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Porcupine Fest Approaches!

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  • Tim Condon
    GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! THE FIRST ANNUAL PORCUPINE FEST IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! The First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest and Night on the Barricades is only four
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2004
      The First Annual Porcupine Freedom Fest and Night on the
      Barricades is only four weeks off---being held from Thursday, June 24,
      2004, to Sunday, June 27, 2004, in Lancaster, New Hampshire---and the
      appears at the end of this email is growing by leaps now, probably heading
      toward more than 200 Porcs who will promise to make it. We expect at least
      double that number On the Ground" at the Rogers Campground and Motel that
      weekend. If you're coming, but not yet on the We'll Be There list below,
      you'd better email me and get on it. Being able to look back on the very
      first coming together of the Porcupines, and being on that list, will earn
      you a place in history!
      Lots of new things are being added to the Porc Fest festivities,
      almost as I write this.

      Find out all about the Porc Fest online at the following web site:

      This is what the revised schedule now looks like:

      THURSDAY, 6/24/04
      7:00 p.m. FSP Welcome Campfire, everyone come to FSP Campsite 26, or
      28, or both; come meet your Porcupine comrades and future

      FRIDAY, 6/25/04
      7:00 am Those who want to hike up Mt. Liberty meet at Campsite 26; a basic hot
      breakfast will be provided to the hikers for free, just
      show up and the food
      will be ready.
      7:45 am Mt. Liberty hikers assemble in the Rogers Campground parking lot and
      leave for the trail. "If you don't make it on time, you'll
      have to catch us on
      the trail!"
      NOON Porcupine Family barbeque lunch (volunteers needed to help: Email Jay
      Denonville at jay@...)
      2:00 - 5:00 Porcupine Family Discussion Gathering: Who are we? Where
      have we
      been? Where are we going? What is the FSP all about? How
      fares the
      Movement? How fare the Membership? All this and more will be
      discussed by all who attend. Members of the Free State
      Project national
      leadership will be present to answer questions and
      participate in the
      wide-ranging Porc Family discussion! BE there!

      SATURDAY, 6/26/04:
      8:00 - 9:00 Vendor Set-up
      9:00 - 10:00 Open to Public, Vending Time
      10:00 - 10:15 Amanda Phillips: Welcome and Opening Remarks
      10:15 - 10:45 Jason Sorens: Speech #1
      10:45 - 11:00 Break
      11:00 - 11:30 Henry McElroy: Politics in New Hampshire
      11:30 - 12:00 Gun Panel: Sam Cohen, Evelyn Logan, Wade Bartlett, Jeff Jordan
      12:00 - 1:30 Lunch
      1:30 - 1:45 Announcements (Amanda Phillips)
      1:45 - 2:15 James Maynard: The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
      2:15 - 2:45 David & Cynthia Walthour: Home-schooling/alternative
      education in New
      2:45 - 3:00 Break
      3:00 - 3:30 Ed Naile: Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
      3:30 - 4:00 Joe Carringer, victimless crimes
      4:00 - 5:00 Vending time
      5:00 - 7:00 Porcupine communal barbeque meal
      7:00 - 8:00 Porcupine Business Networking Event
      8:00 - 11:45 Porcupine Dance and Party
      11:45 - 12:00 Clean-Up

      SUNDAY, 6/27/04
      10:00 Christian gathering (in meeting hall)
      10:00 Atheist gathering (at Amanda Phillips' campsite)
      10:00 "None of the above" spiritual gathering for Pagans,
      Buddhists, Hindus,
      agnostics, the "spiritual-but-not-religious, Wiccans, et
      al. (Says Troy Rowley, who is setting it up, "Anyone may
      attend; the only pre-
      requisite is that one respect the Spirituality of others
      even it it
      doesn't match their own. See you in Lancaster!")
      10:00 Merrimack Valley Seekers (one of the exhibitors), hosting a
      discussion at
      their campsite.
      1:00 - 4:00 Visit the Free Town. See Grafton and visit the FSP
      supporters who
      already live there. Visit with an FSP-friendly real estate
      agent and talk to an
      FSP member who already owns almost 250 acres in Grafton Town.
      WHOOPS! This one hasn't solidified yet. I would like to
      think it's going to
      happen...but we haven't confirmed it yet. If you want to
      read about
      Grafton, see my article at the following web address:

      going to dive in and give a blurb for each one, as follow:

      1. A very excited Porcupine, sounding like many others I've heard
      from: "I'll be there! Can't wait to see my future home. :-) I'm coming
      from Grand Rapids, MI!"

