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  • Philip Denisch (CBIZ MTDonahoe)
    I am who I am, aren t I? Who am I? Who are you? Who are they? Are we all doomed to a hyphenated existence? Am I forever a
    Message 1 of 49 , Oct 27 12:18 PM
      I am who I am, aren't I?

      Who am I? Who are you? Who are they? Are we all doomed to a hyphenated
      existence? Am I forever a
      liberal? Is there no way to avoid being an "ist"? Do I have to be a
      capitalist, socialist, nihilist, communist, asininist, fascist, or
      anarchist? Will I instead be relegated to an "ian", whether it be a Randian,
      Lockean [damn English language], Misesian, Marxian, Jeffersonian,
      Trotskyeieioean, or Chomskiean? How can I live life with my persona wrapped
      up in a package of letters? Will my ego and id skip down the flower-strewn
      lane of life with epithets tagged to their back (right next to the one that
      says "Kick me!")?

      Well, I know who I am, no matter how often I change, I'm that guy. Whenever
      I look in a mirror, it's my face I see, not Ayn's, Tom's, or Leon's. So long
      as the years paint time on my face, I will be that man - right up until the
      time I change. I know that change is a part of life, the child of yesterday
      will be the geezer of tomorrow. When I no longer change, adapt, mutate,
      transform, or evolve, I'll be dead. So here's to putting off the static
      stasis as long as possible.

      [Phil's ego, never wrong yesterday, but more mature today, looks forward to
      being even more mature tomorrow (or so he says).]

      To go along with the "Know Thyself" theme,
      a few little quizzes to tickle your meme:
      (Ya gotta love the wording on some of these)
      Anyone up to doing an FSP version (comparing lesser states to NH, etc.)?

      If you want to think about something that maybe you think you already
      thought about, but didn't think that the thoughts you thought were what you
      were thinking, maybe you should think about these, er, on second thought
      maybe not. Just do a puzzle to keep your mind from freezing up :)

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    • Philip Denisch (CBIZ MTDonahoe)
      Don t Think About it Go ahead, take another sip of eggnog, don t think about the millions around the world forced to gulp down socialism as if it were some
      Message 49 of 49 , Dec 23, 2004
        Don't Think About it

        Go ahead, take another sip of eggnog, don't think about the millions around
        the world forced to gulp down socialism as if it were some sort of magic
        tonic. Please, tear into that wonderful turkey, don't think about the taxes
        and fees ripped from the wallets of the regular, honest, decent folk. That's
        right, the star goes a little to the left, don't think about those wandering
        around with wool over their eyes, placed there by teachers and professors
        with misplaced trust. Sure, that Santa tie looks real smart around your
        neck, don't think about the multitudes strangled by onerous regulations.
        Make sure you're not late for the party, don't think about the millions of
        our dollars wasted by political party hacks and rent seeking rats. Gosh,
        your front yard is wonderfully displayed with exterior illumination, don't
        think about how 216 December 23rds have come and gone since the land for the
        National Seat was ceded (and we all know another name for "seat" don't we).
        For those so inclined, enjoy your martial platitudes (do rattling sabers
        sound like silver bells?), don't think about the 60 December 23rds ago when
        Private Slovik lost hope. Make very merry this season, reading "A Visit From
        St. Nicholas" to your kids, don't think about all those politicians not
        reading the Constitution at all. Keep all that joy and happiness in your
        heart and in your life - certainly don't even *think* about letting a
        foul-mooded, scribbler-wannabe, Grinchafied moron dampen your holiday

        [Phil's ego, the eternal apologizer, says sorry for the "only-semi-serious,
        partially depressing, hopefully secular holiday message. And like Tiny Tim
        said, "God bless us, every effen one of us".]

        Some Dickens info for you:

        A sequence of unfavorable incidents:

        The district, with a capital "strict":

        Action? What, you need an action for the week? How about we all act like
        we're civilized. Too much to ask, perhaps?

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