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  • Philip Denisch (CBIZ MTDonahoe)
    Connoting on Voting I suppose this is the *Action*of*the*Oh-don t-even-bother. Either that, or we move into *Action*of*the*demisemiquaver or something along
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Connoting on Voting

      I suppose this is the *Action*of*the*Oh-don't-even-bother. Either that, or
      we move into *Action*of*the*demisemiquaver or something along those lines.
      But, getting to the point, I imagine a number of us watched the
      "presidential" "debates". Hardly any of the very important topics were
      discussed. Banality was flying like sparks as the candidates hammered away
      at their platform (or lack thereof) on the anvils of the podiums. I'm sure
      the sale of analgesics skyrocketed just after the debates began and
      continued elevated until well after the attendant commentators finished
      drubbing their varied analyses against the noggins of the populace with
      their ball-peen hammer pleonasm.

      But what's a liberty-minded guy or gal supposed to do? I mean there are a
      couple of mutually exclusive situations here. I, for one, sure don't want to
      "waste my vote". Holding my nose while voting is getting pretty
      uncomfortable, and plenty sore after all these years. Apparently, a "no
      vote" is interpreted by the pols and press as apathy, not disgust. Very few
      places have a NOTA option, though I bet it would get a plurality. Or would

      Do people really think any of the professional politicians have any interest
      in the real American Way, in the true course this country should be on, in
      actually trusting the general populace to not behave as they do? I don't
      know, maybe the bureaucrats and beltway bandits have it all sewn up. Maybe a
      vote today for an honest man is like bailing the Titanic with a teaspoon,
      blowing on the Hindenburg, or whacking the Death Star with a jeweler's
      hammer (sorry, how about duct tape on Krakatau). But I for one will exercise
      the power recognized in the Constitution (let's not go there again) and vote
      for the write-in candidate of my choice. The one man, whom above all others,
      stands tall and proud as a giant. The giant whose shoulders those in the
      future will stand upon to glimpse the dawn of a new age of freedom. A man as
      Vulcan, muscles bulging in his arms, sweat pouring from his brow, hammering
      away at the anvil of liberty, forging a Free State in the fires of rampant
      statism and quenching it in the cool, clean snows of New Hampshire. My
      write-in vote shall be for Jason Sorens.

      [Shhhh, don't tell him, let's make it a surprise.]

      Some suggested reading while we wait for November 2:
      The Lesser of Two Evils by Leonard Read,

      In Support of Voting by Jacob Hornberger,

      And in the "Tired of always being treated like a red-headed stepchild"

      All right, a more real vote-trading article (but nowhere near as funny):

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