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The First 1000

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  • wyomingliberty
    to see the photos click on the following link- http://freestateproject.org/first1000/The First 1000 Where does freedom rank on your hierarchy of needs? What
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2006
      to see the photos click on the following link- http://freestateproject.org/first1000/The First 1000
      Where does freedom rank on your hierarchy of needs? What would you do to achieve and retain the liberty this country originally guaranteed? People often move for good reasons – jobs, family, relationships, or just a change of scenery. Have you ever considered moving to protect our very freedom?

      In 2001, Jason Sorens, then a PhD candidate in political science at Yale, posited the question, what if the liberty minded all gathered together in one place where their concentrated activism could make a difference? Dr. Sorens' original essay gave birth to the Free State Project, a project with the goal to get 20,000 liberty oriented individuals to move to one place where they will work towards a society in which government's maximum role is protecting life, liberty, and property.
      In 2003, at the 5,000 participant benchmark, a vote for which of ten candidate states should be chosen as the Free State resulted in New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, being chosen. The FSP has now successfully found almost 7,000 individuals committed to liberty, who are willing to move to the Free State.

      But many of us don't want to wait until we have 20,000 participants. We want to move now and we want to encourage every liberty oriented individual to move now, to be pioneers for freedom, to be beacons of liberty in the Free State of New Hampshire.
      We have launched a program called The First 1000. This challenge is issued to everyone concerned about freedom in our country. Dare to be one of The First 1000. Pledge to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008, along with 999 others and be trailblazers for Liberty in Our Lifetime.
      Ian Bernard, long time supporter and promoter of the FSP, as well as owner and operator of Free Talk Live, is hosting this pledge. Ian will move to New Hampshire if 999 others will too. Ian is already a signed FSP participant but he doesn't want to wait until we reach 20,000 signers. He wants to move now but he wants to make sure there will be at least 1000 like him coming to NH! Join him, pledge to move for freedom. Sign the pledge and agree to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008. You don't need to sign the FSP Statement of Intent but we encourage you to do so if it appeals. What matters most, of course, is the outcome of Liberty in Our Lifetime! (Folks who have moved to New Hampshire since 10/1/03 for this purpose can also participate.)

      So far, over 100 people have already moved and become active. That small number of people have already had an impact towards a free society. Several early movers have run for office and some have won! Other early movers have been appointed to offices on school, budget, and planning committees/boards. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, founded by FSP participants, produces an annual report card on our Representatives. They also aim to screen every new bill before the legislature for it's stance and impact on freedom, something not done in any other legislative body in the world. Another early mover founded a scholarship fund to help families escape the public school system and try private schooling or homeschooling. Several instances of civil disobedience have been staged to bring to light overbearing state controls And several public gatherings related to social security card abuse, and eminent domain have been held. A newly relocated FSP participant is now Chair of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus, another participant is the Democratic Freedom Caucus chair and several LP leaders are also FSP participants. Participants who signed up before the vote but who have always lived in New Hampshire, continue to be active in keeping the government in check!
      If just over 100 activists can accomplish so much, imagine what a difference 1000 activists can make! From running for office to speaking up at town meetings to being good neighbors – being activists by demonstrating that the government doesn't need to manage us will prove that a world with more freedom isn't only achievable but more efficient and fair! The First 1000 will prove the point the FSP has been making and make a distinct difference in achieving liberty.

      New Hampshire is already more liberty friendly than most other states, maybe even yours. New Hampshire has a thriving economy with robust software and medical industries to name just two. New Hampshire's Standard of Living, as exemplified by its low poverty, was rated #1 in the country in 2003. It routinely is rated high for livability (#1 in 2005), health (#2 in 2005), and for being a great place for children (#1 in 2005).
      New Hampshire is a beautiful state offering much in the way of natural recreation. The northern part of the state boasts the White Mountains, and a number of recreational opportunities for skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, rock and mountain climbing, and more. Fall leaf peeping is always popular as is antiquing, golfing, fishing, camping and other summer time activities.

      For more information on New Hampshire see our New Hampshire Info pages and/or contact our New Hampshire Information team.
      Please, join us in New Hampshire! Dare to live freedom! Be one of The First 1000!

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