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Martial Law Stops at the NH Border: An SOF Soldier Looks at the Free State Project

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    http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/10/inktomi298432.php harry wrote: Martial Law Stops at the NH Border: An SOF Soldier Looks at the Free State Project
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      Martial Law Stops at the NH Border: An SOF Soldier Looks at the Free
      State Project

      Everyday the news media screams about the need for martial law,
      dissolving Posse Comitatus, putting troops on the street with police
      power... is there any place in America that is resisting and even
      reversing this trend? Yes, there is and that place is the State of
      New Hampshire.

      Denver, CO (PRWeb) October 17, 2005 -- It was the major question on
      this reporter's mind. The objective was to canvass a representative
      cross section of folks who are members and organizers of the Free
      State Project (www.freestateproject.org) and live in the state of New

      The opportunity arose on August 5th at a barbeque thrown for
      prospective new comers by the State Welcome Wagon Coordinator, Margot
      Keyes. There was a great turnout by Free State Project members, a 31
      Flavors variety of libertarian iconolasts. There were Christians and
      atheists, objectivists and anarchists. Several candidates running for
      local office were present and subtly working the crowd for support.
      There was a libertarian talk show host and a Libertarian Party member
      who'd recently been arrested for protesting a licensing law for
      manicurists. The director of the Gun Owners of New Hampshire was
      there as well.

      These are the kind of people who walk their talk. They've pull up
      their stakes, packed up their families and moved across the country
      to live in a tiny little burg on the East Coast simply because they
      hunger to be…FREE! Think about that for a minute – people in America
      are picking up and moving somewhere else because they want to be

      In view of everything going on with the acceleration of draconian
      police powers in this country since 9-11, this reporter has been
      eager to corner the locals here and pop the question --
      if "terrorist" nukes go off in this country in what will amount to
      the Mother of all 9-11s, and the White House makes good on its new
      love affair with coast-to-coast martial law – how will New Hampshire

      Will the New Hampshire state legislature play ball? Will they march
      lock-step with all the other state governments down the primrose path
      to the New World Order? Or will they keep their cools? Will they
      refuse to recognize the Feds authority to place New Hampshire under
      martial law?

      Which way will this tiny, rascally New England state sway?

      Everybody presented with this scenario didn't hesitate to offer their
      opinion on what the outcome of such an event would be.

      New Hampshire will tell the Federal Government to go pound sand.


      The words "freedom" and "America" have become an oxymoron when
      combined together for no longer are the one synonymous with the
      other. Freedom is a buzzword politicians use to describe a cascading
      consolidation into collectivist tyranny that more resembles Orwellian
      doublespeak than accurate communication.

      This reporter has spent the last 18 months living in Arlington,
      Virginia and working in the Pentagon at the Army Operations Center in
      support of ONE/OIF/OEF. Any off-time was spent venturing into the
      District of Corruption to observe the national monuments, take in the
      Smithsonian and quietly...keep an eye on the emerging Total
      Surveillance Society.

      Honestly, one can't spit in any direction anywhere in this town and
      not hit some cop in a Darth Vader uniform toting an MP-5 or a
      surveillance camera or both. This point was well illustrated while
      sitting on the waterfront in Georgetown with friends from Crisis
      Action Team 4, it was early on a Friday evening in June and the sky
      was literally swarming overhead with police helicopters -- not Bell
      Jet Rangers, no. These cops were flying military Blackhawk
      helicopters with "POLICE" in yellow lettering on the tail boom.

      This particular waterfront establishment was a very popular gathering
      spot for the Beautiful People in D.C. There were several private
      yachts tied up to the pier, the money and booze was flowing, the
      women looked like extremely high-priced call girls or Hollywood
      actresses -- there really isn't a difference anymore. They were all
      laughing and they were all completely oblivious to the obvious.

      There are surveillance cameras everywhere watching them.

      Military hardware was orbiting overhead manned by cops with gunners
      standing in the open doors. On the river, extremely high powered
      speedboats with POLICE painted prominently on both sides of the hull
      race up and down the waterway with cops and machine guns eying
      everyone and everything like a target, like raw meat.

      And these people on the waterfront, in their trendy clothes and fake
      tans, were partying like it was 1999.

      The Police State is no longer an event that might transpire in the
      near future. It is here now. The Rubicon has been crossed. America is
      no longer a free country. America is occupied.

      And yet, in the midst of this birthing of the United Police States of
      America, surrounded on all sides by bastions of Leftist Commie
      Liberalism sits the tiny red-headed stepchild of the East Coast: New

      New Hampshire was chosen as the libertarian migration state of choice
      out of a ballot numbering 10 states. As of today, there are 6,801
      signed on participants who've pledged to actually move to New
      Hampshire within 5 years. 384 have already made that move for Liberty
      in Our Lifetime.

      It's ironic or maybe its destiny, the tendency for things to come
      full circle, that the first piece of ground taken and secured again
      in the name of Liberty is right smack in the middle of where it all
      began 229 years ago, in the heart of New England -- that tiny,
      rascally independent state of New Hampshire. A place where the
      peoples' right to revolution is enshrined in the state constitution.
      A place where the proud tradition of local control in the form of
      town hall meetings has continued in an unbroken chain since Colonial
      times to the present. A place where the tax collector gets beat like
      a gong and run out of the state on a rail. A place where the state
      legislature is run by civilians, not career politicians -- paid a
      mere $200 a year for their services. That's a pay scale that that
      those prostituting traitors in the District of Corruption need to be
      saddled with by next Tuesday…after lunch.

      Just being in New Hampshire was like being zapped to another
      universe, a universe where people come and go as they please, do as
      they please, where there isn't a cop everywhere one looks and one
      isn't under constant surveillance from every street corner. This
      reporter stayed in Concord, the state capital, during this quick
      visit to meet up with members of the FSP.

      This reporter was shocked to visit the State capital building and up
      entering wasn't immediately surrounded by black-clad storm troopers
      with badges, being forced to empty pockets for search, having one's
      body probed with metal detector wands and having line-up pictures
      taken for computer biometric comparison to known "enemies of the
      State." There were NO metal detectors. NO cops. Just an elderly
      retiree security guard who was eager to tell anyone interested about
      the unique place the state of New Hampshire occupies in Revolutionary
      American history.

      This reporter proceeded to wander around the capital building,
      touring the chambers of the senate and the representatives – all
      without once being stopped, questioned, photographed or prevented
      from proceeding at all. Here, the government is the property of the
      people! Imagine that! What a subversive idea!

      Try doing that anywhere outside of New Hampshire. But to do that,
      you'd have to get into the state capital building first and getting
      in without being bodily violated by members of law enforcement would
      be like waking up tomorrow and seeing pigs fly.

      If you live outside of New Hampshire, you really don't know what
      being free feels like.

      Everywhere outside of New Hampshire, the police state isn't just
      coming. It's already here.

      "..a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence
      are no better than animals who do not have intelligence.
      Such a people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice
      and consent."
      --Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

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