      2. Brian Sullivan, from Ithaca, NY, is the FSP Booth Materials and
      Special Projects Coordinator. He says, anyone who has banners, bring them
      with you (there are several out there that have gotten misplaced, through
      no fault of Brian's).

      3. Here's a report on "Ghostcow," young Randall Wolfe, who set out
      a week ago to walk from Kentucky to his new home in the Free State, and be
      at the Porc Fest. Along the way he was injured and his backpack and all in
      it was stolen. Read this:
      "Last night I was out walking 79 North (there were no available
      alternate routes) and started getting an extremely bad pain in my right
      foot. This made absolutely no sense as I had rested up the day before and
      my foot had been feeling fine (this happened late at night, not sure what
      time). After a while it got to the point to where I was having to stop
      every 10 minutes or so just to deal with the pain, this was NOT good as I
      was about 10 miles from the closest exit and couldn't set up a camp as I
      was surrounded by mountains and was in no condition to climb...
      Fortunately I eventually came to a sign telling me that there was
      a rest area two miles ahead. I did a mix between crawling and hobbling for
      the next two miles and managed to make it to the rest area in a few
      hours... Once I got there I took my shoe off and checked my foot.... I
      honestly don't know how this could have possibly happened but I had somehow
      worn a hole about a quarter inch deep and about as big as my thumb into my
      foot... (pictures are here and here for people who are into that thing, be
      warned, it's really gross) I sat and rested for a minute and then started
      pleading for help... I couldn't get a single person to help me! I was
      completely stranded and helpless. At this point it was starting to go on
      about 2am or so. Cars quit coming into the rest area so I gave up and asked
      the caretaker if I could pass out on a bench...
      Big mistake! When I woke up all of my gear was gone! My cell phone
      had also run out of power while I was asleep, so I couldn't call any porcs
      for help! At this point I was getting extremely desperate, as I still
      couldn't really walk and there were no buses or taxi services for miles
      upon miles. I tried the courtesy patrol, but they said they only help
      people with broken down cars (real courteous...)
      Long story short, I couldn't think of any option outside of
      calling someone to pick me up, and finally just got home a couple of hours
      ago. I'm still hobbling and I think that I'm going to be laid up for at
      least a week, if not two. I'm really sorry about this guys, you can't
      imagine how depressed this has me! I've been too embarrassed to even go get
      a new cell phone charger to call Amanda and let her know!
      All is not lost though... I was able to get plenty done while I
      was out! I told at least 100 people about the FSP in my travels, and those
      that I couldn't get to say they'd join said that they would most likely
      join the LP (I feel that helps us indirectly). Those people will now be
      telling their friends about the FSP, and so on, and so on.
      I don't really know what else to say other than I'm extremely
      sorry about this and I will be more than happy to refund every last penny
      of donation money. It will most likely take me a month or so to pay it all
      back, as I cannot return to work for at least a week. I DO get a paycheck
      on Thursday though, most of which will be used to refund donations. If you
      donated directly to me or Paul via Paypal or snail mail, or if you donated
      minutes to my phone, shoot me an email with your information and I will
      promptly refund your money. The email addy is GhostCow at hotmail period
      com. Once again guys, I apologize."

      One way or another, I want that boy at the Porc Fest!

