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  • Philip Denisch
    Stun the Oxen Most freedom-minded people like to read. Many freedom-minded people like to read a lot. Some read far too much, ripping through Human Action
    Message 1 of 49 , Oct 20, 2004
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      Stun the Oxen

      Most freedom-minded people like to read. Many freedom-minded people
      like to read a lot. Some read far too much, ripping through "Human
      Action" faster than a red can say "A specter is haunting Europe-". I
      think we need to share this penchant for reading with as many others
      as possible, preferably those aforementioned reds. It may take some
      time, and we may need to define terms like epistemology, praxeology,
      and ratiocination, but it could be well worth the while. The kind of
      mind that wants to learn, will much prefer to learn the truth. Seek
      these minds out - many can be found in the colleges and universities
      of America (but let's not forget the high schools, though).

      Find them before the other side does - and you know they are looking
      for them. Like birds of prey circling in the sky, eyeing the young
      and waiting for their chance to swoop down. Just imagine, a young
      college coed, fresh-faced and full of hope. Merrily walking along on
      her way to class. But, oh no, here comes a vindictive statist (bitter
      from a life of trying to believe what he knows won't work) streaming
      toward our innocent friend. The speed of the attacker increases until
      he is nothing but a (red) blur hurtling toward the pristine mind of
      this junior. Look out, look out! We call to her, our hearts shivering
      in fear for her logical mind. The javelin-like bird racing toward
      her, with a beak like a hypodermic needle eager to inject
      incongruities and terminological inexactitudes into the gray matter
      between her ears. Oh, the horror, how can we look upon such sad
      events, and realize that this is taking place all over in the
      colleges and high schools of our fine land.

      We steal one last look toward our pure miss, and see her casually
      glance toward the oncoming fiend. Doesn't she see him? Doesn't she
      know what mental turpitude awaits his ravenous attack? Wait, what's
      this? Our heroine is reaching into her backpack; she's pulling
      something out. It's a book of some sort. I can barely read it, it
      says M-a-n-E-c-o-n-o-m-y-a-n-d-S-t-a-t-e! Whoa! It seems our helpless
      little lass is not so helpless after all. All eyes are now glued to
      the scene. We can see the raptor's eyes widen with realization as he
      slowly recognizes the words on the cover (it usually takes these
      types a little longer than the rest of us to put things together).
      His path too steep, his offensive overcautious from years of success,
      he is unable to alter his course to avoid contact. We can see him
      swallow hard as he realizes he is now the target. A sickening,
      crunchy, crackling sound is heard, but with rather pleasant overtones
      of comeuppance. The broken, crippled ox-bird, quite in shock of the
      impotence of his attack, lies crumpled at the feet of our heroine as
      she barely looks at the scraggly heap of feathers and nonchalantly
      carries on with her walk. Hope is the sparkle in a young person's

      [Phil's ego says: Ox, ox-like bird - go with me on this one. Ok, I
      could have used a charging ox, with mucronate horns eager for the
      goring and that sort of thing, but ah, the vacillating mind of a
      cheap, hack "writer".]

      To help share your (liberty-mined) books:
      http://www.bookcrossing.com (Let's make sure there's more of ours and
      less of theirs)
      As mentioned in http://www.rationalreview.com/mlseymour/093003.shtml

      To help the FSP to help you help others, buy your books through the
      FSP site at Amazon or LFB:

      It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, it will probably make you
      sick - banned books:
      http://www.ala.org/bbooks or
      (The fact that any book would be banned is repugnant. 's matta, we
      can't make up our own minds?)
    • Philip Denisch (CBIZ MTDonahoe)
      Don t Think About it Go ahead, take another sip of eggnog, don t think about the millions around the world forced to gulp down socialism as if it were some
      Message 49 of 49 , Dec 23, 2004
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        Don't Think About it

        Go ahead, take another sip of eggnog, don't think about the millions around
        the world forced to gulp down socialism as if it were some sort of magic
        tonic. Please, tear into that wonderful turkey, don't think about the taxes
        and fees ripped from the wallets of the regular, honest, decent folk. That's
        right, the star goes a little to the left, don't think about those wandering
        around with wool over their eyes, placed there by teachers and professors
        with misplaced trust. Sure, that Santa tie looks real smart around your
        neck, don't think about the multitudes strangled by onerous regulations.
        Make sure you're not late for the party, don't think about the millions of
        our dollars wasted by political party hacks and rent seeking rats. Gosh,
        your front yard is wonderfully displayed with exterior illumination, don't
        think about how 216 December 23rds have come and gone since the land for the
        National Seat was ceded (and we all know another name for "seat" don't we).
        For those so inclined, enjoy your martial platitudes (do rattling sabers
        sound like silver bells?), don't think about the 60 December 23rds ago when
        Private Slovik lost hope. Make very merry this season, reading "A Visit From
        St. Nicholas" to your kids, don't think about all those politicians not
        reading the Constitution at all. Keep all that joy and happiness in your
        heart and in your life - certainly don't even *think* about letting a
        foul-mooded, scribbler-wannabe, Grinchafied moron dampen your holiday

        [Phil's ego, the eternal apologizer, says sorry for the "only-semi-serious,
        partially depressing, hopefully secular holiday message. And like Tiny Tim
        said, "God bless us, every effen one of us".]

        Some Dickens info for you:

        A sequence of unfavorable incidents:

        The district, with a capital "strict":

        Action? What, you need an action for the week? How about we all act like
        we're civilized. Too much to ask, perhaps?

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