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The First Annual Porc Fest! Two weeks away!

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  • Tim Condon
    GREETINGS TO ALL FREE STATE PROJECT PORCUPINES AND FRIENDS. The First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest and Night on the Barricades is two weeks away. We ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2004

      The First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest and Night on the
      Barricades is two weeks away. We've been planning for this for the past six
      months. It's almost here. My wife and I will be flying into Manchester
      Airport on Wednesday, June 23, 2004, and will see you all at Rogers
      Campground in Lancaster, New Hampshire (The Free State) by that Thursday.

      We all know that the Free State Project is totally
      volunteer-driven. All our money (what money we have) goes to increasing our
      efforts in recruiting 20,000 committed Porcupines to move to the Free
      State. That being the case, snafus can and do occur, often at the last
      minute. The LATEST PROBLEMS are these:

      1. The "communal meal" scheduled for Saturday night, June 26, 2004
      from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (after the speeches and before the Porcupine Dance)
      is hanging fire. We may need volunteers, and fast, to either take over the
      planning and execution, or to help out. Now is your chance to make a
      difference as a Porcupine. Everyone loves a full stomach, and they're going
      to love you too if you help. So join the Yahoo list RIGHT NOW at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Porcupine_Festival_Planning/. We may need to
      do some quick re-planning...or everything might be okay. Either way, make
      yourselves known so that we've got enough people to make it happen!

      2. We have the same problem with the Porcupine Lunch scheduled for
      Friday, June 25, 2004 at noontime. We may have lost the person who
      previously was going to head it up. Which means we may need a whole new
      crew to make it come off. I'll certainly be a part of it. And I'm hoping
      that a bunch of you will be also. There is rumor in the air that the FSP
      national leadership is stepping in to flip hamburgers and toast hot dogs
      for the assembled Porcupines at that time. So if you want to make Amanda
      Phillips, Jason Sorens, Alan Weiss, Eddie Bradford, Jean Alexander, and
      other Big Porcupine Names cook for you...be there...and be sure to
      volunteer to help by joining the Yahoo planning list above.

      3. The "We'll Be There" list has grown greatly in the past two
      weeks: We now have confirmed attendance at the Porc Fest on the We'll Be
      There list of 176. Is that enough freedom-lovers for you in one place at
      one time? Personally I think the number attending will be more than double
      that. Get ready to meet and talk with a LOT of people who think, feel,
      dream, and act the same way you do!

      4. A group of Porcupines has explored the Free State (during the
      "Blue Floridians Tour" in February) and chosen Grafton, home of John
      Babiarz, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, as "The
      Free Town." Read about the trip, and the choice of Grafton, in my article
      located at
      http://www.freestateproject.org/about/essay_archive/freetown.jsp. If you're
      interested in finding out more about the Free Town (and about having lots
      of freedom-loving neighbors), taking a tour, meeting John and Rosalie
      Babiarz, seeing land owned (and for sale) by a fellow Porcupine, and seeing
      other land and even homes for sale in the Free Town, visit there on Sunday,
      June 27, 2004 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Come into town and turn in at the
      Fire Station (next to the city clerk's office and the local police
      department (separate small buildings right on the highway going through
      Grafton). We hope to have several FSP members there to help everyone who
      wants to visit. Grafton is east and slightly south of Lebanon/Hannover
      (where Dartmouth University is, on the western border of New Hampshire;
      consult your map of the Free State). If you're flying out of Manchester
      Airport on Sunday afternoon or evening, stop over in Grafton on the way
      south from Lancaster!

      5. All current information on the Web about the Porcupine Fest can
      be seen at http//freestateproject.org/news/festival04/index.jsp.

      6. A new happening has been scheduled at the Porc Fest for
      Thursday, June 24, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. at FSP President Amanda Phillips'
      Campsite #22: Phil Denisch will give an "FSP Speakers Workshop." Learn how
      to speak to groups more clearly and effectively about the Free State
      Project. Polish your public speaking skills! I'll be there, and I hope you
      will too.

      7. Brian Sullivan, from Ithaca, NY, is the FSP Booth Materials and
      Special Projects Coordinator. He says, anyone who has banners, bring them
      with you (there are several out there that have gotten misplaced, through
      no fault of Brian's).

      8. Everyone bring your camcorders! There will now be FOUR film
      crews at the Porc Fest, including one from Netherlands TV, another from
      Germany, another from Texas, and another from, umm, somewhere
      else. Sheesh. Bring your digital camcorders to the Porc Fest and shoot
      away! The more the merrier. Footage shot by some of us may be used in the
      Big Documentary about this first coming-together of the Porcupines (if you
      want to donate it for such use).

      9. For help regarding the Porc Fest, go to the FSP forum at
      http//forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=60. It includes
      ride-sharing, who's going when, visiting the Free State for the first time,
      etc. Go to it for information, as well as the Porc Fest link on the home
      page of the FSP web site.

      Listen, Porcupines! All of you! This is only the first coming
      together of the Free State Project in the Free State. Each year in the
      future there will be gatherings of the Freedom Loving Porcupines there. But
      this is the first. And with it we will make history. Be there, and get your
      friends to attend too!


