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Porcucpine Freedom Festival 2005 in New Hampshire

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  • Tim Condon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2004
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      >>PorcFest '05 Update
      >> Don't forget to mark your calendars for the 2005 Porcupine Freedom
      >> Festival.
      >>The dates are July 23-31, 2005. Scheduled activities begin on July 27. And
      >>don't forget to make your reservations with Roger's Campground! All the
      >>information you need to know is here:
      >>In this issue:
      >>Art Contest
      >>New Sign-up Page and We'll Be There list
      >>Reminder: Mark your calendars, make your reservations!
      >>Art Contest:
      >>The Porcupine Freedom Festival needs artwork! We need logo-type artwork for
      >>use on merchandise and in promotional material. The art will be used on
      >>posters, t-shirts, programs, mailings, and so on. Send us your artwork and
      >>you can win a free week of campsite space at PorcFest '05! We'll select the
      >>best piece we receive by January 10th and use it on all of our
      >>materials. In
      >>addition to the campsite, the winner will get free stuff with your very own
      >>artwork on it! For guidelines and submission information, please visit:
      >>Sign-up Page:
      >>We have a new Sign-up Page and We'll Be There list. Important: if your name
      >>was already on the we'll be there list, please add it again using the
      >>page. In addition to knowing how many people are coming to the Festival, we
      >>need to know how how many are interested in some of the specific events
      >>planning. Please register at:
      >>To see who else is coming, visit the new we'll be there list at:
      >>See you in July!
      >>Thanks a million!
      >>Varrin Swearingen varrin@...
      >>http://freestateproject.org Liberty in our Lifetime
      >>MD-11 First Officer World Airways
      >>Drums & Percussion Daniel 12:4

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