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Liberty Dinner Deadline Wed 7/20

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  • Keith Murphy
    At last year s PorcFest the NHLA was faced with dozens of people who did not order tickets in advance.  After accommodating as many people as possible, we had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2005
      At last year's PorcFest the NHLA was faced with dozens of people who
      did not order tickets in advance.  After accommodating as many people
      as possible, we had to sadly turn away several due to space
      constraints.  Don't let that happen to you!  If you want to do
      something to help make the free state even more free, go to
      www.nhliberty.org and sign up for the Liberty Dinner.  You'll see Ron
      Paul and Jack Cole, and help us recognize the best legislators in the

      $240 for a table of six (w/free display table)
      $60 for individuals
      $30 for children under 14

      Also, everyone is welcome to join us at an intimate reception attended
      by both main speakers and those same legislators.  Includes open bar
      and appetizers.  $60 additional, also at www.nhliberty.org

      More information to be found below:

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      Announcing the 2005 Liberty Dinner!

       The Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance has the
      honor of presenting the lineup of speakers for the 2005 Liberty Dinner,
      the premiere political event of the summer, to be held from six to nine
      on the evening of Saturday, July 30, at Plymouth State University's
      Prospect Hall.

      The evening will include:

       Dr. Ron Paul,
      Republican Congressmen from Texas,
      14th District

      Dr. Paul is widely known on Capitol Hill as "Dr. No" for his refusal to
      vote in favor of any legislation he believes to be unconstitutional. A
      hero to believers in limited government across America, Dr. Paul has
      turned down the opportunity to take part in Congress's unethical
      pension scheme and made impassioned arguments for protecting our
      country's sovereignty by withdrawing from the United Nations.

      Mr. Jack Cole, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

      Mr. Cole is a 26-year veteran of the New Jersey State Police, with 12
      years spent as an undercover narcotics officer. Having seen the damage
      caused by the Drug War firsthand, Mr. Cole has dedicated his life to
      ending America's second experiment with prohibition by sharing his
      experience with others.

      Presentation of the 2005 Legislator of the Year Award

      The NHLA will present this highly-coveted award to the legislator whose
      voting record for the 2005 session indicates a respect for the
      principles of individual liberty above the arguments of special

      Release of the 2005 Legislative Report Card

      The annual report card measures how much each of New Hampshire's 424
      legislators respect the individual rights and freedom of our state's
      citizens, based upon voting records. Already being compiled, the report
      card is highly anticipated by all who follow the state of liberty in
      New Hampshire.

      Tickets for the Liberty Dinner are available at the following prices:

      Adult Tickets are $60
      Child Tickets (under 14) are $30
      Whole-Table Tickets (six people) are $240

       In addition, all organizations that purchase a whole table for $240
      will receive an optional free display table. Otherwise, display tables
      are $25 each.

      The Liberty Dinner will be preceded by an intimate reception from five
      pm to six pm at The Boiler Room Lounge, a short drive from the
      university. The fee for admission to the reception, to be attended by
      Dr. Paul, Mr. Cole, and other VIPs, is $60 per person. An open bar and
      hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

      All funds raised from the Liberty Dinner will be used to support
      identified pro-liberty candidates for state and local office throughout
      New Hampshire. Demand for this event is expected to be very high, so
      reserve your space now!

      Tickets may be purchased in the following ways:


      By going to the "Click & Pledge" icon on the upper-right side of this

      Via Mail

      By sending a check for the total to

      PO Box 4241
      Manchester, NH 03108-4241

      Please include the following information with your check: name,
      address, phone, email. If the check total is for more than $100, we are
      required by law to also ask for your employer and employer's town. For
      registration purposes, please include the names of all expected

       The NHLA respects your privacy, and will not disclose information to
      any entity, with the exception of the New Hampshire Secretary of
      State's Office as required by law.

      Appropriate attire is appreciated.

      Anyone who wishes to attend but finds the price to be beyond their
      reach is invited to obtain tickets at half-price in exchange for
      assisting with the event. Email Keith Murphy at kmurphy@...
      to volunteer.

      Enjoy a fantastic evening celebrating individual liberty, and do your
      part to keep New Hampshire the freest place on the continent. Attend
      the 2005 Liberty Dinner.

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