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L,R&C w/Dan Belforti on 99.7FM WNTK Talk Radio this Tue & Wed, noon to 3pm

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  • Dan Belforti
    Left, Right & Correct is going Bigtime! , exclaimed fellow Portsmouth Community Radio DJ Shawn Henderson on his Friday radio show Stay Tuned . I ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2005
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      "Left, Right & Correct is going Bigtime!", exclaimed fellow
      Portsmouth Community Radio DJ Shawn Henderson on his Friday radio
      show "Stay Tuned".

      I've been invited to guest host for Arnie Arnesen on www.wntk.com
      while she's on vacation and will broadcast live this Tuesday and
      Wednesday from noon to 3pm (before Howie Carr's show at 3pm). Please
      visit http://www.wntk.com to listen to my show (click on the "On The
      Air Now" box), and feel free to call me at the station at 866-823-
      1077 to share your point of view with a very large audience across
      the state of New Hampshire and parts of Vermont and Massachusetts.

      On Tuesday, I will have with me in studio Lance Jonn Romanoff, the
      underpaid and underappreciated creator of http://www.belforti.org ,
      one of the finest political and radio web sites in the country
      (please take a look!). A libertarian activist and social, historical
      & political commentator, Lance will be sure to add an articulate and
      intelligent perspective to the issues at hand. Fellow libertarians
      Carla Howell of The Center for Small Government will chime in around
      12:20pm and LPNH Chair John Babiarz will join us in studio from 2 to
      3pm for a round table discussion.

      On Wednesday, I will be joined by fellow U.S. Congressional candidate
      and frequent LR&C guest, Justin Nadeau (D) of Portsmouth. We will
      bring our entertaining Correct & Incorrect Quiz that has been wildly
      popular on the seacoast to the rest of New Hampshire. Who will
      replace incumbent Republican congressman Jeb Bradley in November?
      From 2 to 3pm, Justin and I will discuss the many valid reasons for
      change in Washington DC along with Libertarian congressional
      candidate 2nd district Chet Lapointe and his campaign manager Jim

      On Friday, I'll be back in Portsmouth from 11am to noon with
      another "Best of Left, Right & Correct with Dan Belforti & Friends"
      broadcast and then live from noon to 1pm with Portsmouth City
      Councilor Tom Ferrini to discuss city government, local issues and

      Dan Belforti - Investment Manager
      Belforti Investments - http://www.belforti.com
      Portsmouth Community Radio WSCA 106.1 FM
      Political Talk Show Host - http://www.belforti.org
      "Left, Right & Correct with Dan Belforti & Friends"
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