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Are you serious about wanting Liberty in your lifetime?

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  • ftl_ian
    Fellow Liberty Lover, The number one problem with the pro-Liberty movement is that virtually no one knows we exist. Any Libertarian who has done a few hours
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Fellow Liberty Lover,

      The number one problem with the pro-Liberty movement is that
      virtually no one knows we exist. Any Libertarian who has done a few
      hours of outreach to the public knows this. There's a simple remedy
      to this problem that has always plagued our movement:

      We become the media.

      The Libertarian, pro-freedom media explosion has begun.

      20/20's anchor, John Stossel is a Libertarian. Penn and Teller
      now have a very Libertarian program on Showtime that is in it's third
      season, called "Penn and Teller's BULLSHIT".

      Talk Radio however, has been mostly devoid of real, principled
      Libertarians. There are a few of them on local stations, but very few
      of them are syndicated, and none that I know of do live pro-freedom
      programming six nights per week.

      Except Free Talk Live. We're Talk Radio's version of Stossel
      combined with Penn and Teller. If you haven't heard the show, you owe
      it to yourself to listen. You can listen via streaming, archive, and
      Podcast all for free at http://freetalklive.com . Of course you can
      tune in on one of our radio station affiliates as well:

      We have a much larger opportunity than the TV Libertarians do.
      (As great a job as they are doing.) We can grow MUCH larger than they
      can. Only SO many people will EVER watch Showtime or 20/20, and
      driving new viewers can be difficult. We have the opportunity as a
      syndicated radio show, to expand to virtually every market in America,
      and beyond.

      Currently, we're in 5 markets officially and we're also on
      several "unlicensed" affiliates. We're brand new to syndication and
      there is a lot of room to grow. The "big boys" in talk are in
      400-500+ markets!

      Imagine a principled Libertarian talk show on the air six nights
      per week, across the country!

      It's possible. We're doing everything we can to get there, but
      it's more than a full time job. I could use your help. If you've
      read this far, you can definitely handle this assignment:

      1. Vote for Free Talk Live at http://vote.freetalklive.com
      This monthly vote is a major draw for new listeners, who have
      never heard the message of Liberty. Quick and easy. All it takes is
      an email address and about one minute.

      2. Join our Updates List
      If you haven't, it's a great way to keep up on news about the
      show: http://updates.freetalklive.com

      This is the big one. This simple action can REALLY help expose
      new people to the pro-Liberty message. All you have to do is look up
      your local talk stations via http://radio-locator.com or your yellow
      pages, and call them. Ask for the Program Director, and tell him or
      her you want to hear Free Talk Live!

      4. Forward this message to 3 friends or family members that care
      about Liberty.
      If you want, forward it to ALL of your Liberty loving pals and
      email lists. Post it in forums. This is called viral marketing. You
      tell 3 people, they tell 3 people, soon we're on in YOUR market.

      Thanks in advance for your help! If you'd like to share your
      story about contacting stations, please email me personally at
      ian(at)freetalklive.com or go visit our BBS and get interactive with
      our other listeners, and post your experiences there:
      http://bbs.freetalklive.com !

      These truly are exciting times for Liberty,
      Host, Creator, Webmaster - Free Talk Live
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