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Re: Re: [FSP-Florida] homesteading in a free state

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  • Seth Cohn
    ... to ... Most of the movers are spread out over the southern half of NH... we ve found being in central southern NH (ie Manchester/Concord) means you are
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2005
      > My wife and I are planning to visit NH to see if we can bring ourselves
      > participate in the FSP. I invite y'all to respond to the following

      > 1. Is there a "focal point", a concentration of Libertarians, where our
      > presence would help?

      Most of the movers are spread out over the southern half of NH... we've
      found being in 'central southern' NH (ie Manchester/Concord) means you are
      more likely to attend events on both east (Seacoast) and west (Monadnock)
      sides of the state.

      But for the most part, any place within NH, you can have an influence...
      Visit and see what you like... Plenty to choose from.

      > 2. Where is the lowest cost of living? Farthest from Boston?

      Housing is your biggest factor of change... the further north, the cheaper
      (roughly, but not always).

      > (She needs an urban fix from time to time)

      Boston is about an hour away from Manchester...

      3. Are there places where it's not likely we'd be snowbound for weeks?

      Plenty. Most roads get cleaned right away during snow. It's not as bad as
      you'd picture. It's cold, yes, but put on warm clothes, drive with good
      studded tires, and you'd be fine .

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