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Re: [FSP] Porc Fest follow-up

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  • Keith Murphy
    ... I ve heard this complaint from a few people, and I want to address it. In 2004 the Liberty Dinner was originally scheduled on a Saturday night, but as a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2005
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      > Saturday was the busiest day of Porc Fest - it seems a shame that so
      > many people, especially those most involved with NH, had to rush away
      > for the Liberty Dinner. Next year, I don't plan to attend the dinner
      > if it conflicts with the Saturday activities. Friday night, like in
      > 2004, seemed to work better.

      I've heard this complaint from a few people, and I want to address it.

      In 2004 the Liberty Dinner was originally scheduled on a Saturday
      night, but as a favor to the FSP PorcFest organizers I moved it to
      Friday night. When I did so, I specifically said that the 2005 edition
      would be on Saturday night. Thus, the notice of a full year was given,
      and every attempt was made to avoid conflict -- both on the part of
      myself and Varrin, this year's Czar. Some conflict proved impossible
      to avoid, due to problems of distance and verbose speakers.

      I attempted to locate the 2005 dinner closer to Lancaster, but there
      are less than a dozen rooms in the state that can accommodate 200
      people, and most of those are in the Manchester area. There's only two
      close to Lancaster, at the Whitefield and the Mt. Washington Hotel. I
      investigated these options, and found these sites tremendously
      expensive. I can have the 2006 dinner there, if you don't mind the
      price of your tickets being $100 each. There was an affordable option
      right in Lancaster that I really wanted to use -- the Dayspring
      facility -- but unfortunately it closed last Spring.

      Now, here's the bottom line: though it was through the FSP that I came
      to be in New Hampshire, I work for the NHLA. In my role as the Liberty
      Dinner coordinator, it's my job to do whatever is best for the NHLA.
      While it may be better for some FSPers to have the Liberty Dinner on
      Friday night, the truth is that is horrible for native NHers. Think
      about it: the people who live in the seacoast or Monadnock or Merrimack
      Valley; they get off from work at 5 pm -- how are they going to make a
      dinner in Plymouth at 6 pm?

      This is why I scheduled the 2004 dinner on a Saturday -- moved it as a
      favor -- but insisted the 2005 edition be on a Saturday. And it paid
      off, as attendance jumped from 135 to 170. Also, had the dinner been
      on Friday, there's no way that Ron Paul would have been able to attend
      and speak. And I expect that to be the case for virtually all

      Given these facts, I fully expect the 2006 dinner will be held on
      Saturday evening. Expect it to be so, as it is to overwhelming benefit
      to the NHLA for it to be so.

      Having said that, there's a few things that could be done to minimize
      conflict between the Liberty Dinner and Porc Fest:

      1) Porc Fest could move further south. If it moved closer to Plymouth,
      then the Liberty Dinner could be held at the university again. If it
      moved even further south, near the Concord area, the Liberty Dinner
      could be held at the Concord Marriott.

      2) The Dayspring facility could re-open, allowing the Liberty Dinner a
      reasonably-priced option in Lancaster.

      3) Porc Fest events could be split between Friday and Saturday,
      wrapping up by 3 pm Saturday afternoon. This would allow the Porc Fest
      attendees to make it to the dinner with time to spare.

      I'm very open to other suggestions, and will of course be happy to
      coordinate with the 2006 Porc Fest Czar. However, moving the dinner to
      Friday night -- which would inevitably drive down attendance figures
      and thus the amount of money raised -- is simply not an option.

      Keith Murphy
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