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Free State technological advances

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  • Tim Condon
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2004
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      >> George Gilder is a techno-guru and author of visionary books like
      >> "Wealth & Poverty," "Microcosm," and "Life After Television." The latest
      >> issue of his Gilder Technology Report features an essay about a company
      >> named Xanoptix (http://www.xanoptix.com/) that Gilder believes may be a
      >> more important company than Intel over the long term. "Xanopix will
      >> enable the direct connection of hard drive buffers to optical
      >> fiber....The result will be a new era of integrated optics and
      >> electronics that will reduce the size and power consumption of systems
      >> as dramatically as Intel's revolution of integrated electronics
      >> diminished the size and power consumption of components."
      >> Founded four years ago by a former Stanford University
      >> electrical engineering professor John Tezza, Xanopix has made
      >> breakthroughs in optics and electronics at its clean-room research
      >> facility in...Manchester, New Hampshire (the Free State).
      >> Just thought you'd all be interested in just one breakout
      >> high-tech company in the Free State. There are others.
      >>Tim Condon, Participant Services Director, Free State Project
      >> Tampa, Florida - 813-251-2626 - email: tim@...
      >> A chance to live what you believe: www.freestateproject.org
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