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It's STILL PorcFest Roundup Time!

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  • Tim Condon
    * The Free State Project s* * Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival* * will be held on* * Saturday, July 23, 2005, thru Sunday, July 31, 2005 * *
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2005
      The Free State Project's*
      * Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival*
      * will be held on*
      * Saturday, July 23, 2005, thru Sunday, July 31, 2005 *
      * at*
      * Rogers Campground & Motel, Lancaster, New Hampshire
      /* It's STILL Roundup Time
      More PorcFest stuff keeps coming online all the time!
      /* LAST WEEK we had a PorcFest roundup on what's going on during
      the PorcFest week. Now, even though we're still three months away from
      the blow-out, there's yet more things to report. So read on....*/
      /* THIS WEEK I WANTED to showcase all the great 2nd Amendment
      activities that are going to be taking place at the PorcFest, led by
      Porcupine Bill Walker from Virginia. However...there are all these new
      announcements and info snippets to pass on. So stay tuned for next
      week's PFS. Lots of gun related classes and activities are planned, for
      everyone from outright beginners to confirmed experts!*/
      /* THE MOCK TOWN MEETING being set up by Unity town selectman
      Mary Gere will be held in Unity, NH on Thursday, July 28, 2005 from 2:00
      to 5:00 p.m. That's a good time to have the meeting--which we hope to
      have several hundred rowdy people at--since it doesn't get dark that
      time of the year until about 9:00 p.m. Unity is a tiny town southeast of
      Claremont (which is north of Keene on the Connecticut River) on state
      highway 12. (Is that highway 12? Consult your Free State atlases.) After
      the Mock Town Meeting, most of us will probably zip up to Claremont,
      into Vermont, and take I-91 north to U.S. Highway 2 (see it up there?),
      and thence over to Lancaster where the PorcFest will be in increasingly
      full swing. If you have any questions about the Mock Town Meeting, or
      better yet, want to help (do so!), contact Mary Gere at Gere1356@....*/
      /* I'M TOLD THAT JET BLUE is running a sale on flights from
      various points in California to Boston (which ain't that far from the
      Free State) for something like $89 each way. Check it out online.
      Travelocity is also supposed to be having some extremely cheap flights.
      Come to think of it, right now is probably a pretty good time to start
      sniffing out the good flights for the PorcFest. Go to it.*/
      /* THE FRIDAY, July 29th, PORCFEST SCHEDULE is being totally
      revamped. If it hasn't been changed by now on the FSP web site at
      http://www.freestateproject.org/news/festival/schedule/, it will be
      soon, so keep an eye out. There will be lots of activities taking place
      in the Meeting Hall that day (unlike last year), including a
      presentation by the only two political parties/groups promoting
      individual freedom in the Free State, the Libertarian Party of New
      Hampshire, and the Republican Liberty Caucus.*/
      /* FRIDAY WILL ALSO FEATURE a "leadership luncheon" for those who
      contribute $500 or more to the FSP (we do need funds to make the
      movement successful, remember). Those people will be invited to break
      bread in a personal lunch with the leadership of the Free State Project,
      and will be able to talk to them about where the movement has been,
      where it is now, and where it's headed. So break out your checkbooks now
      and write out those $500 checks to the FSP; you won't want to miss the
      /* LAST WEEK I SAID SOMETHING that's not true: I erroneously said
      in the last PFS that there would be a school voucher debate between
      activists and writers Marshall Fritz and Sam Blumenfeld. Not so. It
      would be hard for them to debate school vouchers...since they're both on
      the same side. Sam Blumenfeld will argue the "anti-voucher" side, while
      another libertarian or freedom-lover in favor of school vouchers as a
      way to break the public school monopoly, will argue the other side. Stay
      /* PFC VARRIN SWEARINGEN ("Porc Fest Czar") tells me that the
      extraordinary libertarian rock band Poker Face is not yet confirmed.
      They may or may not be appearing for a rock concert on Friday evening.