      THURSDAY, 6/24/04
      3:00 p.m. FSP Speakers Workshop, by Phil Denisch, at Campsite #22.
      7:00 p.m. FSP Welcome Campfire, everyone come to FSP Campsite 26 or
      28, or both; come meet your Porcupine comrades and future neighbors!

      FRIDAY, 6/25/04
      7:00 am Those who want to hike up Mt. Liberty meet at Campsite 26; a basic
      hot breakfast will be provided to the hikers for free, just show up and the
      food will be ready.
      7:45 am Mt. Liberty hikers assemble in the Rogers Campground parking lot
      and leave for the trail. "If you don't make it on time, you'll have to
      catch us on the trail!"
      NOON Porcupine Family barbeque lunch (we hope; volunteers needed; join Porc
      Fest online planning group at the following address:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Porcupine_Festival_Planning/. Join up! We
      may well need help big-time.

      2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Porcupine Family Discussion Gathering: Who are we? Where
      have we been? Where are we going? What is the FSP all about? How fares the
      Movement? How fare the Membership? All this and more will be discussed by
      all who attend. It will be moderated by FSP member, lawyer, and gun-rights
      activist Evan Nappen of New Jersey. Members of the Free State Project
      national leadership will be present to answer questions and participate in
      the wide-ranging Porc Family discussion! BE there!

      SATURDAY, 6/26/04:
      8:00 - 9:00 Vendor Set-up
      9:00 - 10:00 Open to Public, Vending Time
      10:00 - 10:15 Amanda Phillips: Welcome and Opening Remarks
      10:15 - 10:45 Jason Sorens: Speech #1
      10:45 - 11:00 Break
      11:00 - 11:30 Henry McElroy: Politics in New Hampshire
      11:30 - 12:00 Gun Rights Panel: Sam Cohen, Evelyn Logan, Wade
      Bartlett, Jeff Jordan
      12:00 - 1:30 Lunch
      1:30 - 1:45 Announcements (Amanda Phillips)
      1:45 - 2:15 James Maynard: The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
      2:15 - 2:45 David & Cynthia Walthour:
      Home-schooling/alternative education in New Hampshire
      2:45 - 3:00 Break
      3:00 - 3:30 Ed Naile: Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
      3:30 - 4:00 Joe Carringer, victimless crimes
      4:00 - 5:00 Vending time
      5:00 - 7:00 Porcupine communal barbeque meal
      7:00 - 8:00 Porcupine Business Networking Event
      8:00 - 11:45 Porcupine Dance and Party
      11:45 - 12:00 Clean-Up

      SUNDAY, 6/27/04
      10:00 a.m. Christian gathering (in meeting hall)
      10:00 a.m. Atheist gathering (at Campsite #22)
      10:00 a.m. "None of the above" gathering for Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus,
      agnostics, the "spiritual-but-not-religious," Wiccans, etc. (Says Troy
      Rowley, who is setting it up, "Anyone may attend; the only pre-requisite is
      that one respect the Spirituality of others even if it doesn't match your
      own. See you in Lancaster!")
      10:00 a.m. Merrimack Valley Seekers (a spiritual group; one of the
      exhibitors), hosting a discussion at their campsite.

      1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Visit the Free Town. See Grafton and visit the FSP
      supporters who already live there. Visit with an FSP-friendly real estate
      agent, Dave Walthour, and talk to an FSP member who already owns almost 250
      acres in Grafton Town.you want to read about Grafton, see my article
      at: http//www.freestateproject.org/about/essay_archive/freetown.jsp

