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RLC NH charter meeting set!

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  • Tim Condon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2004
      >> The date and time for the state-chartering meeting of the
      >> Repbublican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (RLCNH) has now been set. It
      >> will be held on
      >> We have a meeting room reserved at the restaurant for the above
      >> time. Because there's a meal involved, the restaurant needs to know how
      >> many people are coming. The cost of the buffet-style meal will be $18.70
      >> per person (if you don't have it or don't want to pay it, tell me; I'll
      >> probably pay for it myself if you promise to be an RLCNH activist). You
      >> can get full information about and directions to Makris Restaurant in
      >> Concord by going to www.eatalobster.com. Our meal will include grilled
      >> steak tips, chicken marsala, and grilled salmon, as well as lots of
      >> other breads, vegetables, and the such. Thus, I need everyone who's
      >> going to make it to SEND ME AN EMAIL NOW AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU'LL BE
      >> THERE (the quicker, the better, since we're on a deadline; email me at
      >> tim@...). I hope that every believer in individual liberty and
      >> free-market activism will make it to this meeting which will benefit the
      >> forces of capitalism and freedom in New Hampshire from that date
      >> forward. (You can find out all about the Republican Liberty Caucus, by
      >> the way, by going to www.rlc.org.)
      >> At the meeting we will be choosing up and electing RLCNH
      >> officers to lead the organization in the Free State, collecting RLCNH
      >> membership applications (cost of $30, for those of you who haven't
      >> signed up yet), and looking over the national charter application and
      >> organizational by-laws.
      >> I will be flying up to New Hampshire (my future home) from
      >> Florida (my present home) on the Thursday before the meeting. At the
      >> meeting I intend to give a talk entitled "The GOOD NEWS in the New
      >> Hampshire Election Results." (Or, "Not All the News Is Bad! Consider
      >> These Facts!") If you want to know how I can possibly give a talk like
      >> that...plan to attend and hear it!
      >> I'll also be presenting some "Proposed RLCNH Projects for the
      >> Next Election." (Hint: Friend-of-freedom GOP Rep. Ed Nutter, 87.5% NHLA
      >> rating; and friend-of-freedom GOP Rep. Henry McElroy, 63.64% NHLA
      >> rating; and friend-of-freedom GOP Sen. Russell Prescott, 85.71% NHLA
      >> rating, all lost their recent re-election efforts to the state house and
      >> state senate; we should aim to change that and put them back in office
      >> two years from now. In addition, we'll want to talk about the extensive
      >> vote fraud that appears to have occurred in this last election in New
      >> Hampshire, and about building a corps of Republican Liberty Caucus
      >> "on-the-ground activists" who will have a dramatically positive impact
      >> on state political elections in future NH elections.).
      >> And finally, I'll be giving everyone at the meeting an
      >> invitation and directions to the largest gathering yet of Free State
      >> Project Porcupines in southern New Hampshire, which will be held the
      >> next day, Saturday, 12/4/04, in Keene, and attended by a BUNCH of the
      >> brand new libertarian activists who have joined the FSP migration to the
      >> Free State. So BE THERE on Friday night! I look forward to seeing you all!
      >>------- Timothy Condon, Attorney at Law -------
      >>(and Participant Services Director, the Free State Project)
      >>P.O. Box 1007, Tampa, FL 33601 O: 813-251-2626
      >>Fax: 813-254-2979 -- Email: tim@...

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