      Keep fingers crossed. "When will we know?" I asked Varrin. "When I
      know," he told me back.*/
      representing the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA), will be giving a
      seminar on Friday morning in the meeting hall at 10:00 a.m. on "How to
      Be Effective in the State House." It's a don't miss presentation if you
      want to work for liberty in your lifetime in New Hampshire.*/
      /* IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED that libertarian Philip Blumel, a super
      activist for the Republican Liberty Caucus in Florida and a founder of
      the RLC Florida, will be attending the PorcFest. He'll be representing
      the RLC and explaining why the best vehicle for attaining real political
      change in the Free State will be activism within the Republican Party in
      the RLCNH.*/
      /* THE "WE MADE THE MOVE TO NEW HAMPSHIRE" presentations are
      going to feature various individuals and families who have actually
      "made the move" from places as far away as California and Oregon, to
      those who've come from closer by such as Minnesota and Texas. You won't
      want to miss the stories about what it's like to actually "make the
      move" for freedom!*/
      /* THERE'S GOING TO BE QUITE A BIT of PorcFest and Free State
      Project libertarian merchandise to choose from, not to mention the
      extraordinary works of art offered on T-shirts and sweatshirts by the
      Bureaucrash organization. If you want to include something to sell,
      check with Porcupine super-activist Phil Denisch at pdenisch@....
      Plan on buying some T-shirts and the like. Advertising pays, after all.*/
      carry around so you know what's happening, when, how, and where. The
      printed programs will feature freedom-oriented advertisements, and
      everyone who attends will get one...for free.*/
      /* A SILENT AUCTION IS BEING PLANNED for the PorcFest. Or at
      least we're attempting to plan one. Wanna help? The PorcFest organizers
      need it. If you like silent auctions, and/or have ever participated in
      one...get in touch with PFC Swearingen at varrin@....
      Remember: the PorcFests are only going to be as successful as we make
      them, and many hands makes light work. They could use your help.*/
      /* WHEN YOU GET TO THE PORCFEST, you'll be "checking in" at
      campsite #16 where Porcupines Dawn Lincoln, Kat Dillon, and Russell
      Kanning will be staying. That will be where you'll pick up your
      pre-printed name tags (if you sign up on the We'll Be There list like
      you should, that is).*/
      /* SPEAKING OF THE WE'LL BE THERE LIST, it's now up to 209 and
      continues to grow with still three months to go. I'd like to see it
      break 300 this year (having topped out at only about 177 last year). If
      you know of anyone who's going to "be there" but hasn't yet signed up,
      get them to do so up at
      /* NEXT WEEK I'm going to be talking about all the Second
      Amendment stuff Bill Walker is planning for the PorcFest. Possible and
      probably 2nd Amendment heros and heroines who will be attending to talk
      to us and help and teach include Evelyn Logan, Sunni Maravillosa, Vin
      Suprynowicz, Kim DuToit, Sam Cohen, GONH President NH Rep. Bick
      Bicknell, Tony Lekas, and lots of others. If you want to know more about
      the Second Amendment and learn more about your inalienable right to
      protect yourself, your family, and your property with firearms (as
      enshrined in the NH State Constitution), keep an eye out for next week's
      PorcFest Spam. More to come!*/
      /* SYATPF!
      (See You At The Porc Fest!)
      /* FURTHER NOTES: */
      /* 1. You need to be a part of it! For all information about the
      PorcFest 2005, go online to www.freestateproject.org/festival. Join in
      both attending and helping to publicize the 2nd Annual Free State
      Project Porcupine Freedom Festival...aka the "PorcFest 2005."*/
      /* 2. FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your own email lists. We all have lists
      of friends, family, and freedom-lovers we know, and they should all have
      the opportunity to plan on attending PorcFest 2005. So when you receive
      this PorcFest spam, pass it on!*/
      /* 3. In 2004 the We'll Be There List topped out at about 177, and
      over 300 people attended. Today there are already 209 on the list, and
      we're still three months away! To check out who's already signed up, go
      to http://freestateproject.org/news/festival/bethere2005.php...and then
      add yourself and your family members!*/
      /* 4. Lodging and accommodations at the Porc Fest: Here's everything
      you need to know about the Lancaster, NH campground and motel where the
      PorcFest will be held, as well as other local lodging; go to
      /* 5. To see what PorcFest 2005 is going to be like, take a look at
      PorcFest 2004 reports and pictures online at
      /* 6. If you have any questions, email Varrin Swearingen, our "PFC"
      (Porc Fest Czar) for this year, at varrin@..., or me,
      Tim Condon, at tim@... (813-251-2626). Many people are
      helping put this gathering together, but we need you too. Help us by
      joining our PorcFest planning email list at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/porcfest2005. */
      /* */
      /*SUPERCHARGED SOLITONS, Chapter 6, By Tim Condon

      /*(Note: This is the latest chapter in a dystopian-future
      science fiction novel where the United States has gone to hell
      and only the Free State and its fiercely independent,
      individualistic, and defiant citizens observe the Constitution
      and maintain traditional American freedoms; as such, they
      continue to prosper amid the wreckage elsewhere in America.
