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Re: Vote fraud in the Free State!

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  • Jim
    There s nothing new here. A Liberal/Socialist trick is to make a mockery of the democratic process. Open election laws like instant registration invite fraud
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 4, 2004
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      There's nothing new here. A Liberal/Socialist trick is to make a
      mockery of the democratic process. Open election laws like instant
      registration invite fraud and need to be changed. Given the money,
      I could probably round up countless buses and bus in a group of
      winos to vote for whoever I told them to vote for. As long as the
      cheap wine held out. Needless to say, state sovereigntry is one of
      my causes. do we shut the door on those who oppose us or just let
      them come right on in to defeat us. why did we decide to pick New
      Hampshire in the first place? It wasn't because we wanted to
      compete with Socialist Republic of Massachusetts people bused in to
      vote aginst us in our LOCAL elections was it?

      . Ole "B-1 Bob" Dornan was defeated by the votes of some 2000
      illegal aliens in California and a Liberal Democrat, Loretta
      Sanchez, beat him out of his Congressional seat in Conservative
      Orange County, California. The DEAD are a powerful voting bloc in
      places like Chicago and New Orleans to mention a few places I know

      Jim Walters

      --- In freestateproject@yahoogroups.com, Tim Condon <tim@t...> wrote:
      > Thank you, thank you, THANK you, Michelle. This is an
      > for FSP Porcupines, LPNH members, Republican Liberty Caucus
      members, Second
      > Amendment activists, and freedom-lovers from throughout New
      Hampshire to
      > come together in a VERY important common battle. I wish I was up
      there, and
      > I'm sorry I'm not!!! ----Tim Condon
      > At 11:21 AM 11/4/04 -0500, Michelle Dumas wrote:
      > >Thanks for the heads up, Tim. Jim and I just called Harvey and
      told him
      > >that we will be more than happy to do whatever we can do to help.
      I have
      > >no doubt that we'll uncover fraud. The stories I'm hearing are
      > >
      > >Michelle Dumas
      > >
      > >
      > >----------
      > >From: Tim Condon [mailto:tim@t...]
      > >Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 10:58 AM
      > >To: FSP doers; Freedom in NH
      > >Subject: [FSP-Doers] Vote fraud in the Free State!
      > >
      > >> Everyone: New Hampshire state representative Henry
      McElroy is a
      > >> friend to freedom, a friend to the Free State Project, and a
      friend to
      > >> libertarians. He spoke at the First Annual Porcupine Freedom
      Fest in
      > >> Lancaster, NH earlier this year, in June. He has lost what may
      have been
      > >> a "cooked" election two days ago by 47 votes out of a total of
      > >> votes cast. He represents Ward #1 of District 20 in the city of
      > >> in Hillsborough County. In Ward #1 on election day there were
      725 "new
      > >> registrants" (New Hampshire law allows people to register to
      vote on the
      > >> day of an election by simply showing up at the polling place
      > >> registering "on the spot"). On election day in the adjacent
      Ward #2
      > >> there were about 1,000 "instant registrants." Rep. McElroy
      tells me that
      > >> he saw people being "bused in" from the local college to
      register and
      > >> vote; there may have also been people "bused in" from
      Massachusetts for
      > >> "instant registration." This was a massive effort put on by
      Democrats to
      > >> take New Hampshire for Sen. Kerry. It has succeeded not only in
      > >> that, but also in defeating a number of freedom-oriented
      > >> such as Rep. McElroy.
      > >> Rep. McElroy is hesitant to call for a recount in his
      > >> because of the manpower needed to go over voting registrations
      > >> need to be correlated with people who have died in the past few
      > >> as well as addresses and other identification information
      checked). It
      > >> appears that the chance of voting fraud in this election is
      very high.
      > >> We need a group of libertarians to come to Rep. McEloy's aid in
      > >> endeavor. Having a recount and exposing voting fraud will
      benefit all of
      > >> New Hampshire and its citizens, and put those who commit fraud
      (who may
      > >> be prosecuted for the crime) on notice that they can't "get
      away with
      > >> it" in the Free State.
      > >> In addition, for those of you who will take part in
      this crucial
      > >> effort, it will give you invaluable, personal experience in how
      a vote
      > >> recount is conducted in New Hampshire; it will teach you "how
      > >> done." This is crucial experience and information for anyone
      who intends
      > >> to be politically active in the Free State (and virtually all
      Free State
      > >> Project members will be). This is also an important opportunity
      for all
      > >> LPNH members in the southern part of New Hampshire, for the
      same reasons.
      > >> I'd like ALL of you in southern New Hampshire to call
      > >> McElroy's campaign manager NOW, and tell him you will help with
      the vote
      > >> recount (imagine how exciting it will be to actually,
      personally uncover
      > >> instances of voting fraud...and in the process get a friend of
      > >> back into the state house!). The campaign manager's name is
      > >> WARFIELD, and you should call him RIGHT NOW at 978-635-9586. He
      will be
      > >> coordinating the vote recount for Rep. McElroy. If enough of us
      > >> together for this effort, it will show that the Free State
      Project and
      > >> other libertarians are capable of putting "feet on the ground"
      > >> crucial times and places. In addition, if the Ward #1 recount
      > >> massive vote fraud, then the recount can and should be extended
      to Ward
      > >> #2, which had 1,000 "instant voters" register on election day.
      > >>
      > >>Tim Condon, Participant Services Director, Free State Project
      > >> Tampa, Florida - 813-251-2626 - email: tim@t...
      > >> A chance to live what you believe: www.freestateproject.org
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