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Article about New Hampshire in "The Economist"

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  • Tim Condon
    In the current issue of The Economist, there s an article about New Hampshire as a swing state in the upcoming presidential election. Unfortunately, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
      In the current issue of "The Economist," there's an article about
      New Hampshire as a "swing state" in the upcoming presidential election.
      Unfortunately, the article isn't available online for free. Among other
      things, the article says the following:

      "[New Hampshire's] politics are libertarian rather than socially
      conservative. It is an affluent place (its median income is the
      fourth-highest in the country), full of well-educated folk who hate taxes:
      there is no state income tax or sales tax. Yet it is generally moderate on
      social issues."
      Registered voters in NH are currently registered 38% independent,
      37% Republican, and 26% Democrat.
      "Helped by [its] low taxes, New Hampshire---particularly its
      southeastern section---has lured in plenty of upmarket service jobs, many
      of them in finance and technology."
      "According to the UNH Survey Centre, only one in three adults in
      the state was born there, and a quarter were born in Massachusetts."
      New Hampshire's "unemployment rate of 4.0% is well under the
      national rate of 5.6%."
      "Many New Hampshire voters fled high-tax Massachusetts, and they
      are deeply suspicious of tax-and-spend liberals."

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