      Each chapter appears at the end of each PFS, all of which can
      be found and read online at

      /* Bennett felt an unnatural calm steal over him even as
      adrenaline built within. He rose fluidly, taking up a position just by
      the sliding door at his end of the train car as the hideous thugs with
      the bloody spikes in their noses, cheeks, and lips moved into the aisle
      at the other end. The gang members began moving purposefully but slowly
      down the center aisle. They mouthed guttural animal noises, letting out
      occasional stupid howls such as "class warfare!" "false consciousness!"
      and "your ass is our dialectic!" */
      /* Bennett groaned inwardly. These were not the feared Camachos,
      he realized. They were worse. They were the dreaded "CG's," or
      Castro-Guevaras, a Marxist cult gang that worshiped the memories of the
      long-dead Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. As communists, they lived to
      commit murder and inflict pain. Their well-known gang laws included an
      obligation to inflict pain on themselves as well as their victims. They
      were noted for their cruelty and hideous appearances, as well as their
      love of torture and rape.*/
      /* His hand on the unlocked handle of the car's end door, Bennett
      waited calmly with the block committee BC's between him and the CG's.
      The female BC who had been harassing him froze with her handphone held
      up by her ear. The blood drained from her face. */
      /* "Go on, lady!" Bennett yelled at her. "Punch in the goddamn
      numbers! Get the police NOW!" The woman didn't respond. Instead she
      slowly lowered the hand-phone. She and the other BC faced the gang
      members, who had moved to just outside striking distance of the clubs
      the BC's carried.*/
      /* "Hey mon, what with the sticks?" sneered one of the thugs.
      "You thinkin' yo' gonna scare somebody with dem toothpicks?" The thugs
      stood staring, their guttural noises and communist howls continuing; two
      carried motorcycle chains. Their leader, easily the largest in the
      group, was a giant with metal spikes protruding through his bloody lips,
      nose and ears. Bennett stood with his left hand on the sliding door,
      ready to throw it open instantly; his right hand held the illegal
      lock-blade knife in his lower jacket pocket, for which he could be
      arrested and jailed for years. With one hand he invisibly opened and
      locked the blade.*/
      /* "Greetings, Citizens," the committeewoman unctuously intoned.
      "You have nothing to fear from us." The animal-like sounds coming from
      the four thugs increased in volume as they sneered at the two BC's. The
      woman continued: "We're here to arrest this criminal!" She dramatically
      threw her arm out, pointing at Bennett standing poised by the coach
      door. "He may be dangerous, and we'd appreciate your assistance in
      apprehending him." */
      /* Surprised, the thugs quieted for a moment, peering around the
      two block committee members, assessing any possible danger of mugging
      Frank Bennett along with the two BC's. Bennett's eyes narrowed and his
      lips compressed; every nerve tingled, aware, as if stretched, ready to
      drive his body into furious action when called upon. He began to breath
      slowly and rhythmically, calling upon the inner energy known as "I" that
      he had spent years training himself to call upon.*/
      /* "Fuck you, bitch," snarled the gang leader. "We taking' out
      you an you honey boy both. The dude, he die too." He gestured at the
      other three gang members and grunted, "Take 'em." The man and woman
      squealed, retreating to a corner of the car where a clear plastic
      partition separated two sections; they climbed up on a bench seat,
      whimpering. The male BC held his club out front as if pointing, shouting
      at the three approaching gang members, "Get back! Stay back!" The gang
      leader strode past them down the aisle toward Frank Bennett who slid
      upon the coach door; he stood in the doorway, holding it open with a
      /* "You want my wallet, you got it," he said to the approaching
      thug. "It's right here in my pocket."*/
      /* "Fuck yo' man," snarled the monstrous apparition. "I want yo'
      ass, mo'fucka, an tha's what I'm gon' take."*/
      /* Bennett cowered, bending down and over to the left, readying a
      side kick with one of the heavy Army boots he wore. He whimpered,
      pausing as the thug came within striking distance, then without any
      warning lashed out with a thunderous right side kick at the thug's head,
      catching him full in the face. The spikes in the thug's nose and lips
      helpfully ripped across his face and blood spurted as he fell backwards
