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Re: [FSP] Libertarians are such losers!

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  • Alan R. Weiss
    ... And there are dozens of articles like that available. Some even written by Tim Condon. :-) Fact is, the FSP has written many, many articles, letters to
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 11, 2005
      Freedom Fred wrote:

      >I would like to respond to this article in depth, but don't have the time. So
      >I will make a few "counterpoints:"
      >Firstly, I take it this article is suppose to serve as a "kick in the butt"
      >for those libertarians that have not taking the action of moving to New
      >Hampshire. As they say, you attract more flies with honey. I would prefer to
      >see a strongly positive article rather than a strongly negative, sarcastic
      >one. In this article I read: frustration. While that may be the case, I
      >don't think that will exactly engender other like-minded individuals to
      >relocate here.

      And there are dozens of articles like that available. Some even written
      by Tim Condon. :-)

      Fact is, the FSP has written many, many articles, letters to the editor,
      editorials, and analysis all touting the FSP, New Hampshire, and our
      mission. Practically the entire FSP (save the forums, which are like
      most forums outlets for venting) is positive.

      Every once in awhile, though, a good kick in the ass does wonders for
      the spirit, especially one based on facts. Not everyone is going to
      respond positively to this. Doubtlessly some will use this as an excuse
      to (ah, further) take no action. But then again, they weren't serious
      about liberty anyway.

      >Secondly, the Free State Project is really supposed to be politically neutral
      >from what I understand, even though its members are predominately

      The fact is, Freedom Fred, this country is sliding deeply into
      slavery/sefdom and the fact is, liberty-minded people have had very
      little impact on the disasterous direction this empire -- er, sorry,
      country -- is taking. Amazingly enough, all the good words of Robert
      Heinlein, Ayn Rand, L. Neil Smith, Vin Suprynowicz, Neal Boortz, and
      literally hundreds of other thinkers, writers, speakers --- for nearly

      Whether RLC, Libertarian Party, Democrats, Republicans, Indies, or
      whatever - nothing has particularly "worked." The LP is a shambles and
      is now considered to be a failure by many libertarians and all
      Republicans (Democrats just sneer at it, erroneously calling it a
      right-wing club). So Tim used the small-"l" term libertarian. Do you
      run away from it? Would you prefer classical liberal? Because I'm SO
      over the label argument I could just retch at the mere hint that there
      is anything worth taking offense to any longer. But that's just me.

      >Thirdly, we do not need "large numbers" or "the majority" to accomplish our
      >goals. Personally, I consider the current political infrastructure in our
      >country antithetical to libertarianism due to is very nature. No "winner
      >takes all" system can be said to be conducive to libertarianism. Tyranny of
      >the Majority is still tyranny, no matter how you shake it.

      Tim made that point, clearly. He said that if only 5000 people up and
      moved, and were activists, big things would happen.

      >What we need, instead, is a means to deconstruct the current political
      >infrastructure and replace it with a better one -- one conducive to
      >libertarianism. How we achieve that is, of course, open to debate -- and we
      >should debate it.

      Tim suggested one method. The best deconstruction is, of course, armed
      revolution with a side of rope. Since that is even less likely to occur
      than a huge influx into the FSP, perhaps you'd like to start with a
      suggestion? :-) I know you are going to write a nice long piece, but
      when you do, please realize we're all on the same side. Way, way to the
      side ... of American politics in general.

      >In the mean time, IMHO, we should seek more positive messages to cajole
      >like-minded people around the country to participate. After all, it is not a
      >small decision to decide to relocate. And negativity is not likely to
      >engender the thousands we desire to become a part of New Hampshire and our
      >efforts here.

      I too thought, "gee, Condon is doing his usual carrot and stick schtick,
      his usual "get up off your asses" repartee. And then I realized,
      "ignoring the tone of voice, is he right?" You decide if he is, or isn't.

      Meanwhile, I fully expected that if and when the FSP started to feel the
      pressure of the 2006 "deadline" we'd see articles like this one -
      chastizing, cajoling, wheedling (I dare say it! Wheedling!). That Tim
      wrote one was inevitable. That he did such a good job should be commended.

      >My 2 cents. Take it for what it's worth.
      >-Freedom Fred

      Feel free to write a positive one, Fred. Just get it published!


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    • phil_h_1985
      First I introduce myself; I m a 19 year old Belgian Student and libertarian. I would like to participate to the FSP. There is only one thing I m sure about my
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 29, 2005
        First I introduce myself; I'm a 19 year old Belgian Student and
        libertarian. I would like to participate to the FSP. There is only
        one thing I'm sure about my future: I'm not staying her in Belgium.

        A lot of libertarians can't move because of personal reason,
        friends, family, job etc. Even for me, it would be hard to move, I
        don't know if I'll find a job that I would like to do over there.

        I don't what is your nationality, but I'm pretty sure you are
        American. Well be happy to be in America, here in Belgium people
        are conducted to be pro-State power. When I'm talking about Freedom,
        people say I'm crazy or they insulted me (of course, they never come
        with facts or numbers). Big brother is their friend and they don't
        want to think themselves. In America (and some other English talking
        countries), I also talked to many people, Americans are much more
        open-minded than Belgians or French (actually I'm also French).Why?
        I don't know, historical heritage maybe.

        For now I (or we) just have hope on our side. Let's hope we will
        succeed. If we do, we will change mankind for ever and FSP will be
        in every historical Book.
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