      4. We're going to have a raffle at the Porc Fest to raise money
      for the FSP. Included in this raffle are prizes donated by FSP Vice
      President Alan R. Weiss
      http://www.freestateproject.org/about/bios.jsp#weiss that are exciting to
      L. Neil Smith fans, including the following:
      (1) book, "Hope", signed by L. Neil Smith and Aaron
      Zelman. "Hope" has become one of the most popular books amongst FSP
      literati, and has been read by Libertarian Party candidates Michael
      Badnarik and Aaron Russo.
      (1) book, "The American Zone", signed by L. Neil Smith. The
      perfect follow-up to Smith's seminal and wildly-popular "The Probability
      Broach", "The American Zone" hardback book will take readers on another
      science-fiction/mystery sure to thrill, painting a picture of a
      liberty-loving future - and the alternative.
      (1) DVD video, "Innocents Betrayed", signed by Producer Aaron
      Zelman. A hard-hitting documentary defining the 20th Century's mass
      murders as being directly related to "gun control" (otherwise known as
      victim disarmament), this DVD explains the various and brutal genocides and
      Holocausts at the hands of statists of both the left and the right.
      Says Lisa Goodwin, the FSP director of development, "Please help
      us make the Porc Fest a success for the Free State Project! Donate an item
      to the raffle! If you have an item representative of your state, or which
      you think a fellow liberty-lover would like to have, please email Lisa
      Goodwin for details. Items do not have to be expensive to be treasures! OR
      if you are interested in donating a bit of time to help in selling
      merchandise for a great cause, let Lisa know!" Email Lisa at

      5. Don't forget the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, which is
      having a fund-raising dinner on Friday evening in Plymouth, NH, featuring
      speeches by the Free State Governor, Craig Benson, and FSP Founder Dr.
      Jason Sorens. This comes from Keith Murphy of the NHLA: "Dear Friend of the
      The point of this message is simple: If you haven't yet sent in your
      payment for the June 25th Liberty Dinner, to be held concurrently with the
      Porcupine Festival, then do it now or risk missing the single most
      important event of the campaign season. I know, you keep thinking that
      you'll do it later, that you've got plenty of time before June 25th. We
      would love to have you there, both big-L and small-l libertarians, the
      members of the Free State Project and the LPNH and the Gun Owners of New
      Hampshire and all the other groups that obviously support the cause of
      individual liberty in New
      Hampshire. But the facility only holds so many people, and by the end
      of this week two thousand (yes, TWO THOUSAND) of the granite state's
      most dedicated pro-liberty campaign contributors will receive
      professionally printed invitations asking for their support. With the
      lineup we're offering at this event, including Governor Benson and Dr.
      Jason Sorens, as well as dozens of elected officials from across the state,
      the remaining seats will likely be gone well before the first campfire is
      lit in Lancaster in June. I'm attaching the text of the invitation below,
      to illustrate how important your support of the NHLA is and how little time
      you have left before all spaces are taken. Supporting the New Hampshire
      Liberty Alliance, either by simply contributing funds for pro-freedom
      candidates or by attending the Liberty Dinner, is the single most effective
      thing you can do to turn back the tide of socialism in the free
      state. Your contributions will be used directly to support candidates who
      demonstrate a commitment to small-government principles, and defeat those
      who encourage less responsibility and liberty. For FSP members, a
      successful NHLA means a successful conclusion to the project, as it
      provides a swift answer to the most common objection: "It just won't work."
      To reserve your seats online now, or to download a form for mailing, go to
      www.nhliberty.org/libertydinner.htm. If you don't, you may find yourself
      all dressed up on June 25th with no place to go. Thank you for your
      generous support. Keith Murphy, Advisor, New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

      6. Camcorders. Don't forget to bring your digital camcorders to
      the Porc Fest! The more the merrier. Footage shot by some of us may be used
      in the Big Documentary about this first coming-together of the Porcupines
      (if you want to donate it for such use). It has been determined that
      there's not only going to be a single film crew present, but there may be
      two, both working on documentary films about the Free State Project.

      7. There's a whole FSP forum devoted to Porcupine Fest stuff, at
      http//forum.freestateproject.org/index.php?board=60, including
      ride-sharing, who's going when, visiting the Free State for the first time,
      etc. Go to it for information, as well as the Porc Fest link on the home
      page of the FSP web site.