      under the blow of Bennett's heavy boot.*/
      /* Screaming came from the hapless BC's as Bennett slammed the
      door shut and slid quickly into the next car, throwing open the next
      door and slamming it behind him as he sprinted down the length of the
      coach. He heard the door behind him bang open and the bellow of the gang
      leader pursuing him. He glanced over his shoulder as he reached the next
      door, heaving it open; the gang leader lumbered alone down the aisle,
      trailing blood. None of the others were with him. Bennett could see
      through the car end-window that the male BC was being beaten on the
      floor by two of the gang members, while the third ripped and tore at the
      female BC's clothing, stripping her for violent rape.*/
      /* "Yo' gonna die motha fucka!" screamed the gang leader at
      Bennett, blood streaming down his hideously twisted face.*/
      /* "Well come on and suck on this!" Bennett snarled back through
      clenched teeth as he whipped the lock-blade out in front of him, still
      holding the coach doorway open. In such a position, he could either
      attack forward, or move into the space between the cars, slamming the
      door behind him once again.*/
      /* "Ohhh, motha fuckin' badass white boy, hah?" cooed the giant
      thug. "That little piss-ant blade ain't gonna do nothin'," he sneered;
      but he slowed and reached behind his back. Out came a huge Bowie knife.*/
      /* "Well come on shitface," Bennett taunted. "You make up for
      your tiny dick with that knife?" His body was taut, poised and ready,
      adrenalin overdrive kicking in as he waited for the moment to explode
      into action.*/
      /* The gang leader, goaded by Bennett's words, bellowed and
      charged, slashing with the big knife side-to-side. Bennett recoiled,
      letting one slash carry just in front of his chest, then lunged with a
      lightning thrust of his blade at the bigger man's face, twisting his
      wrist at the instant his arm was fully extended; the blade slashed
      across the thug's nose and eye, spurting more blood, but the wound had
      little effect on the roaring giant, who quickly slashed back with his
      knife even while Bennett leapt back from the thrust. */
      /* Bennett felt a sharp stinging pain in his forearm through the
      thick Army jacket as the Bowie knife sailed by. He took one step back,
      then instantly launched a high karate front kick at the thug's face,
      ignoring the pain in his arm. But the gang leader was too fast, jerking
      his face back from the kick; Bennett pivoted to the side, letting the
      momentum of his kick spin him sideways as the giant thug bellowed again
      and thrust the huge knife directly at Bennett's side. As Bennett
      pivoted, he slid back through the door, then bent his body and threw it
      to the side, leaning his weight against the frame of the door. The gang
      leader's thrust with the knife flashed by Bennett's mid-section just in
      front of his stomach, ending with the thug's outstretched arm extended
      through the car door. */
      /* Summoning up the internal "ki" of the martial art he had
      practiced for years, Bennett roared, braced a boot against wall of the
      car for leverage, and thrust with all his might on the door, slamming it
      shut on the thug's outstretched arm. The gang leader screamed and
      dropped the huge knife as his elbow joint gave an audible crunch as the
      sliding door smashed it. Bennett pivoted again, pulling his body around
      on the door latch handhold, and swung the full weight of his body behind
      an upraised, spinning knee. The knee caught the thug's outstretched
      forearm, smashing it backward on the elbow joint and snapped it second
      time, this time backwards with an audible crack! as two bone ends lanced
      out of the broken, ripped elbow joint. Arterial blood spurted from the
      destroyed arm as the gang beast screamed in agony and tried to yank the
      arm back from the grip of the door. */
      /* Bennett held the door shut against the bloody arm. "Sharpen
      this dialectic, asshole!" he screamed, and drove his other knee upward
      into the ruined arm, breaking it a third time as the giant thug screamed
      yet again in agony. */
      /* Bennett released the door and sprinted down the coach just as
      the train slowed to stop at a station. He didn't look back as the
      coach's side door opened and he darted through. He could hear wailing
      and screaming from the female BC two cars back. He sprinted onto the
      train stop, vaulted a concrete wall, and disappeared fluidly into the
      /*(to be continued)*/

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