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Deadline of 6/16 to purchase Liberty Dinner tickets!!!

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  • Keith Murphy
    This is notice of your last chance to be a part of the summer s biggest political event. You obviously care about individual freedom, and are well aware of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2004
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      This is notice of your last chance to be a part of the summer's biggest
      political event.

      You obviously care about individual freedom, and are well aware of the
      dangers posed by intrusive government. And I'm sure you've heard of
      the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, which is committed to electing
      legislators who respect your rights, as well as lobbying to block
      anti-freedom legislation.

      The NHLA has already graded the legislators for the 2004 session, and
      we are now in the process of carefully evaluating who we should
      support, and who we should work to defeat. This scorecard will be
      released ten days from today, on June 25th, at the First Annual Liberty
      Dinner in Plymouth.

      If you've made arrangements to attend the dinner, thank you. If you
      haven't, then you should. For the life of me, I can't understand why
      anyone would want to miss it. Governor Craig Benson will share the
      podium with Dr. Jason Sorens, Founder of the Free State Project. Dr.
      Michael Avery will give an address on the dangers posed by the
      ironically-named Patriot Act. Our board of directors will provide an
      update on the organization's efforts so far, including the what could
      be the ultimate answer to the Claremont decision. And we will be
      presenting the "Legislator of the Year" award to the legislator who has
      done more than any other to advance the cause of liberty within New
      Hampshire in the 2004 session.

      It will be an evening that should not be missed by anyone who cares
      about the future of liberty in New Hampshire.

      If you haven't already, please consider purchasing your tickets today.
      The following special discounts apply:

      *Half-price tickets for children 17 or under
      *Buy two tickets at full-price, buy up to four more at half-price

      These discounts are not available through our website, and they are not
      being advertised to the general public. To qualify, respond to this
      email and I'll hold your seats at these special prices. To order
      tickets at the full price of $50 each, go to

      The deadline to purchase tickets is noon on June 16th, less than 48
      hours away. After that point, there will be no more tickets available.
      Order today!

      I truly hope you attend, and look forward to seeing you ten days from

      For Liberty and Responsibility,

      Keith Murphy
      NHLA Advisor

      If you wish to attend the dinner, but are limited due to financial
      considerations, please contact me and we'll come to an arrangement.
      For instance, we need volunteers to help set up for the event, and
      we'll be happy to give a ticket for half-price to those who donate
      their time
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