      8. Listen, Porcupines! All of you! This is only the first coming
      together of the Free State Project in the newly-chosen Free State. Each
      year there will be a gathering of the Freedom Lovers there. But this is the
      first. And with it we will make history. Read this, all of you:

      S/He that outlives the First Porc Fest day, and comes safe home,
      Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd,
      And rouse him at the name of Porcupine.
      S/He that shall live that day, and see old age,
      Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
      And say 'To-morrow is Porcupines' Day.'
      Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
      And say 'These wounds I had on the Barricade that day.'
      Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
      But we'll remember, with advantages,
      What feats we did that Porcupines' Day.
      Then shall our names, familiar to history as household words-
      Jason Sorens, Amanda Phillips, Weiss, Bradford, Parker,
      Alexander and Swearingen, Mincin and Reich,
      Pratt, Tucker, Dillon, Condon, Hillman, and others -
      Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.
      This story shall the good Porcupine teach his son;
      And the Free State Project shall ne'er go by,
      From this day to the ending of the world,
      But we in it shall be remembered-
      We few, we happy few, we band of Porcupines;
      For s/he to-day that points his quills with me
      Shall be my brother or sister Porcupine; be s/he ne'er so vile,
      This day shall gentle their condition;
      And Porcupines in America now-a-bed
      Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
      And hold their spiny quills cheap whilst any speaks
      That appear'd with us upon that bless'd day,
      And upon those quill'd barricades, at Lancaster,
      Made history on Porcupines' Day.

