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New Hampshire Senate Passes School Choice Bill !!

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  • Dan Belforti
    Hello freedom friends, I just received this email update from the Friedman Foundation. Huge step in the Correct direction, in my opinion, but I share the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2006
      Hello freedom friends,
      I just received this email update from the Friedman Foundation. Huge
      step in the "Correct" direction, in my opinion, but I share the valid
      concern (as does Friedman and other fine libertarians) of excess
      government control over the use of school vouchers. On a positive
      note, food stamps have not destroyed the quality and variety of
      supermarkets, let's work hard to ensure vouchers do not destroy the
      quality and variety of private/home schooling. As your U.S.
      congressional representative, I'll vote to keep the Federal
      government COMPLETELY out of education (which should please my good
      friend and advisor Brian Christeson).

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      I appreciate constructive criticism!)

      INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill that
      would create the state's first school choice program, giving nearly
      1,000 low and middle income students the opportunity to attend a
      school that meets their educational needs.

      "The New Hampshire Senate took a giant first step towards empowering
      families with educational options," said Robert Enlow, executive
      director of the Friedman Foundation. "During our three years of
      working alongside local leaders in New Hampshire, we've seen the
      Granite State take tremendous strides forward in its fight for
      educational freedom."

      Senate Bill 131 creates a new type of school choice program, which is
      a hybrid between traditional state-funded school vouchers and
      scholarship tax credits. The state will set up a non-profit called
      the 21st Century Scholars Fund, a public-private venture that will be
      dedicated to providing scholarships to students to attend a school of
      their choice. The legislature will then appropriate $2 million in
      direct aid, while also making $500,000 in tax credits available to
      individual or corporate tax payers who make donations to the fund.

      "Senators Carl Johnson, Chuck Morse, Dick Green and Bob Clegg have
      proven their dedication to improving education in the Granite State,"
      Enlow said. "Without leadership like theirs, and the determination of
      the many long-time supporters of school choice, the future of New
      Hampshire's children would be tied to an educational system that is
      stuck in the past."

      The bill now goes to the House, which in addition the acting on SB
      131 will also be working on several of its own school choice measures.

      About The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
      The Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation
      http://www.friedmanfoundation.org , dubbed "the nation's leading
      voucher advocates" by the Wall Street Journal, is a non-profit
      organization established in 1996. The origins of the foundation lie
      in the Friedmans' long-standing concern about the serious
      deficiencies in America's elementary and secondary public schools.
      The best way to improve the quality of education, they believe, is to
      enable all parents with the freedom to choose the schools that their
      children attend. The Friedman Foundation builds upon this vision,
      clarifies its meaning to the public and amplifies the national call
      for true education reform through school choice.
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