      Skip Abadie, Carrollton, TX
      Bill Alleman, Weare, NH
      Darlene Alleman, Weare, NH
      Connie Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Seth Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Wil Aygarn, Norfolk, VA
      John Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      Rosalie Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      Peter Baker, Bradenton, FL
      Damian Barbosa, Warwick, RI
      Tim Bauman, Libertyville, IL
      Karl Beisel, Arlington, VA
      Kendon Black, Norco, CA
      Greg Blencoe, Studio City, CA
      Phil Boncer, San Diego, CA
      Wes Bradley, Coatesville, PA
      John Breig, Bridgeport, PA
      Kristine Brooks, San Diego, CA
      Carl Brown, Whitefield, NH
      Joe Chapley, Monsey, NY
      Ed Chesbro, Williamstown, MA
      Nixi Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Robert Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Steve Cobb, Sakhalin Island, Russia
      Sam Cohen, Concord, NH
      Ken Colby, Woodstock, VT
      Michele Condon, Tampa, FL
      Tim Condon, Tampa, FL
      Thaddeus Cowan Thompson, Jacksonville, FL
      Cathleen Converse, Greenville, SC
      Don Converse, Greenville, SC
      Mark Cowder, Frederick, MD
      Michael Curtis (& friends), Austin, TX
      Lloyd Danforth, Hartford, CT
      Dan Dargon, Concord, NH
      Philip Denisch, Towson, MD
      Jay Denonville, Oldsmar, FL
      Bruce Deuso, Springfield, VT
      Kat Dillon, Frost, TX
      Kira Dillon, Frost, TX
      Candace Downey, Boston, MA
      Jim Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      Michelle Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      Cathy Dunson, Tulsa, OK
      Michael Edelstein, San Francisco/Tiburon, CA
      Janice Edelstein, San Francisco/Tiburon, CA
      George Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Shigeko Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Jim Gilbert, Mexico, NY
      Laura Graham, Severna Park, MD
      Dan Helman, Vancouver, WA
      Eduardo Hernandez, Carrolton, TX
      Doug Hillman, Graham, AL
      Jena Hillman, Graham, AL
      Brett Holaday, Tampa, FL
      Christopher Hornbaker, Fayetteville, PA
      Cheyenne Hornbaker, Fayetteville, PA
      Edwina Houlmiere, Minden, NV
      Patrick Houlmiere, Minden, NV
      James & Elena House, St. Louis, MO
      Robert Hull, Brielle, NJ
      Jeff Jordan, Hillsboro, NH
      Pat Kaspary, Long Island, NY
      Debbie Keiser, Williamsport, PA
      Glenn Keiser, Williamsport, PA
      Bradley Keyes, Forest Lake, MN
      Margot Keyes, Forest Lake, MN
      Tom Knapp, St. Louis, MO
      Michael Kozarski, Hobe Sound, FL
      Nick Kyriazi, Pittsburgh, PA
      Melissa LaPerle, Concord, NH
      Pat Lapree, Keene, NH
      Amy Knickerbocker, Arlington, TX
      Mike Knickerbocker, Arlington, TX
      Gerry LaVallee, Gloversville, NY
      Kim LaVallee, Glovrsville, NY
      Tony Lekas, Hudson, NH
      Alicia Lekas, Hudson, NH
      Dawn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Jaclyn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Kelsey Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Evelyn Logan, Rochester, NH
      Tom Long, Jacksonville, FL
      Dave Lorrey, Plymouth, NH
      Mike Lorrey, Lebanon, NH
      Don Lovelace, Batavia, NY
      Hardy Machia, Grand Isle, VT
      Katie Marshall, Richmond, VA
      James Maynard Keene, NH
      Pat McCotter, Meriden, CT
      Gloria McCotter, Meriden, CT
      Henry McElroy, Nashua, NH
      Carol McGuire, Vancouver, WA
      Michael McKinzie, Golden, CO
      Tamara Millay, St. Lous, MO
      David Mincin, Dover, NH
      Laird Minor, Simpsonville, SC
      Nancy Minor, Simpsonville, SC
      Fred Mitchell, Nashua, NH
      Nev Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Brieanna Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Bruce Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Devera Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Elizabeth Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Gabriel Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Keith Murphy, Baltimore, MD
      Abigale Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Beverly Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Ethan Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Evan Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Louis Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Nathanael Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Damon Pendarvis, Brandon, FL
      Carl Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Clara Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Dave Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Delia Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Amanda Phillips, Burlington, MA
      Jean Pine, Beatrice, NB
      Calvin Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      Karen Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      Joe Rauch, Tallahassee, FL
      George Reich, Dover, NH
      James Reyes, Littleton, CO
      Carol Reynolds, Royse City, TX
      Chris Richards, Manchester, NH
      Chloe Richards, Manchester, NH
      Clara Richards, Manchester, NH
      Kate Richards, Manchester, NH
      Adam Rick, Washington, DC
      Kate Rick, Washington, DC
      Elliott Riley, Okinawa, Japan (!!)
      Michael Robertson, Seattle, WA
      Chuck Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Laura Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Troy Rowley, Grand Rapids, MI
      Thomas Ruks, Astoria, Queens-NY
      Bryan Rusch, Westminster, MD
      Elaine Sawyer, New Gloucester, ME
      Jim Sawyer, New Gloucester, ME
      Bonnie Scott, Grand Isle, VT
      Ian Scott, Boston, MA
      Floyd Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Meg Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Nate Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Wayne Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie, Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Jack Shimek, Amherst, NH
      Justin Somma, Keene, NH
      Jason Sorens, New Haven, CT
      Mary Sorens, New Haven, CT
      Elizabeth Sourbeer, Jacksonville, FL
      Doug Stanhope, Los Angeles, CA
      Mike Stedman, Reno, NV
      Tony Stelik, Southington, CT
      Brian Sullivan, Ithaca, NY
      Varrin Swearingen, Fresno, CA
      Stephen Villee, Berlin, NH
      Bernard von NotHaus, Evansville, IN
      Bill Walker, Richmond, VA
      Cynthia Walthour, Grafton, NH
      David Walthour, Grafton, NH
      David Warner, Champaign, IL
      Johannes Wiebus, New York, NY
      Alan Weiss, Austin, TX
      Dave Weiss, Austin, TX
      Jane Weiss, Austin, TX
      Don Wilson, Beatrice, NB
      Dawn Woodcock, Alfred, NY
      Timothy Woodcock, Alfred, NY
      Brian Wright, Novi, MI
      Kathy Z., Batavia, NY

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