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Fwd: [RRND] 07/01 -- "Lost Liberty Hotel" rental pledge

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  • Bill Alleman
    As of this posting, 1124 people have signed up. ... -- -= Ya can t blame me: I vote for liberty. =- BikerBill=- ©¿©¬ allemanse.com=-
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2005
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      As of this posting, "1124 people have signed up."

      Thomas L. Knapp wrote on 7/1/2005, 4:15 AM:

      > 61) "Lost Liberty Hotel" rental pledge
      > Pledge Bank
      > thru 08/29/05
      > "By signing this pledge, you agree to pay for lodging in the 'Lost
      > Liberty Hotel,' once it is built at 34 Cilley Hill Road, Weare, NH. It
      > is expected that during one's week of residency in the hotel in Weare,
      > lodgers will contribute significantly to the local economy -- not just
      > staying in the hotel, but shopping, buying gas, eating at local
      > restaurants, etc. This pledge is important, as it will help to
      > demonstrate (a) the large public demand for lodging in a hotel built
      > on what is currently Justice Souter's property (b) the large economic
      > benefit to the citizens of Weare that will occur once the hotel is
      > built. Deadline: 29th August 2005." [Editor's note: Sign up, read the
      > comments, make your own comments ... this is guerilla theater at its
      > finest ... those of you who are hesitant to "use state power against
      > the state," add that to your comments - MLS] (06/29/05)
      > http://www.pledgebank.com/LostLibHotel


      -= Ya can't blame me: I vote for liberty. =-
      BikerBill=- ©¿©¬
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