      Skip Abadie, Carrollton, TX
      Bill Alleman, Weare, NH
      Darlene Alleman, Weare, NH
      Connie Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Seth Atwood, Boulder City, NV
      Wil Aygarn, VA
      John Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      Rosalie Babiarz, Grafton, NH
      Peter Baker, Bradenton, FL
      Damian Barbosa, Warwick, RI
      Tim Bauman, Libertyville, IL
      Karl Beisel, Arlington, VA
      Kendon Black, Norco, CA
      Phil Boncer, San Diego, CA
      John Breig, Bridgeport, PA
      Kristine Brooks, San Diego, CA
      Joe Chapley, Monsey, NY
      Ed Chesbro, Williamstown, MA
      Nixi Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Robert Chesnavich, Pittsburgh, PA
      Sam Cohen, Concord, NH
      Ken Colby, Woodstock, VT
      Michele Condon, Tampa, FL
      Tim Condon, Tampa, FL
      Thaddeus Cowan Thompson, Jacksonville, FL
      Cathleen Converse, Greenville, SC
      Don Converse, Greenville, SC
      Mark Cowder, Frederick, MD
      Michael Curtis (& friends), Austin, TX
      Lloyd Danforth, Hartford, CT
      Philip Denisch, Towson, MD
      Jay Denonville, Oldsmar, FL
      Bruce Deuso, Springfield, VT
      Kat Dillon, Frost, TX
      Kira Dillon, Frost, TX
      Candace Downey, Boston, MA
      Jim Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      Michelle Dumas, Somersworth, NH
      Cathy Dunson, Tulsa, OK
      Michael Edelstein, San Francisco/Tiburon, CA
      Janice Edelstein, San Francisco/Tiburon, CA
      George Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Shigeko Elkins, Kingsport, TN
      Jim Gilbert, Mexico, NY
      Dan Helman, Vancouver, WA
      Eduardo Hernandez, Carrolton, TX
      Doug Hillman, Graham, AL
      Jena Hillman, Graham, AL
      Brett Holaday, Tampa, FL
      Christopher Hornbaker, Fayetteville, PA
      Cheyenne Hornbaker, Fayetteville, PA
      Edwina Houlmiere, Minden, NV
      Patrick Houlmiere, Minden, NV
      James & Elena House, St. Louis, MO
      Robert Hull, Brielle, NJ
      Jeff Jordan, Hillsboro, NH
      Pat Kaspary, Long Island, NY
      Debbie Keiser, Williamsport, PA
      Glenn Keiser, Williamsport, PA
      Bradley Keyes, Forest Lake, MN
      Margot Keyes, Forest Lake, MN
      Tom Knapp, St. Louis, MO
      Michael Kozarski, Hobe Sound, FL
      Nick Kyriazi, Pittsburgh, PA
      Pat Lapree, Keene, NH
      Amy Knickerbocker, Arlington, TX
      Mike Knickerbocker, Arlington, TX
      Tony Lekas, Hudson, NH
      Alicia Lekas, Hudson, NH
      Dawn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Jaclyn Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Kelsey Lincoln, Newington, CT
      Evelyn Logan, Rochester, NH
      Tom Long, Jacksonville, FL
      Dave Lorrey, Plymouth, NH
      Mike Lorrey, Lebanon, NH
      Don Lovelace, Batavia, NY
      Hardy Machia, Grand Isle, VT
      James Maynard Keene, NH
      Pat McCotter, Meriden, CT
      Gloria McCotter, Meriden, CT
      Henry McElroy, Nashua, NH
      Carol McGuire, Vancouver, WA
      Michael McKinzie, Golden, CO
      Tamara Millay, St. Lous, MO
      David Mincin, Dover, NH
      Laird Minor, Simpsonville, SC
      Nancy Minor, Simpsonville, SC
      Fred Mitchell, Nashua, NH
      Nev Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Brieanna Moore, Barnstable, MA
      Bruce Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Devera Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Elizabeth Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Gabriel Morgan, Royse City, TX
      Keith Murphy, Baltimore, MD
      Abigale Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Beverly Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Ethan Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Evan Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Louis Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Nathanael Nappen, Eatontown, NJ
      Damon Pendarvis, Brandon, FL
      Carl Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Clara Peterson, Tamuning, Guam (!)
      Dave Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Delia Philbrick, Dover, NH
      Amanda Phillips, Burlington, MA
      Sandy Pierre, Oakland, CA
      Jean Pine, Beatrice, NB
      Calvin Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      Karen Pratt, Goffstown, NH
      Joe Rauch, Tallahassee, FL
      George Reich, Dover, NH
      James Reyes, Littleton, CO
      Carol Reynolds, Royse City, TX
      Chris Richards, Manchester, NH
      Chloe Richards, Manchester, NH
      Clara Richards, Manchester, NH
      Kate Richards, Manchester, NH
      Adam Rick, Washington, DC
      Kate Rick, Washington, DC
      Elliott Riley, Okinawa, Japan (!!)
      Michael Robertson, Seattle, WA
      Chuck Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Laura Rose, Honolulu, HI
      Troy Rowley, Grand Rapids, MI
      Bryan Rusch, Westminster, MD
      Elaine Sawyer, New Gloucester, ME
      Jim Sawyer, New Gloucester, ME
      Bonnie Scott, Grand Isle, VT
      Ian Scott, Boston, MA
      Floyd Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Meg Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Nate Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Wayne Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Stephanie, Shackelford, Troy, AL
      Jack Shimek, Amherst, NH
      Justin Somma, Keene, NH
      Jason Sorens, New Haven, CT
      Mary Sorens, New Haven, CT
      Elizabeth Sourbeer, Jacksonville, FL
      Doug Stanhope, Los Angeles, CA
      Mike Stedman, Reno, NV
      Tony Stelik, Southington, CT
      Brian Sullivan, Ithaca, NY
      Varrin Swearingen, Fresno, CA
      Stephen Villee, Berlin, NH
      Bernard von NotHaus, Evansville, IN
      Cynthia Walthour, Grafton, NH
      David Walthour, Grafton, NH
      David Warner, Champaign, IL
      Johannes Wiebus, New York, NY
      Alan Weiss, Austin, TX
      Dave Weiss, Austin, TX
      Jane Weiss, Austin, TX
      Don Wilson, Beatrice, NB
      Dawn Woodcock, Alfred, NY
      Timothy Woodcock, Alfred, NY
      John Zonfrello, Jr., Mountain House, CA
      Tanya Zonfrello, Mountain House, CA
      Kathy Z., Batavia, NY

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