniel Connell, spokesman for the original Monadnock Taxpayers
      Association, said he first heard about the new group's name when he
      read a letter to the editor published in Monday's Keene Sentinel by
      Larry Sportello, one of the members.
      "It appears that our name is hijacked by a mean-spirited group," said
      Connell. He called the name-taking "a crushing of free speech,"and "a
      kick in the pants to lower- and middle-income taxpayers and families."
      Connell said the original Monadnock Taxpayers Association has between
      10 and 20 members and campaigns for less spending and lower taxes. He
      said he group contacted the Secretary of State's office months ago
      and asked whether it needs to register. It was told groups that small
      didn't need to, he said.

      Johnson said the new group has about 100 members and is WILLING TO
      ACCEPT TAX INCREASES to support education.

      The new group will allow the original group's members to join,
      Johnson said. "We want them in as members."
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