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  • Tim Condon
    Go to it, Ian! Feel free! ---Tim C. ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2005
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      Go to it, Ian! Feel free! ---Tim C.

      Ian Bernard wrote:

      >Great article. I may read it on-air tonight..
      >> For those interested, what follows is the
      >>text of an article I'm
      >>releasing onto the Internet today. Feel free to send
      >>it around to your
      >>friends and email lists.
      >>Tim Condon - Tampa, Florida - Want real liberty?
      >>"What makes the capitalist system work, what keeps
      >>economies dynamic, is
      >>precisely nonconformity, the new, the unusual, the
      >>eccentric, the
      >>egregious, the innovative, springing from the
      >>inventiveness of human nature. Capitalism thrives on
      >>the absence of
      >>rules or the ability to circumvent them." ---Paul
      >>Johnson, historian
      >>and author of "Modern Times"
      >>LISTEN, Libertarian!
      >>By Tim Condon
      >>October 9, 2005
      >> Libertarians are such losers. I know, this is
      >>not a way to endear
      >>myself to them, even when my best friends are all
      >>libertarian or
      >>near-libertarian. But success is staring them in the
      >>face, and a
      >>significant proportion of them deploy massive
      >>brainpower and argument to
      >>make sure that nothing ever gets better. It's
      >> LISTEN, libertarian! It's over 30 years later,
      >>and we're still
      >>hearing endless platitudes that keep us from gaining
      >>political power in
      >>the service of individual freedom.
      >> "All we need to do is a better job at selling
      >>our product!" the
      >>activists say. But we've been trying to "sell our
      >>product" for decades,
      >>and the people of America aren't buying.
      >> "All we need to do is a better job of educating
      >>people about what we
      >>stand for!" say the activists. But after 30 years of
      >>presidential candidates and campaigns, the voters
      >>are more than aware of
      >>what we stand for.
      >> We are caught blinded...blinded in the
      >>floodlights of an ugly
      >>reality: Today there is no significant voting
      >>constituency in America
      >>for libertarian ideas. And it's time to face up to
      >>that fact.
      >> If we are really interested in living in a
      >>society where every man
      >>and woman can do whatever they want so long as they
      >>harm no one else,
      >>there is only one possibility for success. Our
      >>numbers must be
      >>concentrated in one sovereign American state, there
      >>to exercise the
      >>power that comes with voting power in a democracy.
      >> There is simply no other way.
      >> Such a "democratic experiment" would be no
      >>experiment at all. It
      >>would merely reference what the Founding Fathers
      >>intended the thirteen
      >>sovereign, revolutionary states to be. It would be a
      >>shining example to
      >>the rest of America and the world, demonstrating the
      >>salutary effects of
      >>people living in freedom. It would be a "little Hong
      >>Kong," and would
      >>instruct our country on what it has lost, just as
      >>Hong Kong instructed
      >>China on the benefits of free markets and property
      >>rights for the past
      >>half-century (as of January 2005 Hong Kong was rated
      >>by the Heritage
      >>Foundation and Wall Street Journal as the freest
      >>country in the world
      >>economically; the United States isn't even in the
      >>top 10).
      >> This is the meaning, and the aim, of the
      >>four-year-old Free State
      >>Project (FSP). It offers real hope for liberty in
      >>your own lifetime.
      >> Yet in the face of the FSP opportunity, the
      >>great majority of
      >>libertarians remain immobilized, or worse. The
      >>Executive Committee of
      >>the national Libertarian Party has refused to
      >>endorse the Free State
      >>Project, even while many state parties have. Former
      >>LP Presidential
      >>candidate Harry Browne all but dismissed the Free
      >>State Project ("I have
      >>not been a big fan of the Free State Project...I
      >>have no wish to
      >>participate in such a program..."). Reason magazine
      >>ran an article that
      >>reprised all the failed "new country" projects of
      >>the past 40 years,
      >>making it clear they think the FSP is just another
      >>"pipe dream" And the
      >>CATO Institute won't even comment on the Free State
      >> As for the rest of you libertarians, you seem to
      >>regard the FSP plan
      >>with a mixture of fear and revulsion. Move to a
      >>cold-weather state to attain liberty in your
      >>lifetime? Suddenly we hear
      >>you bleating about how "things aren't so bad" where
      >>you live. And we
      >>hear emphatic statements that you're sure as hell
      >>not moving thousands,
      >>or even hundreds, of miles away from your
      >>comfortable home, just to live
      >>free. Uh uhhh!
      >> After all, you live where you live because you
      >>like it there. It may
      >>be that you arrived at your present place and state
      >>of lassitude through
      >>an accident of birth or parentage. Or you may have
      >>visited at some
      >>point, and liked it enough to stay. Now it is where
      >>your friends are. It
      >>is where your job is. It is where your family is.
      >> But most of all, it is where you are
      >> Of course, the question of "comfort" to those
      >>who profess to believe
      >>in libertarian ideas and ideals is problematical.
      >>When you say "things
      >>aren't that bad here," you sound both smug and
      >>hopeful, even as you
      >>delude yourself. You also sound oh-so-earnest when
      >>you explain that "I'm
      >>not prevented from doing most of the things I want
      >>to do. As long as I'm
      >>careful, and don't make myself too public, it's not
      >>that bad at all."
      >> You pause to let that fortuitous bit of
      >>information sink in, and
      >>then continue: "Besides, I'm not really interested
      >>in smoking pot or
      >>setting up a whorehouse." As if such things meant
      >>anything in the
      >>parlance of what individual freedom is about. Texas
      >>Representative Ron
      >>Paul has stated that, "American history, a least in
      >>part, is a history
      >>of people who don't like being told what to do." Yet
      >>today, he points
      >>out, we have built a society that has "laid the
      >>foundation for tyranny
      >>by making the public more docile, more accustomed to
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